Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Many Loves Of Batman

Boy, Batman sure does have a thing for blondes.

But I think Brunettes are more of his thing for the darker, edgier crowd....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Not So Movie Review: Shark Night and The 3D fad Going to Waste

I have heard a lot of despicable reviews about this movie and there for I will not until the light of day, see this movie. My expections of horror movies these days, especially 3D ones are a bit low, although they are still high for some I haven't seen yet. But now that I've read about this movie, I'll take the smart movie by not seeing it. From what I heard, this is a cliche piece of garbage with your regular cast of idiot young characters. Sad to say this wasn't even screened for critics which is good for them.
But enough about this movie, let's talk about the recent fad in 3D. Sure it's cool. Sure it's fun. But this shit is really getting old. I know I don't have a right to talk crap about 3D movies because I haven't even experienced one but the real reason is that mostly absurd horror movies get the 3D effect. Some movies are decent but some are just too ridiculous. This is why people are so interested in having things throwing at their faces than the plot of the story, just like focusing on the hot cast or the blood and gore. Yeah it may have a whole of man candy and 'stunning' visuals but it will never make a good story what's so ever as people are just wasting their money.
It just comes to show how hollywood will do anything to make that extra buck by putting out tasteless drecks like this. But hopefully more interesting and percised horror movies will come along but with a little subtly on the side....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday Girl Part 1

Lighting Flashes
A car is driving erratically through the bridge in a nasty strom. Inside the car, a MAN in his early 40's, looking on to a birthday present. He tries to seek out the window through the heavy rain. The present suddenly slips under the passanger seat. When the man tries to gets it, the car swirves, crashing at the side of the bridge, deep into the water(in slow motion)
A close up on a woman's burning ciggarette.....
ANGELA, a woman in her late 30's with bottle blond hair and cat green eyes, is waiting for her husband to get home. She sists at the dining table with her daughter, CASSIE, who's about to turn 12 years old. She has dark blond and seems to have her mother's eyes but mixes in with blue like her father's. She sits there in worry.
He should be here by now.
She has a bottle in her hand and takes a swig.
CASSIE(tries to smile)
It's okay, Mom. Just as long as we're here together...that's all I could wish for.
Angela smiles warmly. She playfully pinches Cassie on the cheek.
You'll always be my special little girl.
There's a knock on the door.
This better be him.
Angela opens the door. Two police officers are standing there. Angela has a concerned look on her face.
Cassie peeks behind the door.
We're sorry to inform....(fades away)
From Cassie's POV, Angela breaks down and begins sobbing incoherently.
No! No! No! No! No!......
Cassie walks up to her mother, softly rubbing her back.
What's wrong, mom?
Angela turns around. Her tearstricken face filled with ruined mascara. She hugs Cassie and begins to whisper in her ear. Tears starts running in Cassie's eyes. She lets out an emotionally-filled scream.
CASSIE, now a stoic 17 year old is staring blankly across the cafeteria room thoughtfully, barely eating her food.
From the table across from her sits,
KATRINA(18), JANESSA(17), COREY(18) and COLIN(18). KATRINA has similar features as Cassie except her eyes are hazel. She strikes death glares at her while Cassie has her mind elsewhere. She walks up to her table, along with her posse. Katrina slams her hand on the table, agressively. Her eyes are intense.
What are you staring at?
I don't know. Just staring.
Don't try and fool me. I don't know what goes inside that head of yours but from my sense, you were staring directly at me for some odd reason.
Oh, is this because I almost fucked your boyfriend?
Katrina narrows her eyes.
You do anything to spit that up in my face.
Katrina gets close at Cassie face.
You listen here. You are nothing but a patheic peice of shit. And I advise you to go fuck off.
Katrina slides Cassie's food tray to the floor. She walks off, giving her an evil stare. While the rest of the group give her pitying looks. Colin gives her an exaggerated puck on the lips.
Cassie knells down on the splattered floor and cleans it up.
The cloud is heavy with light rain. Just a few blocks from the school, Cassie is standing on the sidewalk, wearing her gray hoddie over her head. She looks up at the overcast sky then looks down and pulls out something in her pocket. It's a switchblade. She flings it open, admiring it, feeling the tip of the blade. She looks at the carving at the end: PROPERTY OF JAKE MCMILLAN
What are doing?
Cassie snaps out of her reverie and bring her attention to DANIELLE(17), a cute girl with an all-american look, holds an umbrella in her hand. She looks at Cassie, quizzically but with a smile on her face.
Is that a knife?
It used to be my Dad's.
Danielle winces, expressing sympathy in her eyes.
So, what are you doing, today?
I gotta go visit my mom at the hospital. I haven't seen her two weeks.
Yeah. I know how that is.....
Well, it's time for me to go
Wait, Cassie. About today at lunch...I know you and Katrina don't really...(beat) mesh well together....
I know what you're gonna say. It's not my fault that girl holds grudges against people.
If you would just even stuff out with her, maybe things won't be so erupt between you two.
I Think it's beyond what me and Eric did to her.
Cassie...Her and Eric aren't together anymore.
Because of me I know.
Danielle walks up to Cassie and takes her hand, affectionately.
The two girls hug, having a little moment together.
I'll be seeing you
You call me and tell me how things are going, okay?
I will
Cassie goes down the street as the rain goes from light to heavy.
Cassie sits on the bed, staring at a book. It's a well-known novel, Jane Eyre, one of Cassie's favorites. She holds the book in her chest in reminisce.
INT. Unknown Bridge
On a stormy, rainy night. Three cars are gathered up at a broken-down bridge. Two policemen hook a chain to a battered up car that is floating atop of a deep watery mess.
The policemen go inside the soggy insides of the car. The flashlight on a man's pale dead body(maggots, leeches all over him, bugs crawling out of his mouth). One policeman pulls out a soggy red present. He rips it out to reveal a copy of Jane Eyre.
Cassie blinks. Tears are rolling down her eyes. There's a heavy knock on the door, snapping Cassie out of the memory.
A slim, middle-aged woman appears at the door. She is known as Cassie's aunt, KATHY.
Sweety, it's time to go see your mother.
Cassie and Kathy follow a doctor through the flourescent-lit hallways, to an isolated lounge room with a few mental paients play recreational activites. Cassie holds a wrap of flowers and walks up to a lone woman, sadly staring at the window. The woman turns around, giving Cassie a sad smile. It is soon come into notion the woman is Cassie's Mom, ANGELA.
CASSIE(holding back emotion)
Hey mom.(lays the flowers on Angela's lap) It's Cassie. We haven't seen each other for a long time, haven't we?
DOCTOR(talking to Kathy)
She still tramuatized by the year-long effect from the guilt she'd been having since the accident.
Will she have any progress?
I'm not sure but a little more of psychoanalyzing will help cope with her memory.
Cassie holds her mother's hand tightly, tears coming down her eyes.
You'll get out, mom. I promise you. You'll get out.
Andrea squeezes her hand back, her eyes watering with despair.

