Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Movie Review: May

This is truly one of the most underrated indie movies of the decade. It might not be a horror movie to some people, but it is a true art house classic.
The story is about May, a misguided, lonely woman who hopes of finding the perfect friend other than Susie, a doll she talks through in a glass box. Susie is a metaphor of May's life, sheltered and closed up in her own little box. She tries to change herself by getting rid of her lazy eye that effected her when she was a child, having Susie to be her only friend in the world. Once she reinvintes herself a little, she takes a liking to Adam, and sees a unique quality in his hands, which she constantly gushes over. After a few dates, he admires May's weirdness and her child-like view of life and decides to take the relationship to the next level. But soon after watching Adam's student film, May's active imagination takes things too far, prompting him to freak out and leave her alone. Heartbroken, May finds comfort in Polly, a co-worker who has a lesbien crush on her. When one thing lead to another with Polly, May soon finds out she just used her for sex. Now, completely broken, and so is Susie who was brutally demolished by a group of disabled kids, May finds a creative way to get a friend. Just like her mother said: If you can't find a friend, Make one. Which means she'll cut and slice her way to get one.
What I like about this movie is that it has one of the most compelling character studies than most modern horror films. It really shows a distinct way of how the character just loses it after being scorned too many times.
Angela Bettis was terrific in this role, having both the vunerability and versatility that made her performance so revieting. Jeremy Sisqo was quite good too, his acting was cool and go-with-the-flow, which made it realistic. Anna Faris was a hoot as always, playing a seductress. Her performance too was low-key compared to all the comedies she's been. In all words her acting was fantastic.
The directing was artistic and really sinks deep into May's mind. Falling doll parts while child-like music plays in the background. It's almost enchanting yet distrubing. Not to mention the awesome music soundtrack that goes along well with the film.
It is a touching yet intense horror movie, which tells the story of a woman's loose grip on reality and how it all sprials out of control. This is a definite see.
My last word: A classic indie film. It may not have much blood and gore but it is a stupendous pyschological thriller.

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