Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mystical Tides Part 4

Scene: Isolated Wooded Area
(Maverick, Kristen, Alex, and Maddie are walking to indisclosed location, deep in the woods. They arrive at a meadow while a large tower stands)
Kristen: Are you sure this is safe? The tower looks empty.
Maverick: Trust me, soon as we get up there you'll find the answers to your puzzle. Follow me.
(Maverick rips off a trespassing sign, hanging in the doorway and enters inside. The girls walk in slowly)
(The group slowly walk up to the darkened stairs, seeing a bright light in the distance)
(As the light shine in their eyes, a bright victorian room appears before them. Kristen and the girls stare in amazement)
(In a gold frame mirror by the window, a woman with long red hair and enchanting blue eyes with a blue toga dress appears in the mirror. The girls look over, startled as she reaches her hand out of the mirror)
(Maverick comes close to the mirror and takes her hand. She comes out of the mirror with a pleasant look on her face)
Maverick: Girls, I would like you to meet Marazza, the most resourceful orcale of the magic relam.
(The girls look at her in astonishment. She was so beautiful but seemed trusting and loving)
Marazza: Good evening.
(She walks up to Kristen and the girls with warm delight, holding onto Kristen's hands)
Marazza: Oh how I waited years to find you. And you are all indeed extrondinary......
(Marazza studies Maddie for a moment and places her hand on her heart as if she was remembering something but then looks up and smooths Maddie's hair)
(Marazza moves over to Alex and gently rubs her shoulders in a motherly, nurturing way)
Marazza: You all have been sent here for a cause....from now on, It's going to be a long, tremendous fight to make your claim.
Kristen: What claim?
Marazza: You are what they called the Mystical tides.
Kristen: I don't know if we can take on that responsibility
Marazza(places a hand on Kristen's heart): You were all born with this with every inch of your soul. I'm afraid you face your fears and give into combat.
Alex(realization): So there is really a war going among us
Maddie: And we have to be the ones to stop it.
Marazza: Only if you find the power within
(A crystal ball glows on a small round table, near the window. Marazza rushes to it, looking inside it, intensely)
Marazza: Now I'll show you the answers that you'll seek
(The girls comes close to the glowing ball)
(The screen zooms in on the crystal ball, where the clouds are closing in and lighting strikes, searching through the clouds)
Scene: Undisclosed Bar
(Through the alleyway, a raven-haired woman with pale skin enter into a bar. We don't see her face, only the back of her head)
(She comes up to a guy, known as barfly, drinking his vodka. She stands over him, discreetly)
Mysterious Female(strictly): Do you have what I came for?
(The mysterious woman reveals to be Jade, her flashing intensely)
Barfly: What information is that?
Jade: You know what I'm talking about, Asshole! Those three girls that are called the mystical tides.
Barfly: What do you wanna know?
(Jade leans on to him, leering)
Jade: come outside......It's not for their ears to hear.
(Jade holds a grip to the barfly, dragging him outside the alleyway. She slams him to the backwall)
Jade(sneers): I know what you're hiding. I can smell it on you. Tell me something....did you do anything to betray our klan?
Barfly: I only told the queen what I promised. Where they live.....what they look like....
Jade: Fair enough
(Jade slams the barfly to the ground and punches through his heart, crushing it from the insides as he slowly dissovles into black liqud, leaving a skeletal cropse)
(Jade gets up, shaking off the black goo from her hands)
Jade: I guess it's time to call the council
(Jade grabs for her cell and clicks it on)
Scene: The Tower
(Marazza stands before the girls, while they sit in fetal postion, paying full attention to Marazza)
Marazza: There is going to be a great battle, so I must give you your weapon of choice.
(Marazza goes over to a long table draped over with a satin sheet. She pulls off the sheet, revealing all types of weapons. She holds up a dagger and points it over to Kristen)
Marazza: This dagger will stop Lord Sultan from his rein. Only if you peirce this through his heart, it will weaken his powers.
(Marazza carefully places the dagger in Kristen's hand)
Marazza: Use it well.
Cut To:
(Kristen and Alex are sitting by the window. Kristen holds the dagger in her hand, staring at it)
Alex: I've been through a lot wars in my life. But I never thought I could face a real one......Is that really happening?
