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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mystical Tides Part 4

Scene: Isolated Wooded Area
(Maverick, Kristen, Alex, and Maddie are walking to indisclosed location, deep in the woods. They arrive at a meadow while a large tower stands)
Kristen: Are you sure this is safe? The tower looks empty.
Maverick: Trust me, soon as we get up there you'll find the answers to your puzzle. Follow me.
(Maverick rips off a trespassing sign, hanging in the doorway and enters inside. The girls walk in slowly)
(The group slowly walk up to the darkened stairs, seeing a bright light in the distance)
(As the light shine in their eyes, a bright victorian room appears before them. Kristen and the girls stare in amazement)
(In a gold frame mirror by the window, a woman with long red hair and enchanting blue eyes with a blue toga dress appears in the mirror. The girls look over, startled as she reaches her hand out of the mirror)
(Maverick comes close to the mirror and takes her hand. She comes out of the mirror with a pleasant look on her face)
Maverick: Girls, I would like you to meet Marazza, the most resourceful orcale of the magic relam.
(The girls look at her in astonishment. She was so beautiful but seemed trusting and loving)
Marazza: Good evening.
(She walks up to Kristen and the girls with warm delight, holding onto Kristen's hands)
Marazza: Oh how I waited years to find you. And you are all indeed extrondinary......
(Marazza studies Maddie for a moment and places her hand on her heart as if she was remembering something but then looks up and smooths Maddie's hair)
(Marazza moves over to Alex and gently rubs her shoulders in a motherly, nurturing way)
Marazza: You all have been sent here for a cause....from now on, It's going to be a long, tremendous fight to make your claim.
Kristen: What claim?
Marazza: You are what they called the Mystical tides.
Kristen: I don't know if we can take on that responsibility
Marazza(places a hand on Kristen's heart): You were all born with this with every inch of your soul. I'm afraid you face your fears and give into combat.
Alex(realization): So there is really a war going among us
Maddie: And we have to be the ones to stop it.
Marazza: Only if you find the power within
(A crystal ball glows on a small round table, near the window. Marazza rushes to it, looking inside it, intensely)
Marazza: Now I'll show you the answers that you'll seek
(The girls comes close to the glowing ball)
(The screen zooms in on the crystal ball, where the clouds are closing in and lighting strikes, searching through the clouds)
Scene: Undisclosed Bar
(Through the alleyway, a raven-haired woman with pale skin enter into a bar. We don't see her face, only the back of her head)
(She comes up to a guy, known as barfly, drinking his vodka. She stands over him, discreetly)
Mysterious Female(strictly): Do you have what I came for?
(The mysterious woman reveals to be Jade, her flashing intensely)
Barfly: What information is that?
Jade: You know what I'm talking about, Asshole! Those three girls that are called the mystical tides.
Barfly: What do you wanna know?
(Jade leans on to him, leering)
Jade: come outside......It's not for their ears to hear.
(Jade holds a grip to the barfly, dragging him outside the alleyway. She slams him to the backwall)
Jade(sneers): I know what you're hiding. I can smell it on you. Tell me something....did you do anything to betray our klan?
Barfly: I only told the queen what I promised. Where they live.....what they look like....
Jade: Fair enough
(Jade slams the barfly to the ground and punches through his heart, crushing it from the insides as he slowly dissovles into black liqud, leaving a skeletal cropse)
(Jade gets up, shaking off the black goo from her hands)
Jade: I guess it's time to call the council
(Jade grabs for her cell and clicks it on)
Scene: The Tower
(Marazza stands before the girls, while they sit in fetal postion, paying full attention to Marazza)
Marazza: There is going to be a great battle, so I must give you your weapon of choice.
(Marazza goes over to a long table draped over with a satin sheet. She pulls off the sheet, revealing all types of weapons. She holds up a dagger and points it over to Kristen)
Marazza: This dagger will stop Lord Sultan from his rein. Only if you peirce this through his heart, it will weaken his powers.
(Marazza carefully places the dagger in Kristen's hand)
Marazza: Use it well.
Cut To:
(Kristen and Alex are sitting by the window. Kristen holds the dagger in her hand, staring at it)