Now to present to you.....

Birthday Girl
Written By
J.D. Alexander

Monday, August 29, 2011

Movie Review: Final Destination 3

To tell you the truth, this obviously is the weakest of the series. It just dosen't have the pizzazz it had with the first two movies. Now with this version, it has a whole new cast of teens we don't know anything about, except one who has a premonition of what's to come. But here's a plot key: she's the school photographer. She collects every picture of her classmates in which death will take his choosing of who will be next on it's list. That's the only smart thing about this basically, keeping the movie from being a tad bit pointless.
The story is about Wendy Christensen, who visits an amusment with her friends alongside her senior classmates. Before they climb aboard a roller coaster called Devil's Flight, Wendy has a horrorfying premonition of the roller coaster falling to pieces killing everyone. This throws out half of the senior class, except Wendy's boyfriend and her Friend Kevin's girlfriend. Now, Wendy and Kevin must do what they can to warn everybody before getting on death's list, including Wendy's teen sister Julie.....
I don't know what to say about the charcters but I rather focus on the leads as they were standard slasher movie stereotypes. Mary Elizabeth Winstead was actually pretty good and really was attached to the character who was sympatheic and intelligent. Well most of the leading ladies from three movies are pretty much the intelligent and independent type, so I don't need to go on any further, other than that, Mary Elizabeth did a great, on-point performance. Ryan Merriman was also good but I rather go with okay cause compared to Mary Elizabeth's acting, she pretty much overshadowed him. Not to mention that his character was kind of dick in the beginning. Last but not least is the character of Julie played by Amanda Crew. She was just as annoying and vapid as those brainless cheerleaders, there's really not much to say about the girl other being the final girl's sister. and It's sad to say the charcter pretty much dimmed down Amanda's performance.
Since they got the same director from the first movie, the visuals were right on point. Another factor from making this movie a little decent. Oh and there's always the gore effects, I don't need to go on for that one. Really gratifying.
I'm not saying this bad or awful. It just seemed a little bit.....tired. There was probably more to the story than what lead on, especially by adding in more likeable characters, which they definitely failed at that. I would only give this an okay, with the special effects, good plot points, and decent acting from the female lead. Overall it could be a good watch if you're in the mood for teen slasher flick.
My last word: it's kind of forgettable but otherwise watchable.