Kristen: All of us has to face our demons sometimes. Even when they're staring you right in the eye, piercing through your soul. That's why we have to stay strong and know what we have to stand up against. Believe it or not Alex, this is really happening.
(Maverick and Maddie arrives at the room)
Maverick: I guess all of you know the truth behind this
Alex: It's going to be something to deal with.
(Maddie turns to Maverick)
Maddie: How long will this last? How many years will it be?
Maverick: I'm not sure. But it will be a long fight. Let's try and set the night while we can
(Maverick and the girls walk towards the door but Kristen stops to a halt and rubs her temple hard. She touches her nose, that is running blood. Her eyes roll back and she soon faints to the floor. Maverick and the girls rush to her side while Kristen shakes violently)
(Maverick cradles Kristen in his arms)
Maverick: Kristen?! Kristen, what's wrong?!
(Kristen stops shaking and is trying to catch her breath. She opens her eyes and is drenching with sweat. She looks at Maverick, longingly)
Kristen: I feel something's bad about to happen.
(A sound of feet marching is coming from outside)
(Kristen gets up and looks out from the window)
Alex: What's going on?
Maverick(grim): They're coming
Kristen: Who's coming?
Maverick: The dark circle. We have to get out of here. Now
Cut To:
(Marazza hugs each of the girls, warmly)
Marazza: Be careful and make sure you use as much strengh as you can. It's a tough world out there, girls. Please follow my word.
(Marazza turns around and goes back into the golden frame mirror where it turns back into a reflective glass)
Maverick: Come on. We have to face them.
(The girls follow Maverick's lead)
Cut To:
(Adam, Jade, Ascatar along with a group of hooded figures are standing in the middle of the tower, waiting. Maverick and the girls approach them)
Jade: We've been expecting you.
Maverick(angry): Jade....What the hell is this?!
Jade(smiles devilishly): Hmm. I thought you were gonna figure it out somehow, sweetheart. That's the price you pay for a broken heart.
(Ascatar stares at Alex, hard)
Ascatar: I'm taken we met before?
Alex: We met at the alleyway
Ascatar(smirks evily): I could be certain you'd be one of them. I can see that sauciness in you.
Adam:We also have a special edition
(Adam steps aside to introduce a hooded figure)
Adam: M'lady
(The hooded figure steps foward and reveals itself....It's Kelly. Her skin pale, her eyes still blue but hallow)
(Alex and the girls stand there in shock)
Alex: (softly) Kelly.....What the hell did you do to her!
Kelly(snidely): Oh Poor Alex, Don't feel that way. I feel like brand new girl and to regain my new self, there are some burning secrets I would love to tell you.
(Kelly walks up slowly to Alex, her eyes gazing mischeviously)
Kelly: Do you wanna know about Jared? You know, your rotten dead boyfriend.....(whispers) I slept with him.
(Alex's eyes are filled with anger and hurt, her hands are flaming with fire)
Kelly: that added fuel to your fire didn't it?
Alex(pissed): Not as much as I'm gonna add fuel to your fire, bitch.
Kelly: Oh, touchy.
(Alex punches Kelly hard. Kelly stares at Alex and wipes the blood off her mouth)
Jade: From the looks of that, I think we should get things started. Let the battles begin.
(The hooded figures reveals themselves, removing each of their robes. They are monstourus figures in the form of Demons, Lycans, and Vampires)
(The monstourus figures charge up at the girls while they run for their lives. Maverick stays behind, creating a ball of light with his hands, facing the enemies. Maverick throws the ball of energy to the ground, causing the enemies to fly backwards from the force.
