Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hatchet 2

I just couldn't quite put my finger on this one. It does have high action, an informative(though bizzare) backstory, and an awesome performance from Danielle Harris, who is by far the best thing in this movie. But unfortuntely, it doesn't match up what was so great abou the original.
Here's the story: After the events of the first movie, Marybeth has survived Victor Crowley's attack. Grief-stricken, she goes to Reverned Zombie, a phony voodo practioner, who decides to help her find the dead bodies of her father and brother. Along the way, Zombie recriuts a group of hunters to track down Victor Crowely. Needless to say, the group is no match for the homicidal Crowely filling the Louisana swamps full of blood and guts on his trail....
The acting was alright for the most part. Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, and Tony Todd were the only actors that had potential but the rest of the cast fell flat. I don't know if it was the script that had the characters badly written or the actors not doing a good job. I would rather go with both. But again, my full praise go to Danielle Harris. She really knew how to convey the emotional grief her character felt and pretty much develop her role without the script letting her. And so my kudos goes to her. The suspense fell flat for me and the deaths were pretty much predictiable because quite frankly, I didn't care who died. And just to add something to the mix, when you cast directors as actors, it's usually a love it or hate it thing. Wes Craven tried it in New Nightmare and he was...Alright. It wasn't his best acting debut but at least he was good. Now the directors in this movie trying the acting bug aren't quite AS good. John Carl Buelcher(Friday The 13th part 7) was okay in little cameo by death bit, however, Tom Holland(Child's Play) should've stuck with a cameo.
So It's not as thrilling nor Funny as the original but at least it's still watchable.
Last Word: Not particually the best sequel, though, quite entertaining.

Yet Another Long Delay

It's been such a long time since i've been here and now i'm back with two new reviews at hand. All this time i've been spending writing and going over my novels. You see writing novels isn't as easy as you think, you really have to make time for it. Between having a job, paying the bills, and also making next year's plans, there hasn't been enough time for this blog. So now i'm back with fresh reviews, though I may promise you, there will be another long delay, cause you know, i'm novelist, but don't worry, I will always come back and serve you delicious treats....l