Alex: I've been through a lot wars in my life. But I never thought I could face a real one......Is that really happening?
Kristen: All of us has to face our demons sometimes. Even when they're staring you right in the eye, piercing through your soul. That's why we have to stay strong and know what we have to stand up against. Believe it or not Alex, this is really happening.
(Maverick and Maddie arrives at the room)
Maverick: I guess all of you know the truth behind this
Alex: It's going to be something to deal with.
(Maddie turns to Maverick)
Maddie: How long will this last? How many years will it be?
Maverick: I'm not sure. But it will be a long fight. Let's try and set the night while we can
(Maverick and the girls walk towards the door but Kristen stops to a halt and rubs her temple hard. She touches her nose, that is running blood. Her eyes roll back and she soon faints to the floor. Maverick and the girls rush to her side while Kristen shakes violently)
(Maverick cradles Kristen in his arms)
Maverick: Kristen?! Kristen, what's wrong?!
(Kristen stops shaking and is trying to catch her breath. She opens her eyes and is drenching with sweat. She looks at Maverick, longingly)
Kristen: I feel something's bad about to happen.
(A sound of feet marching is coming from outside)
(Kristen gets up and looks out from the window)
Alex: What's going on?
Maverick(grim): They're coming
Kristen: Who's coming?
Maverick: The dark circle. We have to get out of here. Now
Cut To:
(Marazza hugs each of the girls, warmly)
Marazza: Be careful and make sure you use as much strengh as you can. It's a tough world out there, girls. Please follow my word.
(Marazza turns around and goes back into the golden frame mirror where it turns back into a reflective glass)
Maverick: Come on. We have to face them.
(The girls follow Maverick's lead)
Cut To:
(Adam, Jade, Ascatar along with a group of hooded figures are standing in the middle of the tower, waiting. Maverick and the girls approach them)
Jade: We've been expecting you.
Maverick(angry): Jade....What the hell is this?!
Jade(smiles devilishly): Hmm. I thought you were gonna figure it out somehow, sweetheart. That's the price you pay for a broken heart.
(Ascatar stares at Alex, hard)
Ascatar: I'm taken we met before?
Alex: We met at the alleyway
Ascatar(smirks evily): I could be certain you'd be one of them. I can see that sauciness in you.
Adam:We also have a special edition
(Adam steps aside to introduce a hooded figure)
Adam: M'lady
(The hooded figure steps foward and reveals itself....It's Kelly. Her skin pale, her eyes still blue but hallow)
(Alex and the girls stand there in shock)
Alex: (softly) Kelly.....What the hell did you do to her!
Kelly(snidely): Oh Poor Alex, Don't feel that way. I feel like brand new girl and to regain my new self, there are some burning secrets I would love to tell you.
(Kelly walks up slowly to Alex, her eyes gazing mischeviously)
Kelly: Do you wanna know about Jared? You know, your rotten dead boyfriend.....(whispers) I slept with him.
(Alex's eyes are filled with anger and hurt, her hands are flaming with fire)
Kelly: that added fuel to your fire didn't it?
Alex(pissed): Not as much as I'm gonna add fuel to your fire, bitch.
Kelly: Oh, touchy.
(Alex punches Kelly hard. Kelly stares at Alex and wipes the blood off her mouth)
Jade: From the looks of that, I think we should get things started. Let the battles begin.
(The hooded figures reveals themselves, removing each of their robes. They are monstourus figures in the form of Demons, Lycans, and Vampires)
(The monstourus figures charge up at the girls while they run for their lives. Maverick stays behind, creating a ball of light with his hands, facing the enemies. Maverick throws the ball of energy to the ground, causing the enemies to fly backwards from the force.
(Kristen runs fast and all of sudden starts levatating, floating up to a tree branch. Kristen climbs on it just when a demon with red skin and glowing red eyes starts lunging at her. The demon grabs her black hoodie and Kristen falls off, tearing off the fabric. Just when Kristen land on a hill, she raises her hand, shooting out lighting bolts towards the creature, blowing it to pieces. Suddenly a lycan jumps before her. Kristen swipes her hand and the lycan pulls back with force)
(Kristen gets up and looks at her hands, realizing her full gain of power. Just as a vampire charges up to her, Kristen blinks her hands, releasing a lighting force, blowing the vampire to bits)