Movie Review: Final Destination 2

This is actually one of the best horror sequels. Back then my expections were kind of low, since I was a 13 year old kid, I learned how slasher/horror movie works and when it a horror movie with a precisly original concept produces a sequel you're just waiting for the upcoming franchise to be torn to be pieces. But not with this one. When I finally watched it I was still highly entertained and capativated that it stayed true to the heart of the original and is also not afraid to put a little black humor in the mix. This time around there are no teens involved(the trailer kind of mislead me) with the exception of two. This one involves a distinct variety group of people, from different backgrounds. Also to note by giving this film bonus points for bringing back badass Ali Larter from the first.
The story is about Kimberly Corman, who's getting set up for a road trip with a group of her friends who are going down highway. Before heading Route 23, Kimberly has a terrifying vision of what's to come: An explosive car crash collusion. After blocking the oncoming cars with Kimberly warning an officer, the vision comes true, killing her friends who were trapped in the car along with other innocent people. Trying to put the pieces together, Kimberly consults Clear, the only survivor of flight 180. With the help of Officer Burke and the survivors of the route 23 collusion, Kimberly and Clear must cheat death before it gets them quick.
The only reining stars in my book goes to A.J. Cook and Ali Larter. A.J. blew me away with her strong, intelligent performance. You can honestly tell how smart and independent her character is, which is flows through with her acting. Ali Larter as always was kickass as Clear, this time giving her more confidence and self-awareness, making her performance just as strong as A.J. I was pissed off when she got killed, bummer. I don't know what to say about the other actors but they were good in any case but compared to the female leads, they were only good not great.
The story gives much feedback to keep it connected to the original which tie in certain plot points for the characters to come all together, a distinct relevation later on in the film. The film special effects were really on point and pretty grativting which mixes in great with the directing.
An enjoyable popcorn sequel with a lot story and thought put into it. Also to note, a horror movie with two strong female lead is always the best to come.
Last word: Defintely a must see

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Movie Review: Final Destination

This isn't just your typical 90's teen slasher. Further more this isn't even from the 90's. Fresh off of the year 2000, we finally have a movie with a whole new concept. That of death being the topic. There is no killer wearing a mask or no unforseen monster chasing the teens around. It is death that's what after them. You cannot see death. You cannot hear death. Death could creep up on you any minute. Which makes this movie so suspenseful.
Going on a class trip to Paris, Alex Browning and his classmates are prepare for take off on flight 180. But before that happens, Alex has a terrifying vision of what to come...meaning the plane will blow up in five-minutes to take off. He soon warns everybody about his ordeal, causing most of his classmates to get kick off of the plane. After his vision came true, everything comes to light for Clear Rivers, who's the only person to believe him. Once death makes up a list for the survivors of Flight 180, Alex and Clear must find away to cheat death's plan.
What I like about this movie is that it's characters seem like the typical slasher movie stereotypes but goes heavy in the character development. Only for some of course. Alex and Clear are the only characters to seem beliveable and realistic. Devon Sawa was the most strongest out of all the actors. His intensity really brought out the complexity of his character. Ali Larter was really natural and sympatheic as Clear, making her a really capable actress. I don't know what to say about the other actors but they were good otherwise.
What's so gripping about this is the story and mainly the concept. It's very inventive and smart, bringing in new ideas for movies in the MTV generation, whether for good or worse. Not to mention the gruesome deaths that always make me cringe.
A breath of fresh air in the teen horror genre, Final Destination is a scary, thrilling, fun-filled, unpredictable ride urging to wait for something to happen the next minute. It may be unoriginal now but seeing how the story is and it's brand of concept, it's definitely entertaining.
Last word: A must see.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hunk Of The Day: Joe Manganiello

Here is another specialty of our True Blood cast....A smoking hunk of a man that could change into a hungry wolf overnight. He is the iresistible.......

This could make a very sexy sculpture. Wait girls and guys, there's more of this hunk to feast your eyes on...

You could just imagine what he's packing under that newspaper......

Wet and wild! But these are one of his sexiest photos yet!

GQ baby!

We will sure to see this hunk for a very long time....just as long as he keeps his shirt off. Yowza!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Special Poem by Ivy Saperia

I step outside....
The chill in my spine....
The Icy winds seething in my skin...
The cold air that I keep within...
All what falls beneath in winter....
The touch...The feel...The sight....of winter....
All that was of spring begone....all that was of summer demolish....
Then fall gives the call of winter polish....
Winter....The air of winter breathes within me....keeps within me....
All that is calm....All that is serene of season change......
Coming into light like crystals of life....
Winter....Clear and Wide....Full of snow...Of all I know.....
Winter.....Come to me....

Friday, August 19, 2011

Why Are These People Famous?

Today in the world of Televison I see a lot of Reality Shows. Some are decent, some are just plain ridiculous. Case in point, most of these shows come from MTV and E! Network.

Don't get me wrong, these are the networks I mostly watch but they are pretty much known for putting idiotic people on t.v. for no reason. This is where we go way back........

It all started with The Real World, showcasing REAL people in their everday lives while living in the same house together. Fast Foward to 19 years later and you have these same people partying, drinking, having sex, and punching the livng daylights out each other. And it gets repetive every season. I mean who wants to see that everyday?
MTV isn't as smart as it was in their historic times. Now it's plauged with these ridiculous shows such as The Hills, Jersey Shore or any other program invovling washed-up celebirties or young dumb person, showing off and partying.
During this hayday, there was a memorable little gem called The Simple Life....

