Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wrong Turn 2

Whoa, was this movie extreme or what? This is the more action-oriented sequel to the 2003 movie Wrong Turn. It is everything opposite of what made the original great but somehow I still enjoyed it.
Here's the story: So you have your typical standard horror movie characters: The black leader guy, The sullen Goth girl, the diva wannabe, the jokester, the butch girl, the slut, etc. who seemed to fit right at home in a reality show which they are filming in the outskirts of West Virginia. It isn't long until a family of cannibalistic mutants come in their way, looking for the next meal.
The acting is very excellent, especially for a direct-to-dvd movie.  But all my kudos goes to Erica Leerhsen for playing a kickass heroine. She brought on a emotional driven performance, took the movie and run with it. Texas Battle was also excellent in his role of the jock with the heart of gold. Not to mention he is very pleasing the eye. Kimberly Caldwell was actually good in her little cameo. But all bets go to Henry Rollins who was very convincing as an army sergeant and would definitely make a great action star one day. Also he seems to be looking sexier with age. Ken Kirzinger was good in Freddy Vs. Jason and he's certainly good in this movie playing one mean mutant dad. The violence in this movie is spot on. Much of the gore you didn't see in the original is in-your-face extreme in this sequel. Practically what was so subtle in the 2003 movie is hyped up to 11. To me that could be a hit or miss thing. However, it's always fun to watch in a slasher film.
My last word: It wouldn't hold a candle to the original but it's the more entertaining none-the-less. A definite good watch for Halloween.