(Alex runs from the creatures coming from the creatures coming after her but stops and blinks her hands, causing the enemies to freeze. She creates her ball of fire, throwing it at the creatures, bursting them into flames, breaking off peice by peice. A lycan suddenly comes behind Alex, wrapping his claw around her neck. Gasping for air, Alex reaches into her pocket and pulls out her switchblade and stabs the creature deep into it's side. She turns around, swipes the blade at it, cutting it's claws. The creature drops down while Alex gets on top of it, stabbing it through it's neck(the impact is not shown). Alex lifts up the creature's head and snaps it off)
(Maddison is running through the woods where there is a pathway. The creatures soon runs into that way. Maddison looks to left and right, finding out which way to go. The creatures come her way and she closes her eyes, scared. The creatures charges foward but runs past her. Maddison opens her eyes, confused)
(The creatures starts searching around, seeing if there's any trace of Maddison. Maddison is at the same very spot she's been at. She soon realizes that she has gained her invisibility power)
(The creatures look from side to side, up and down, wondering where she's been hiding. A demon goes left into the woods. It stops at a great big tree, staring at it. All of sudden, Maddison pops back into normal form and blows a breath of air onto the demon, leaving it frozen with ice. Maddison runs back into the pathway and pulls out a large vile of red liqud that she'd been keeping under her jacket. She throws it out onto the oncoming creatures and the liqud splashes on them, melting their skins into skeletal remains. Maddison continues on the pathway)
(Kristen swipes her hand at a creature while it flies back with force. She runs into another creature, flashing her hands with her lighting power. Adam, out of nowhere, lunges behind her)
Adam(whispers hauntingly): Pretty little angel
(Kristen struggles and turns around, causing Adam to bite into her arm. Kristen screams in pain, going down into the ground. Adam leers at her, baring his fangs. He grabs her by the neck)
Adam: Any last words, my sweet?
(There is a sound of knife stab. Adam looks down, his eyes widened. Kristen is piercing her dagger into his heart. Adam turns into dust, leaving off skeletal remains)
(Kelly, who is standing with Jade and Ascatar from afar, feels a sharp pain in her stomach. She lifts up her shirt and sees her insides moving out of control. She runs into the woods)
Ascatar: What's wrong with her?
Jade(don't carish): I guess she's chickened out
(Maverick fights off two creatures with his shield of light, burning their bodies into crisp. He sees Kristen lying there, helplessly. He runs towards her, cradling her head in his arms)
Kristen(weak): What's happening to me?
Maverick: A vampire bite would weaken your powers. Going into your first stage you'll have experiences like this. But once you have your full power the effect will sustain.
Kristen(softly): It's quiet all of sudden.
(Maverick looks around. His eyes stop at Ascatar and Jade who appear in a flash, smiling evily)
Jade: Why that was a good show you put on there. But don't worry...We'll be back for you soon.
(Jade and Ascatar disappear in a quick blink)
(Maddison and Alex runs to Maverick while he holds up Kristen in his arms)
Alex: What's wrong with Kristen?
Maverick: Girls, we have to go back to the magic relam. Kristen's been wounded.
Maddison: I have to rush back home, My parents must be worried about me.
Maverick: Maddison, I don't think we have the time....
Maddison: I promise I'll come back if you need me. There is just something important I have to dicuss to them.
Maverick: I think it's best if you stick with us until it's safe.
(Maverick, Kristen, still in his arms, walks through the woods while the girls come in tow. A Hand suddenly grabs Alex. It's Kelly who drags herself helplessly off the ground. She cries hysterically)
Kelly(sobbing): Alex! Please Help Me! I don't know what's going on! Please!
Alex(angry): You stay the hell away from me!
(Alex jerks her arm away from Kelly's grip. Maverick and the girls look on with pity. Alex charges ahead)
Alex: Let's just leave her here
(The group continues on while Kelly cries hysterically)
Kelly: Alex! Please, I need you! I'm really scared!
Female voice(kindly): I'm here for you
(Kelly turns around and faces Jade, standing behind her. Jade leans down and softly smoothes her hair. Then Jade pulls out a blade and makes a slit cut into her palm. She grabs Kelly by the hair, pinning her to the ground. She forces her bloody hand into Kelly's mouth. Kelly is shaking violently, letting the blood rush into her mouth. Suddenly, her eyes turn black)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