Let's just say were glad that show is over and done with.

Mrs. Paris Hilton was already famous for starring in infamous sex tape, which unfortunely boost ratings, gaining her more attention for nothing other than being skanky, dumb, and rich.

Her Partner In Crime, Nicole Richie, has matured, being a wife and mother and mostly being low-key.

While Paris is still doing her thing in the low-rent reality market.

The Simple Life has pretty much rub off on other networks such as MTV. To market in a more realistic verson of the OC. The Result:

Laguna Beach. A bunch of Vapid, Dim rich kids who shop, party, and says like in every sentence. Maybe it's best if we leave these types of shows in fictionland cause it won't work in reality.

Which eventually gives us the spin-off The Hills, following our Level-headed heroine Lauren Conrad to Los Angeles. It's nothing new other than the characters are much vapid and dumber than before. Which comes to question: Is it real or is it fake? You decide.
Now it's reality shows here and there. If you're a washed up celebrity looking for a comeback, here's you a reality show. If you're a young rich heiress, here's you a reality show. If you're from New Jeresy, here's you a reality show. It's just so got damn ridiculous.
Much with the case with Alexis Neiers.....

Why did she have a reality show? was it because she was pretty? I mean the bitch commited a crime for christsakes! And yet these people think it's plausable to let this criminal have a reality show. You who those people are? Fucking E! Network.
You know what else bugs me, Teen mom and 16 + Pregnant.....

It just sends girls the wrong message when you find out these "stars" get paid to be on T.V. and their ongoing personal drama is a good boost for ratings. So what? it's ok to get pregnant at 16 because it might get you a TV gig? Yeah, that's what these young girls are thinking and it's sad.

Oh and if your're an idoit from New Jeresy and love to party and get tans, come down to the Jersey Shore to your dumbass on camera.

The True Stars of the Jersey Shore has got to be Snooki and The Situation. They are a match made in heaven, doing anything to get attention by showing off their asses or abs on T.V.
Gosh, if anybody can get a reality show, maybe me and Ivy can but we wouldn't go around acting like total idiots and like we have turd smudged all over our faces unless the producers asked us to. You know how those reality show producers are.
Oh well, Anybody can be famous unless they put their minds into it. There's no publicity like bad publicity. But if you want to be on TV, please do it for the right reasons....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Movie Review: May

This is truly one of the most underrated indie movies of the decade. It might not be a horror movie to some people, but it is a true art house classic.
The story is about May, a misguided, lonely woman who hopes of finding the perfect friend other than Susie, a doll she talks through in a glass box. Susie is a metaphor of May's life, sheltered and closed up in her own little box. She tries to change herself by getting rid of her lazy eye that effected her when she was a child, having Susie to be her only friend in the world. Once she reinvintes herself a little, she takes a liking to Adam, and sees a unique quality in his hands, which she constantly gushes over. After a few dates, he admires May's weirdness and her child-like view of life and decides to take the relationship to the next level. But soon after watching Adam's student film, May's active imagination takes things too far, prompting him to freak out and leave her alone. Heartbroken, May finds comfort in Polly, a co-worker who has a lesbien crush on her. When one thing lead to another with Polly, May soon finds out she just used her for sex. Now, completely broken, and so is Susie who was brutally demolished by a group of disabled kids, May finds a creative way to get a friend. Just like her mother said: If you can't find a friend, Make one. Which means she'll cut and slice her way to get one.
What I like about this movie is that it has one of the most compelling character studies than most modern horror films. It really shows a distinct way of how the character just loses it after being scorned too many times.
Angela Bettis was terrific in this role, having both the vunerability and versatility that made her performance so revieting. Jeremy Sisqo was quite good too, his acting was cool and go-with-the-flow, which made it realistic. Anna Faris was a hoot as always, playing a seductress. Her performance too was low-key compared to all the comedies she's been. In all words her acting was fantastic.
The directing was artistic and really sinks deep into May's mind. Falling doll parts while child-like music plays in the background. It's almost enchanting yet distrubing. Not to mention the awesome music soundtrack that goes along well with the film.
It is a touching yet intense horror movie, which tells the story of a woman's loose grip on reality and how it all sprials out of control. This is a definite see.
My last word: A classic indie film. It may not have much blood and gore but it is a stupendous pyschological thriller.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mystical Tides Part 4

