Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Not So Movie Review: Shark Night and The 3D fad Going to Waste

I have heard a lot of despicable reviews about this movie and there for I will not until the light of day, see this movie. My expections of horror movies these days, especially 3D ones are a bit low, although they are still high for some I haven't seen yet. But now that I've read about this movie, I'll take the smart movie by not seeing it. From what I heard, this is a cliche piece of garbage with your regular cast of idiot young characters. Sad to say this wasn't even screened for critics which is good for them.
But enough about this movie, let's talk about the recent fad in 3D. Sure it's cool. Sure it's fun. But this shit is really getting old. I know I don't have a right to talk crap about 3D movies because I haven't even experienced one but the real reason is that mostly absurd horror movies get the 3D effect. Some movies are decent but some are just too ridiculous. This is why people are so interested in having things throwing at their faces than the plot of the story, just like focusing on the hot cast or the blood and gore. Yeah it may have a whole of man candy and 'stunning' visuals but it will never make a good story what's so ever as people are just wasting their money.
It just comes to show how hollywood will do anything to make that extra buck by putting out tasteless drecks like this. But hopefully more interesting and percised horror movies will come along but with a little subtly on the side....

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