J.D's Top Ten Witches

I am so proud to present to you my Top Ten Badass Witches. Some are good....Some are bad...Some are just....a little rough around the edges. But some are intelligent, strong, compentent and, of course, powerful. Now let's start with the list shall we?

1. Sarah Bailey- The Craft

Sarah starts off as a shy girl with a troubled, hidden past who embarks on a new enviromment from San Francisco to Los Angeles. That's when She meets Nancy and her crew. New to Witchcraft, She is scared and intimidated, But once she learns of her true self, she becomes strong and relisent. Sarah was the true witch in the game while the others stood by in all her glory. And that makes her number #1. Which makes this one right here on.....

Nancy- The Craft

A little at the bottom first. This Badass has a take no charge approach which mixes in her addictive personality. Coming from a dysfunctional household, she changes all that by getting as much power as she can by having money and her integrity under her belt, along with being a pyschotic bitch. Jealous of Sarah and her newfound wisdom, vengefully, she tries to do what she thinks is the right thing to do: Get Rid Of Sarah. Sadly, she fails at that game and her powers are striped away, making her crazy-eyed and delusional in a mental institution. Which is why Sarah's the first best. Sorry Nancy, you can't take your powers for granted.

2. The Halliwell Sisters-Charmed

Spunky, Charming, Fiesty, Sexy and Independent. These Three(later four) young witches had to learn the hard way of juggling their normal lives and their witchy duties by mid point. Through all the setbacks, heartbreaks, tradgies, and evil-doers, they will always find a way to get back at their feet. These sister witches sure know how to put the capital G in girl power.

3.Willow Rosenberg-Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Sweet, Smart, Lovable Willow. To be honest, She is one of the most beloved characters on the show. Even more memorable than Buffy I assume. I'm just saying. This brainy redhead is also a raging lesbian. Witchcraft and Lesbianism....That's a good combanation. She was first a shy, kinda geeky girl with low social skills but once the Powers That Be came along, she graced out of high school, a fearless, intellectual strong-willed lesbian. And proud of it!

4. Kiki-Kiki's Delivery Service

She is the most cutest, adorable witch you could ever find. She's even nice enough to deliver food to you if you need any. When you reach the rightful age of 13, it's never easy, even when your only ability as a witch is flying broomsticks. And that takes a lot of process. But once she goes through all the setbacks and obstacles, she becomes a confident, well-adjusted young witch with her whole life ahead of her. We're still rooting for you, Kiki.

5. Alex, Sukie, and Jane- The Witches of Eastwick

Blonde, Brunette, Redhead. It's the classic trope in form, especially from a witch trio. This Fearless Threesome are not only crafty in the Powers That Be, but are played by the fabulous Cher, the saucy Michelle Phiffer and the ever-so-charming Susan Sarandon. At first, they seem like your normal, everday women with their day-to-day get-togethers with a dose of martini on the side. Their usual topic of dicussion is about men. And once they describe a little too much about the perfect man, the witches conjur up a unknown creature named Darryl Van Horne. Not knowing of their powers at first, Darryl helps them through with the power of love(or sex, if you can see it that way). Ravished with the finer things in life, it soon comes with a price when someone gets hurt. Darryl seems to be the cause of it. And when there's a problem you solve it. And boy do these witches get to work! after getting rid of the slimeball from hell, they soon found out that they did it on their own. They didn't need a man to realize their powers. They needed to realize it for themselves. That's what makes them a great team. Its all about Girl Power! Who runs Eastwick? These witches do! also on this number.....

