Saturday, August 27, 2011

Movie Review: Final Destination

This isn't just your typical 90's teen slasher. Further more this isn't even from the 90's. Fresh off of the year 2000, we finally have a movie with a whole new concept. That of death being the topic. There is no killer wearing a mask or no unforseen monster chasing the teens around. It is death that's what after them. You cannot see death. You cannot hear death. Death could creep up on you any minute. Which makes this movie so suspenseful.
Going on a class trip to Paris, Alex Browning and his classmates are prepare for take off on flight 180. But before that happens, Alex has a terrifying vision of what to come...meaning the plane will blow up in five-minutes to take off. He soon warns everybody about his ordeal, causing most of his classmates to get kick off of the plane. After his vision came true, everything comes to light for Clear Rivers, who's the only person to believe him. Once death makes up a list for the survivors of Flight 180, Alex and Clear must find away to cheat death's plan.
What I like about this movie is that it's characters seem like the typical slasher movie stereotypes but goes heavy in the character development. Only for some of course. Alex and Clear are the only characters to seem beliveable and realistic. Devon Sawa was the most strongest out of all the actors. His intensity really brought out the complexity of his character. Ali Larter was really natural and sympatheic as Clear, making her a really capable actress. I don't know what to say about the other actors but they were good otherwise.
What's so gripping about this is the story and mainly the concept. It's very inventive and smart, bringing in new ideas for movies in the MTV generation, whether for good or worse. Not to mention the gruesome deaths that always make me cringe.
A breath of fresh air in the teen horror genre, Final Destination is a scary, thrilling, fun-filled, unpredictable ride urging to wait for something to happen the next minute. It may be unoriginal now but seeing how the story is and it's brand of concept, it's definitely entertaining.
Last word: A must see.

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