Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Many Loves Of Batman

Boy, Batman sure does have a thing for blondes.

But I think Brunettes are more of his thing for the darker, edgier crowd....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Not So Movie Review: Shark Night and The 3D fad Going to Waste

I have heard a lot of despicable reviews about this movie and there for I will not until the light of day, see this movie. My expections of horror movies these days, especially 3D ones are a bit low, although they are still high for some I haven't seen yet. But now that I've read about this movie, I'll take the smart movie by not seeing it. From what I heard, this is a cliche piece of garbage with your regular cast of idiot young characters. Sad to say this wasn't even screened for critics which is good for them.
But enough about this movie, let's talk about the recent fad in 3D. Sure it's cool. Sure it's fun. But this shit is really getting old. I know I don't have a right to talk crap about 3D movies because I haven't even experienced one but the real reason is that mostly absurd horror movies get the 3D effect. Some movies are decent but some are just too ridiculous. This is why people are so interested in having things throwing at their faces than the plot of the story, just like focusing on the hot cast or the blood and gore. Yeah it may have a whole of man candy and 'stunning' visuals but it will never make a good story what's so ever as people are just wasting their money.
It just comes to show how hollywood will do anything to make that extra buck by putting out tasteless drecks like this. But hopefully more interesting and percised horror movies will come along but with a little subtly on the side....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday Girl Part 1

Lighting Flashes
A car is driving erratically through the bridge in a nasty strom. Inside the car, a MAN in his early 40's, looking on to a birthday present. He tries to seek out the window through the heavy rain. The present suddenly slips under the passanger seat. When the man tries to gets it, the car swirves, crashing at the side of the bridge, deep into the water(in slow motion)
A close up on a woman's burning ciggarette.....
ANGELA, a woman in her late 30's with bottle blond hair and cat green eyes, is waiting for her husband to get home. She sists at the dining table with her daughter, CASSIE, who's about to turn 12 years old. She has dark blond and seems to have her mother's eyes but mixes in with blue like her father's. She sits there in worry.
He should be here by now.
She has a bottle in her hand and takes a swig.
CASSIE(tries to smile)
It's okay, Mom. Just as long as we're here together...that's all I could wish for.
Angela smiles warmly. She playfully pinches Cassie on the cheek.
You'll always be my special little girl.
There's a knock on the door.
This better be him.
Angela opens the door. Two police officers are standing there. Angela has a concerned look on her face.
Cassie peeks behind the door.
We're sorry to inform....(fades away)
From Cassie's POV, Angela breaks down and begins sobbing incoherently.
No! No! No! No! No!......
Cassie walks up to her mother, softly rubbing her back.
What's wrong, mom?
Angela turns around. Her tearstricken face filled with ruined mascara. She hugs Cassie and begins to whisper in her ear. Tears starts running in Cassie's eyes. She lets out an emotionally-filled scream.
CASSIE, now a stoic 17 year old is staring blankly across the cafeteria room thoughtfully, barely eating her food.
From the table across from her sits,
KATRINA(18), JANESSA(17), COREY(18) and COLIN(18). KATRINA has similar features as Cassie except her eyes are hazel. She strikes death glares at her while Cassie has her mind elsewhere. She walks up to her table, along with her posse. Katrina slams her hand on the table, agressively. Her eyes are intense.
What are you staring at?
I don't know. Just staring.
Don't try and fool me. I don't know what goes inside that head of yours but from my sense, you were staring directly at me for some odd reason.
Oh, is this because I almost fucked your boyfriend?
Katrina narrows her eyes.
You do anything to spit that up in my face.
Katrina gets close at Cassie face.
You listen here. You are nothing but a patheic peice of shit. And I advise you to go fuck off.
Katrina slides Cassie's food tray to the floor. She walks off, giving her an evil stare. While the rest of the group give her pitying looks. Colin gives her an exaggerated puck on the lips.
Cassie knells down on the splattered floor and cleans it up.
The cloud is heavy with light rain. Just a few blocks from the school, Cassie is standing on the sidewalk, wearing her gray hoddie over her head. She looks up at the overcast sky then looks down and pulls out something in her pocket. It's a switchblade. She flings it open, admiring it, feeling the tip of the blade. She looks at the carving at the end: PROPERTY OF JAKE MCMILLAN
What are doing?
Cassie snaps out of her reverie and bring her attention to DANIELLE(17), a cute girl with an all-american look, holds an umbrella in her hand. She looks at Cassie, quizzically but with a smile on her face.
Is that a knife?
It used to be my Dad's.
Danielle winces, expressing sympathy in her eyes.
So, what are you doing, today?
I gotta go visit my mom at the hospital. I haven't seen her two weeks.
Yeah. I know how that is.....
Well, it's time for me to go
Wait, Cassie. About today at lunch...I know you and Katrina don't really...(beat) mesh well together....
I know what you're gonna say. It's not my fault that girl holds grudges against people.
If you would just even stuff out with her, maybe things won't be so erupt between you two.
I Think it's beyond what me and Eric did to her.
Cassie...Her and Eric aren't together anymore.
Because of me I know.
Danielle walks up to Cassie and takes her hand, affectionately.
The two girls hug, having a little moment together.
I'll be seeing you
You call me and tell me how things are going, okay?
I will
Cassie goes down the street as the rain goes from light to heavy.
Cassie sits on the bed, staring at a book. It's a well-known novel, Jane Eyre, one of Cassie's favorites. She holds the book in her chest in reminisce.
INT. Unknown Bridge
On a stormy, rainy night. Three cars are gathered up at a broken-down bridge. Two policemen hook a chain to a battered up car that is floating atop of a deep watery mess.
The policemen go inside the soggy insides of the car. The flashlight on a man's pale dead body(maggots, leeches all over him, bugs crawling out of his mouth). One policeman pulls out a soggy red present. He rips it out to reveal a copy of Jane Eyre.
Cassie blinks. Tears are rolling down her eyes. There's a heavy knock on the door, snapping Cassie out of the memory.
A slim, middle-aged woman appears at the door. She is known as Cassie's aunt, KATHY.
Sweety, it's time to go see your mother.
Cassie and Kathy follow a doctor through the flourescent-lit hallways, to an isolated lounge room with a few mental paients play recreational activites. Cassie holds a wrap of flowers and walks up to a lone woman, sadly staring at the window. The woman turns around, giving Cassie a sad smile. It is soon come into notion the woman is Cassie's Mom, ANGELA.
CASSIE(holding back emotion)
Hey mom.(lays the flowers on Angela's lap) It's Cassie. We haven't seen each other for a long time, haven't we?
DOCTOR(talking to Kathy)
She still tramuatized by the year-long effect from the guilt she'd been having since the accident.
Will she have any progress?
I'm not sure but a little more of psychoanalyzing will help cope with her memory.
Cassie holds her mother's hand tightly, tears coming down her eyes.
You'll get out, mom. I promise you. You'll get out.
Andrea squeezes her hand back, her eyes watering with despair.

Now to present to you.....

Birthday Girl
Written By
J.D. Alexander