Scene: Isolated Wooded Area
(Maverick, Kristen, Alex, and Maddie are walking to indisclosed location, deep in the woods. They arrive at a meadow while a large tower stands)
Kristen: Are you sure this is safe? The tower looks empty.
Maverick: Trust me, soon as we get up there you'll find the answers to your puzzle. Follow me.
(Maverick rips off a trespassing sign, hanging in the doorway and enters inside. The girls walk in slowly)
(The group slowly walk up to the darkened stairs, seeing a bright light in the distance)
(As the light shine in their eyes, a bright victorian room appears before them. Kristen and the girls stare in amazement)
(In a gold frame mirror by the window, a woman with long red hair and enchanting blue eyes with a blue toga dress appears in the mirror. The girls look over, startled as she reaches her hand out of the mirror)
(Maverick comes close to the mirror and takes her hand. She comes out of the mirror with a pleasant look on her face)
Maverick: Girls, I would like you to meet Marazza, the most resourceful orcale of the magic relam.
(The girls look at her in astonishment. She was so beautiful but seemed trusting and loving)
Marazza: Good evening.
(She walks up to Kristen and the girls with warm delight, holding onto Kristen's hands)
Marazza: Oh how I waited years to find you. And you are all indeed extrondinary......
(Marazza studies Maddie for a moment and places her hand on her heart as if she was remembering something but then looks up and smooths Maddie's hair)
(Marazza moves over to Alex and gently rubs her shoulders in a motherly, nurturing way)
Marazza: You all have been sent here for a cause....from now on, It's going to be a long, tremendous fight to make your claim.
Kristen: What claim?
Marazza: You are what they called the Mystical tides.
Kristen: I don't know if we can take on that responsibility
Marazza(places a hand on Kristen's heart): You were all born with this with every inch of your soul. I'm afraid you face your fears and give into combat.
Alex(realization): So there is really a war going among us
Maddie: And we have to be the ones to stop it.
Marazza: Only if you find the power within
(A crystal ball glows on a small round table, near the window. Marazza rushes to it, looking inside it, intensely)
Marazza: Now I'll show you the answers that you'll seek
(The girls comes close to the glowing ball)
(The screen zooms in on the crystal ball, where the clouds are closing in and lighting strikes, searching through the clouds)
Scene: Undisclosed Bar
(Through the alleyway, a raven-haired woman with pale skin enter into a bar. We don't see her face, only the back of her head)
(She comes up to a guy, known as barfly, drinking his vodka. She stands over him, discreetly)
Mysterious Female(strictly): Do you have what I came for?
(The mysterious woman reveals to be Jade, her flashing intensely)
Barfly: What information is that?
Jade: You know what I'm talking about, Asshole! Those three girls that are called the mystical tides.
Barfly: What do you wanna know?
(Jade leans on to him, leering)
Jade: come outside......It's not for their ears to hear.
(Jade holds a grip to the barfly, dragging him outside the alleyway. She slams him to the backwall)
Jade(sneers): I know what you're hiding. I can smell it on you. Tell me something....did you do anything to betray our klan?
Barfly: I only told the queen what I promised. Where they live.....what they look like....
Jade: Fair enough
(Jade slams the barfly to the ground and punches through his heart, crushing it from the insides as he slowly dissovles into black liqud, leaving a skeletal cropse)
(Jade gets up, shaking off the black goo from her hands)
Jade: I guess it's time to call the council
(Jade grabs for her cell and clicks it on)
Scene: The Tower
(Marazza stands before the girls, while they sit in fetal postion, paying full attention to Marazza)
Marazza: There is going to be a great battle, so I must give you your weapon of choice.
(Marazza goes over to a long table draped over with a satin sheet. She pulls off the sheet, revealing all types of weapons. She holds up a dagger and points it over to Kristen)
Marazza: This dagger will stop Lord Sultan from his rein. Only if you peirce this through his heart, it will weaken his powers.
(Marazza carefully places the dagger in Kristen's hand)
Marazza: Use it well.
Cut To:
(Kristen and Alex are sitting by the window. Kristen holds the dagger in her hand, staring at it)
Alex: I've been through a lot wars in my life. But I never thought I could face a real one......Is that really happening?
Kristen: All of us has to face our demons sometimes. Even when they're staring you right in the eye, piercing through your soul. That's why we have to stay strong and know what we have to stand up against. Believe it or not Alex, this is really happening.
(Maverick and Maddie arrives at the room)
Maverick: I guess all of you know the truth behind this
Alex: It's going to be something to deal with.
(Maddie turns to Maverick)
Maddie: How long will this last? How many years will it be?
Maverick: I'm not sure. But it will be a long fight. Let's try and set the night while we can
(Maverick and the girls walk towards the door but Kristen stops to a halt and rubs her temple hard. She touches her nose, that is running blood. Her eyes roll back and she soon faints to the floor. Maverick and the girls rush to her side while Kristen shakes violently)
(Maverick cradles Kristen in his arms)
Maverick: Kristen?! Kristen, what's wrong?!
(Kristen stops shaking and is trying to catch her breath. She opens her eyes and is drenching with sweat. She looks at Maverick, longingly)
Kristen: I feel something's bad about to happen.
(A sound of feet marching is coming from outside)
(Kristen gets up and looks out from the window)
Alex: What's going on?
Maverick(grim): They're coming
Kristen: Who's coming?
Maverick: The dark circle. We have to get out of here. Now
Cut To:
(Marazza hugs each of the girls, warmly)
Marazza: Be careful and make sure you use as much strengh as you can. It's a tough world out there, girls. Please follow my word.
(Marazza turns around and goes back into the golden frame mirror where it turns back into a reflective glass)
Maverick: Come on. We have to face them.
(The girls follow Maverick's lead)
Cut To:
(Adam, Jade, Ascatar along with a group of hooded figures are standing in the middle of the tower, waiting. Maverick and the girls approach them)
Jade: We've been expecting you.
Maverick(angry): Jade....What the hell is this?!
Jade(smiles devilishly): Hmm. I thought you were gonna figure it out somehow, sweetheart. That's the price you pay for a broken heart.
(Ascatar stares at Alex, hard)
Ascatar: I'm taken we met before?
Alex: We met at the alleyway
Ascatar(smirks evily): I could be certain you'd be one of them. I can see that sauciness in you.
Adam:We also have a special edition