The Sanderson Sister-Hocus Pocus

Yet another Blonde, Brunette, Redhead trio. This consist of the headstrong Winifred, The ditzy Sarah, and the goofy Mary. Back in the middle ages or whatever, they were feared and loathed by townspeople but once they're transported in the 20th century, their days of hellraising have wavered a little just because you's the 90's. Now that they're chasing around a new age of kids, The Sanderson Sisters are not as scary as they assume to be. They're quite.....amusing. They're actually the most funniest villians in disney history. They could be scary to little kids but do you really think that they're scary to older kids? A definite no. I give props to Bette Milder, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy for their awesome performances.

6. Ginny Weasely, Hermonie Granger, and Luna Lovegood- Harry Potter Saga

If you see these three witches in the same room together, they would make a very interesting trio. You have the Shy but Spunky Ginny, the Intelligent but Fiesty Hermonie, the Sweet but Spacey Luna. Once you team up this unique trio, it'll be like a match made in hogwarts heaven. Special Note: I'm planning on making a comic book adaption of this marvelous trio. P.S. They're american in this version.....

7. Sabrina Spellman-Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Smart, Funny, Likeable. There are so many words to describe this loveable blonde. The reason for her sunny attitude.....She's a witch but it comes with a lot baggage as well. It's not always easy being a teenager, and it's  not always easy being a witch. Schoolwork, mean girls, boys, magic.....the girl got a handful. but in the end with her perky, bubbly existence, any problem can be solved when Sabrina's around.

8. The White Witch-The Chronicles Of Narnia

Cold, Treachous, Manipultive. She is definitely an Ice Queen. No, scratch that. LITERALLY an ice queen. Her heart is as cold as ice could come. And just for certain, she has some kind of questionable attraction towards Edmund. Can I say cougar? Just because she a highly ice queen, doesen't mean she is as strong as you think she is, judging her thin frame. She'll kill you in seconds. She would if she could. You don't wanna mess with this nasty diva. If you do, you'll get what's coming for you.

9. Ursula The Sea Witch- The Little Mermaid

Yet another nasty diva on the list. This isn't exactly the actual picture of Ursula, But if they make a live action adaptation of The Little Mermaid, It would be badass right? This heartless monster would manipulate an innocent teenage girl if she feels like it. Matched with her larger than life form, she is the true HBIC of the dark sea. If you cross this biosterious gorgon, you might get squashed.

10. Sally and Gillian Owens-Practical Magic

These are just your friendly neighborhood witches who would do anything to look out for each other.....even kill a man. but don't worry, they are as harmless as a bunny rabbit. You have the calm, motherly Sally and the adventurous, free-spirited Gillian. They are played by none-other-than my favorite actresses in the world. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman! When it comes to magic with these two, it's all about the power of family and sisterhood. Right on, Sister Witches!

And there you have it, My Top Ten Favorite Witches. Of course witches are always my favorite topic. Good, Bad, Smart, and Beautiful, There will always be a kickass witch on my next list. Special note: Watch out for The Secret Circle This Fall. Can't wait til it comes out!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mystical Tides Part 3