(Kristen runs fast and all of sudden starts levatating, floating up to a tree branch. Kristen climbs on it just when a demon with red skin and glowing red eyes starts lunging at her. The demon grabs her black hoodie and Kristen falls off, tearing off the fabric. Just when Kristen land on a hill, she raises her hand, shooting out lighting bolts towards the creature, blowing it to pieces. Suddenly a lycan jumps before her. Kristen swipes her hand and the lycan pulls back with force)
(Kristen gets up and looks at her hands, realizing her full gain of power. Just as a vampire charges up to her, Kristen blinks her hands, releasing a lighting force, blowing the vampire to bits)
(Alex runs from the creatures coming from the creatures coming after her but stops and blinks her hands, causing the enemies to freeze. She creates her ball of fire, throwing it at the creatures, bursting them into flames, breaking off peice by peice. A lycan suddenly comes behind Alex, wrapping his claw around her neck. Gasping for air, Alex reaches into her pocket and pulls out her switchblade and stabs the creature deep into it's side. She turns around, swipes the blade at it, cutting it's claws. The creature drops down while Alex gets on top of it, stabbing it through it's neck(the impact is not shown). Alex lifts up the creature's head and snaps it off)
(Maddison is running through the woods where there is a pathway. The creatures soon runs into that way. Maddison looks to left and right, finding out which way to go. The creatures come her way and she closes her eyes, scared. The creatures charges foward but runs past her. Maddison opens her eyes, confused)
(The creatures starts searching around, seeing if there's any trace of Maddison. Maddison is at the same very spot she's been at. She soon realizes that she has gained her invisibility power)
(The creatures look from side to side, up and down, wondering where she's been hiding. A demon goes left into the woods. It stops at a great big tree, staring at it. All of sudden, Maddison pops back into normal form and blows a breath of air onto the demon, leaving it frozen with ice. Maddison runs back into the pathway and pulls out a large vile of red liqud that she'd been keeping under her jacket. She throws it out onto the oncoming creatures and the liqud splashes on them, melting their skins into skeletal remains. Maddison continues on the pathway)
(Kristen swipes her hand at a creature while it flies back with force. She runs into another creature, flashing her hands with her lighting power. Adam, out of nowhere, lunges behind her)
Adam(whispers hauntingly): Pretty little angel
(Kristen struggles and turns around, causing Adam to bite into her arm. Kristen screams in pain, going down into the ground. Adam leers at her, baring his fangs. He grabs her by the neck)
Adam: Any last words, my sweet?
(There is a sound of knife stab. Adam looks down, his eyes widened. Kristen is piercing her dagger into his heart. Adam turns into dust, leaving off skeletal remains)
(Kelly, who is standing with Jade and Ascatar from afar, feels a sharp pain in her stomach. She lifts up her shirt and sees her insides moving out of control. She runs into the woods)
Ascatar: What's wrong with her?
Jade(don't carish): I guess she's chickened out
(Maverick fights off two creatures with his shield of light, burning their bodies into crisp. He sees Kristen lying there, helplessly. He runs towards her, cradling her head in his arms)
Kristen(weak): What's happening to me?
Maverick: A vampire bite would weaken your powers. Going into your first stage you'll have experiences like this. But once you have your full power the effect will sustain.
Kristen(softly): It's quiet all of sudden.
(Maverick looks around. His eyes stop at Ascatar and Jade who appear in a flash, smiling evily)
Jade: Why that was a good show you put on there. But don't worry...We'll be back for you soon.
(Jade and Ascatar disappear in a quick blink)
(Maddison and Alex runs to Maverick while he holds up Kristen in his arms)
Alex: What's wrong with Kristen?
Maverick: Girls, we have to go back to the magic relam. Kristen's been wounded.
Maddison: I have to rush back home, My parents must be worried about me.
Maverick: Maddison, I don't think we have the time....
Maddison: I promise I'll come back if you need me. There is just something important I have to dicuss to them.
Maverick: I think it's best if you stick with us until it's safe.
(Maverick, Kristen, still in his arms, walks through the woods while the girls come in tow. A Hand suddenly grabs Alex. It's Kelly who drags herself helplessly off the ground. She cries hysterically)
Kelly(sobbing): Alex! Please Help Me! I don't know what's going on! Please!
Alex(angry): You stay the hell away from me!
(Alex jerks her arm away from Kelly's grip. Maverick and the girls look on with pity. Alex charges ahead)
Alex: Let's just leave her here
(The group continues on while Kelly cries hysterically)
Kelly: Alex! Please, I need you! I'm really scared!
Female voice(kindly): I'm here for you
(Kelly turns around and faces Jade, standing behind her. Jade leans down and softly smoothes her hair. Then Jade pulls out a blade and makes a slit cut into her palm. She grabs Kelly by the hair, pinning her to the ground. She forces her bloody hand into Kelly's mouth. Kelly is shaking violently, letting the blood rush into her mouth. Suddenly, her eyes turn black)

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