(Adam steps aside to introduce a hooded figure)
Adam: M'lady
(The hooded figure steps foward and reveals itself....It's Kelly. Her skin pale, her eyes still blue but hallow)
(Alex and the girls stand there in shock)
Alex: (softly) Kelly.....What the hell did you do to her!
Kelly(snidely): Oh Poor Alex, Don't feel that way. I feel like brand new girl and to regain my new self, there are some burning secrets I would love to tell you.
(Kelly walks up slowly to Alex, her eyes gazing mischeviously)
Kelly: Do you wanna know about Jared? You know, your rotten dead boyfriend.....(whispers) I slept with him.
(Alex's eyes are filled with anger and hurt, her hands are flaming with fire)
Kelly: that added fuel to your fire didn't it?
Alex(pissed): Not as much as I'm gonna add fuel to your fire, bitch.
Kelly: Oh, touchy.
(Alex punches Kelly hard. Kelly stares at Alex and wipes the blood off her mouth)
Jade: From the looks of that, I think we should get things started. Let the battles begin.
(The hooded figures reveals themselves, removing each of their robes. They are monstourus figures in the form of Demons, Lycans, and Vampires)
(The monstourus figures charge up at the girls while they run for their lives. Maverick stays behind, creating a ball of light with his hands, facing the enemies. Maverick throws the ball of energy to the ground, causing the enemies to fly backwards from the force.
(Kristen runs fast and all of sudden starts levatating, floating up to a tree branch. Kristen climbs on it just when a demon with red skin and glowing red eyes starts lunging at her. The demon grabs her black hoodie and Kristen falls off, tearing off the fabric. Just when Kristen land on a hill, she raises her hand, shooting out lighting bolts towards the creature, blowing it to pieces. Suddenly a lycan jumps before her. Kristen swipes her hand and the lycan pulls back with force)
(Kristen gets up and looks at her hands, realizing her full gain of power. Just as a vampire charges up to her, Kristen blinks her hands, releasing a lighting force, blowing the vampire to bits)
(Alex runs from the creatures coming from the creatures coming after her but stops and blinks her hands, causing the enemies to freeze. She creates her ball of fire, throwing it at the creatures, bursting them into flames, breaking off peice by peice. A lycan suddenly comes behind Alex, wrapping his claw around her neck. Gasping for air, Alex reaches into her pocket and pulls out her switchblade and stabs the creature deep into it's side. She turns around, swipes the blade at it, cutting it's claws. The creature drops down while Alex gets on top of it, stabbing it through it's neck(the impact is not shown). Alex lifts up the creature's head and snaps it off)
(Maddison is running through the woods where there is a pathway. The creatures soon runs into that way. Maddison looks to left and right, finding out which way to go. The creatures come her way and she closes her eyes, scared. The creatures charges foward but runs past her. Maddison opens her eyes, confused)
(The creatures starts searching around, seeing if there's any trace of Maddison. Maddison is at the same very spot she's been at. She soon realizes that she has gained her invisibility power)
(The creatures look from side to side, up and down, wondering where she's been hiding. A demon goes left into the woods. It stops at a great big tree, staring at it. All of sudden, Maddison pops back into normal form and blows a breath of air onto the demon, leaving it frozen with ice. Maddison runs back into the pathway and pulls out a large vile of red liqud that she'd been keeping under her jacket. She throws it out onto the oncoming creatures and the liqud splashes on them, melting their skins into skeletal remains. Maddison continues on the pathway)
(Kristen swipes her hand at a creature while it flies back with force. She runs into another creature, flashing her hands with her lighting power. Adam, out of nowhere, lunges behind her)
Adam(whispers hauntingly): Pretty little angel
(Kristen struggles and turns around, causing Adam to bite into her arm. Kristen screams in pain, going down into the ground. Adam leers at her, baring his fangs. He grabs her by the neck)
Adam: Any last words, my sweet?
(There is a sound of knife stab. Adam looks down, his eyes widened. Kristen is piercing her dagger into his heart. Adam turns into dust, leaving off skeletal remains)
(Kelly, who is standing with Jade and Ascatar from afar, feels a sharp pain in her stomach. She lifts up her shirt and sees her insides moving out of control. She runs into the woods)
Ascatar: What's wrong with her?
Jade(don't carish): I guess she's chickened out
(Maverick fights off two creatures with his shield of light, burning their bodies into crisp. He sees Kristen lying there, helplessly. He runs towards her, cradling her head in his arms)
Kristen(weak): What's happening to me?
Maverick: A vampire bite would weaken your powers. Going into your first stage you'll have experiences like this. But once you have your full power the effect will sustain.
Kristen(softly): It's quiet all of sudden.
(Maverick looks around. His eyes stop at Ascatar and Jade who appear in a flash, smiling evily)
Jade: Why that was a good show you put on there. But don't worry...We'll be back for you soon.
(Jade and Ascatar disappear in a quick blink)
(Maddison and Alex runs to Maverick while he holds up Kristen in his arms)
Alex: What's wrong with Kristen?
Maverick: Girls, we have to go back to the magic relam. Kristen's been wounded.
Maddison: I have to rush back home, My parents must be worried about me.
Maverick: Maddison, I don't think we have the time....
Maddison: I promise I'll come back if you need me. There is just something important I have to dicuss to them.
Maverick: I think it's best if you stick with us until it's safe.
(Maverick, Kristen, still in his arms, walks through the woods while the girls come in tow. A Hand suddenly grabs Alex. It's Kelly who drags herself helplessly off the ground. She cries hysterically)
Kelly(sobbing): Alex! Please Help Me! I don't know what's going on! Please!
Alex(angry): You stay the hell away from me!
(Alex jerks her arm away from Kelly's grip. Maverick and the girls look on with pity. Alex charges ahead)
Alex: Let's just leave her here
(The group continues on while Kelly cries hysterically)
Kelly: Alex! Please, I need you! I'm really scared!
Female voice(kindly): I'm here for you
(Kelly turns around and faces Jade, standing behind her. Jade leans down and softly smoothes her hair. Then Jade pulls out a blade and makes a slit cut into her palm. She grabs Kelly by the hair, pinning her to the ground. She forces her bloody hand into Kelly's mouth. Kelly is shaking violently, letting the blood rush into her mouth. Suddenly, her eyes turn black)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hunk Of The Day: Zac Efron