Scene: Library
(Maddie is sitting in the library, reading Shakespere's Romeo and Juliet)
(In the dark shadows, a shadowy figure appears behind a bookcase, coming close to Maddison)
(Maddison can feel something crepping behind her. She turns around with a shocked look on her face)
(A wolf-creature dressed in clothes, is standing infront of her. Maddison drops into the floor, crawling back but the creature stands back in hesitation)
Wolf-like Creature: I didn't mean to frighten you.
(Maddison stumbles up, still shocked from fear)
Wolf-creature(extends his hand): I'm Lance
(Maddison hesitantly come close to his face and touches it slightly)
Maddison(softly): What are you?
(Lance gently takes her hand)
Lance: It's a curse
Maddison: A curse?
Lance: I feel in love with this girl who lived with this old hag. It was during the 17th century.
Maddison: you lived that long?
Lance: We have a short life expansion here in the magic relam.
So I thought I found my true love but it turned out she was in lust with me. She had over 45 men in her lust. The worst part was.....She got pregnant. She pointed the finger at me and that when the old hag cast the hex on me. Citing that no one will ever come close to my handsome face in the night.
(Maddison looks at him with understanding)
Maddison: In the night? So you're completely normal in the daytime?
Lance: Or at least in some points in the daytime
Maddison: Did you find any cure for this curse?
Lance(chuckles): Once I arrived here I asked Queen Sarosia for my help. But she said the only way to cure the curse is to find that one true love.
(Maddison and Lance look at each other in awkward silence and they begin to laugh softly)
Maddison: I stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago.
(Maddison walks over to the bookcases and searches through the books)
Maddison(searching): I'm sure there's a book on curing hexes.......
(Maddison stops for a minute)
Maddison: You know what....
(Maddison goes over to face Lance)
Maddison: I suddenly don't feel nervous around you anymore.
(Lance smiles)
Lance: I'm glad you don't.
(Lance turns around towards his desk)
Maddison: Lance...
Lance: Yes....
Maddison: What happened to your former lover since then?
Lance: She had a miscarrage and lived the rest of her life as an old crone. Looking more and more of the old hag she used to live with. I pity her.
Maddison: I guess she had her true form.
Lance: Yeah....
(Lance lowers his head in thought)
(Maverick walks in, standing at the entrance)
Maverick: Hello Maddison
Maddison: Oh hi
Maverick: I see that you met Lance
(Maddison smiles at Lance. Lance smiles back)
Maddiosn: Yes.....Yes I have.
Maverick: I guess we should begin training....Kristen and Alex are waiting.
Maddison: I'll be there quickly
(Maddison goes up to Lance and holds his hands)
Maddison: Take care
(Maddison goes over to Maverick towards the entrance)
Scene: Garden
(Kristen is closing her eyes as she tries to think of something but opens her eyes and let out a tired puff)
Kristen: I can't do it
Maverick: Don't give up now. I know you have it in you.
Kristen: How do you expect me to glow?
Maverick: It's simple. try not to think so hard.
(Maverick comes behind her and holds her gently coming close to her ear)
Maverick(whispers): Think of something serene. Pleasant. Heavenly. Now close your eyes.
(Kristen closes her eyes)
Scene: Kristen's daydream
(A dreamy, smoky light surrounds a shadowy woman. She beckons out her hand)
Woman's voice: Kristen....Kristen....Kristen
Maverick's Voice: Kristen
(Kristen eyes snap open to reality)
Maverick: You're glowing
(Kristen's whole body is glowing with pure light. She looks at her hand in disbelief)
Kristen: Wow, I can't believe it.
Maverick: I think we reached our stepping stone.
(Maddison is practicing chemistry while reading a special potions book)
(Alex is using her fire energy with her hand by flaming a bush. After this, she stares at her hand, not sure of her power)
(Kristen uses her telekinieis by floating books and cups around)
(Maverick is telling Kristen a story while she is somewhat fascinated)
Scene: Grand Entrance
(Kristen, Aunt Claudia, and Aunt Martha are walking at the Grand Entrance of the Castle)
Aunt Martha: I hope you're not still mad.
Kristen: I'm kind of over it.
Aunt Claudia: We only did it because we love you
Kristen: I understand now. Things must have been so complicated.
Aunt Martha: Come sit down with us, sweetheart......We try so hard to protect you from the evils of this world. But sometimes you have to face them on your own.
Kristen: What if I don't have it in me?
