Monday, August 29, 2011

Movie Review: Final Destination 3

To tell you the truth, this obviously is the weakest of the series. It just dosen't have the pizzazz it had with the first two movies. Now with this version, it has a whole new cast of teens we don't know anything about, except one who has a premonition of what's to come. But here's a plot key: she's the school photographer. She collects every picture of her classmates in which death will take his choosing of who will be next on it's list. That's the only smart thing about this basically, keeping the movie from being a tad bit pointless.
The story is about Wendy Christensen, who visits an amusment with her friends alongside her senior classmates. Before they climb aboard a roller coaster called Devil's Flight, Wendy has a horrorfying premonition of the roller coaster falling to pieces killing everyone. This throws out half of the senior class, except Wendy's boyfriend and her Friend Kevin's girlfriend. Now, Wendy and Kevin must do what they can to warn everybody before getting on death's list, including Wendy's teen sister Julie.....
I don't know what to say about the charcters but I rather focus on the leads as they were standard slasher movie stereotypes. Mary Elizabeth Winstead was actually pretty good and really was attached to the character who was sympatheic and intelligent. Well most of the leading ladies from three movies are pretty much the intelligent and independent type, so I don't need to go on any further, other than that, Mary Elizabeth did a great, on-point performance. Ryan Merriman was also good but I rather go with okay cause compared to Mary Elizabeth's acting, she pretty much overshadowed him. Not to mention that his character was kind of dick in the beginning. Last but not least is the character of Julie played by Amanda Crew. She was just as annoying and vapid as those brainless cheerleaders, there's really not much to say about the girl other being the final girl's sister. and It's sad to say the charcter pretty much dimmed down Amanda's performance.
Since they got the same director from the first movie, the visuals were right on point. Another factor from making this movie a little decent. Oh and there's always the gore effects, I don't need to go on for that one. Really gratifying.
I'm not saying this bad or awful. It just seemed a little bit.....tired. There was probably more to the story than what lead on, especially by adding in more likeable characters, which they definitely failed at that. I would only give this an okay, with the special effects, good plot points, and decent acting from the female lead. Overall it could be a good watch if you're in the mood for teen slasher flick.
My last word: it's kind of forgettable but otherwise watchable.

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