Now this hunk was known to be a international disney star and has a knack for singing and dancing. Not only does he have the talent but the looks to match really well, just when you see a sight of his piercing blue eyes. May I introduce to you to......

Zac Efron. This gorgeous hunk is way past his cute, adorable days from the disney market. Now, he's a full grown man. And when I say man, I mean MAN! let me proceed......

Very Sauve with the facial hair. There's more where that came from...

I think he should keep the short hair more, It brings out his define features
Boy, would you look at those abs! Wanna see more shirtless pics?

But you should see how he looks now....

Look at those big, sexy muscles....*sigh*

Can I say delicious?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

J.D's Top Ten Witches

I am so proud to present to you my Top Ten Badass Witches. Some are good....Some are bad...Some are just....a little rough around the edges. But some are intelligent, strong, compentent and, of course, powerful. Now let's start with the list shall we?

1. Sarah Bailey- The Craft

Sarah starts off as a shy girl with a troubled, hidden past who embarks on a new enviromment from San Francisco to Los Angeles. That's when She meets Nancy and her crew. New to Witchcraft, She is scared and intimidated, But once she learns of her true self, she becomes strong and relisent. Sarah was the true witch in the game while the others stood by in all her glory. And that makes her number #1. Which makes this one right here on.....

Nancy- The Craft

A little at the bottom first. This Badass has a take no charge approach which mixes in her addictive personality. Coming from a dysfunctional household, she changes all that by getting as much power as she can by having money and her integrity under her belt, along with being a pyschotic bitch. Jealous of Sarah and her newfound wisdom, vengefully, she tries to do what she thinks is the right thing to do: Get Rid Of Sarah. Sadly, she fails at that game and her powers are striped away, making her crazy-eyed and delusional in a mental institution. Which is why Sarah's the first best. Sorry Nancy, you can't take your powers for granted.

2. The Halliwell Sisters-Charmed

Spunky, Charming, Fiesty, Sexy and Independent. These Three(later four) young witches had to learn the hard way of juggling their normal lives and their witchy duties by mid point. Through all the setbacks, heartbreaks, tradgies, and evil-doers, they will always find a way to get back at their feet. These sister witches sure know how to put the capital G in girl power.

