Monday, August 29, 2011

Movie Review: Final Destination 2

This is actually one of the best horror sequels. Back then my expections were kind of low, since I was a 13 year old kid, I learned how slasher/horror movie works and when it a horror movie with a precisly original concept produces a sequel you're just waiting for the upcoming franchise to be torn to be pieces. But not with this one. When I finally watched it I was still highly entertained and capativated that it stayed true to the heart of the original and is also not afraid to put a little black humor in the mix. This time around there are no teens involved(the trailer kind of mislead me) with the exception of two. This one involves a distinct variety group of people, from different backgrounds. Also to note by giving this film bonus points for bringing back badass Ali Larter from the first.
The story is about Kimberly Corman, who's getting set up for a road trip with a group of her friends who are going down highway. Before heading Route 23, Kimberly has a terrifying vision of what's to come: An explosive car crash collusion. After blocking the oncoming cars with Kimberly warning an officer, the vision comes true, killing her friends who were trapped in the car along with other innocent people. Trying to put the pieces together, Kimberly consults Clear, the only survivor of flight 180. With the help of Officer Burke and the survivors of the route 23 collusion, Kimberly and Clear must cheat death before it gets them quick.
The only reining stars in my book goes to A.J. Cook and Ali Larter. A.J. blew me away with her strong, intelligent performance. You can honestly tell how smart and independent her character is, which is flows through with her acting. Ali Larter as always was kickass as Clear, this time giving her more confidence and self-awareness, making her performance just as strong as A.J. I was pissed off when she got killed, bummer. I don't know what to say about the other actors but they were good in any case but compared to the female leads, they were only good not great.
The story gives much feedback to keep it connected to the original which tie in certain plot points for the characters to come all together, a distinct relevation later on in the film. The film special effects were really on point and pretty grativting which mixes in great with the directing.
An enjoyable popcorn sequel with a lot story and thought put into it. Also to note, a horror movie with two strong female lead is always the best to come.
Last word: Defintely a must see

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