3.Willow Rosenberg-Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Sweet, Smart, Lovable Willow. To be honest, She is one of the most beloved characters on the show. Even more memorable than Buffy I assume. I'm just saying. This brainy redhead is also a raging lesbian. Witchcraft and Lesbianism....That's a good combanation. She was first a shy, kinda geeky girl with low social skills but once the Powers That Be came along, she graced out of high school, a fearless, intellectual strong-willed lesbian. And proud of it!

4. Kiki-Kiki's Delivery Service

She is the most cutest, adorable witch you could ever find. She's even nice enough to deliver food to you if you need any. When you reach the rightful age of 13, it's never easy, even when your only ability as a witch is flying broomsticks. And that takes a lot of process. But once she goes through all the setbacks and obstacles, she becomes a confident, well-adjusted young witch with her whole life ahead of her. We're still rooting for you, Kiki.

5. Alex, Sukie, and Jane- The Witches of Eastwick

Blonde, Brunette, Redhead. It's the classic trope in form, especially from a witch trio. This Fearless Threesome are not only crafty in the Powers That Be, but are played by the fabulous Cher, the saucy Michelle Phiffer and the ever-so-charming Susan Sarandon. At first, they seem like your normal, everday women with their day-to-day get-togethers with a dose of martini on the side. Their usual topic of dicussion is about men. And once they describe a little too much about the perfect man, the witches conjur up a unknown creature named Darryl Van Horne. Not knowing of their powers at first, Darryl helps them through with the power of love(or sex, if you can see it that way). Ravished with the finer things in life, it soon comes with a price when someone gets hurt. Darryl seems to be the cause of it. And when there's a problem you solve it. And boy do these witches get to work! after getting rid of the slimeball from hell, they soon found out that they did it on their own. They didn't need a man to realize their powers. They needed to realize it for themselves. That's what makes them a great team. Its all about Girl Power! Who runs Eastwick? These witches do! also on this number.....

The Sanderson Sister-Hocus Pocus

Yet another Blonde, Brunette, Redhead trio. This consist of the headstrong Winifred, The ditzy Sarah, and the goofy Mary. Back in the middle ages or whatever, they were feared and loathed by townspeople but once they're transported in the 20th century, their days of hellraising have wavered a little just because you's the 90's. Now that they're chasing around a new age of kids, The Sanderson Sisters are not as scary as they assume to be. They're quite.....amusing. They're actually the most funniest villians in disney history. They could be scary to little kids but do you really think that they're scary to older kids? A definite no. I give props to Bette Milder, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy for their awesome performances.

6. Ginny Weasely, Hermonie Granger, and Luna Lovegood- Harry Potter Saga

If you see these three witches in the same room together, they would make a very interesting trio. You have the Shy but Spunky Ginny, the Intelligent but Fiesty Hermonie, the Sweet but Spacey Luna. Once you team up this unique trio, it'll be like a match made in hogwarts heaven. Special Note: I'm planning on making a comic book adaption of this marvelous trio. P.S. They're american in this version.....

7. Sabrina Spellman-Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Smart, Funny, Likeable. There are so many words to describe this loveable blonde. The reason for her sunny attitude.....She's a witch but it comes with a lot baggage as well. It's not always easy being a teenager, and it's  not always easy being a witch. Schoolwork, mean girls, boys, magic.....the girl got a handful. but in the end with her perky, bubbly existence, any problem can be solved when Sabrina's around.

8. The White Witch-The Chronicles Of Narnia

Cold, Treachous, Manipultive. She is definitely an Ice Queen. No, scratch that. LITERALLY an ice queen. Her heart is as cold as ice could come. And just for certain, she has some kind of questionable attraction towards Edmund. Can I say cougar? Just because she a highly ice queen, doesen't mean she is as strong as you think she is, judging her thin frame. She'll kill you in seconds. She would if she could. You don't wanna mess with this nasty diva. If you do, you'll get what's coming for you.

9. Ursula The Sea Witch- The Little Mermaid

Yet another nasty diva on the list. This isn't exactly the actual picture of Ursula, But if they make a live action adaptation of The Little Mermaid, It would be badass right? This heartless monster would manipulate an innocent teenage girl if she feels like it. Matched with her larger than life form, she is the true HBIC of the dark sea. If you cross this biosterious gorgon, you might get squashed.

10. Sally and Gillian Owens-Practical Magic

These are just your friendly neighborhood witches who would do anything to look out for each other.....even kill a man. but don't worry, they are as harmless as a bunny rabbit. You have the calm, motherly Sally and the adventurous, free-spirited Gillian. They are played by none-other-than my favorite actresses in the world. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman! When it comes to magic with these two, it's all about the power of family and sisterhood. Right on, Sister Witches!

And there you have it, My Top Ten Favorite Witches. Of course witches are always my favorite topic. Good, Bad, Smart, and Beautiful, There will always be a kickass witch on my next list. Special note: Watch out for The Secret Circle This Fall. Can't wait til it comes out!