Aunt Martha: Honey, you have it in you, now. You just have to use that strength to fight the monster that we face everyday.
(Kristen hugs both Claudia and Martha)
Kristen(softly, tearfully): Wish me luck.
Scene: Library
(Maddison enters the room, looking for Lance)
Maddison: Lance? Are you there?
Lance's voice: I'm here
(Lance is hiding in the shadows)
Maddison: I just never seen what you look like in the daylight
(Lance comes out of the shadow to reveal a handsome-looking, blue-eyed, brown-haired young man)
Lance: You do now
(Maddison steps closer to him)
Maddison: look......
Lance: Human?
Maddison: Beautiful
(Awkward Silence)
Maddison(laughs nervously): I should've said that.
Lance: No, it's ok.
(Lance holds Maddison's hand)
Lance: Thank you
(The two of them look into each other's eyes, longly)
Scene: Bedroom
(Alex leans over at the balcolny, staring at the woods below. She sees a figure there, hiding behind a tree but it disappears)
Kristen: Alex?
(Alex turns around, a bit startled. Kristen stands at the door)
Kristen: What are you doing?
Alex: Just thinking
Kristen: Queen Sarosia wants us in the council in five minutes.....and Alex?
Alex: Yeah?
Kristen: You know I'm always here for you
Alex: I'm okay. Just go do whatever.
Kristen: I'll be in the Grand bedroom
Alex: Hey Kristen
(Kristen catches Alex's attention)
Alex(kindly): Thanks
(Kristen grins and exits to the door)
Scene: The Castle- Council Meeting
(Kristen, Alex, and Maddie are walking to a corner with each circle on the floor)
(Queen Sarosia stand in front of them, regally)
Queen Sarosia: This will be a tough road for you, girls. But for now, I'm sending you back to your mortal socitey where you should be. But I must warn you, eyes will always be watching. And trouble might find their way.(takes a moment) Take care, girls.
(Kristen looks at Queen Sarosia, warmly and waves her hand)
(Each of the girls hold their hands, glowing, forming a white light beneath the floor)
(Queen Sarosia is chanting)
Scene: The Summer's House-Kristen's Bedroom
(Kristen pops up from under covers as if she had woken up. She checks the time)
Kristen: Was that all a dream?
(Kristen hops out of the bed and race towards the stairs)
Kristen: Aunt Martha?! Aunt Claudia?!
(Kristen walks in the kitchen. There is a note on the refridgerator. Kristen reads it)
Note: We're staying at the magic relam for a while to run some errands. Now remember, be sure to look both ways. Danger could be headed etheir way. Only trust the ones that are by your side. Alex and Maddison will help you through.
Martha and Claudia
Kristen(to herself): So it wasn't a dream.
(Kristen studies a mug on the table and reaches her hand out. The mug istantly floats towards Kristen's hand)
(Kristen thinks thoughtfully. She then rubs her head)
Kristen: I gotta get ready for school
(She runs up the stairs)
Scene: Roverton High School
(Kristen walks at the front yard of the school to see Alex and Maddie, sitting out at the bench. She sits between them)
Kristen: Are you guys okay about this?
Alex: What do you think? Don't you think it's strange that we have to go to school with all this waving around in our heads.
Kristen: We just have to keep cool and not try anything drastic. If we don't know how to use our powers correctly, things can get out of hand quickly.
(Kelly is standing with a group of people. She looks sad. She see alex from afar and waves at her)
Alex: guys, I have to go for second.
(Alex walks over to Kelly, who has a serious look on her face. The crowd clears away)
Alex: What's wrong, Kell?
Kelly(trembling): It's Jared......he........he died in a accident.....I'm really sorry, Alex.
(Alex stared at Kelly, blankly)
(Kelly gives Alex a gentle hug)
Kelly: I'm really sorry, Alex.
Alex(trembles): Kell, Why won't about this later.
(Alex walks back over to front yard. Kelly looks over at Kristen and Maddie)
Kelly: What are you doing over there with them?
(Alex turns around and walks over to Kelly)
Alex: I'm just talking to them. Is there any harm in that?
Kelly(rolls her eyes): Alex, come on, they're freaks of nature.
Alex(angry): For christ sakes, Kelly! My boyfriend just died. Can you think about anybody but your goddamn self!
(Alex stroms over to Kristen and Maddie while Kelly stood there, stunned)
Kristen: What was that about?
Alex: Just your old regular high school bullshit
Maddie: Why won't we meet at the libarary to dicuss this later.
Kristen: Sure
(The girls went inside the school just as the bell rings)
Scene: Libarary
(Kristen, Maddie, and Alex are sitting at the table, discussing)
Kristen: Ok.....Let me put this all together now. So our parents must be descendents to the white soilders, which makes us some type of mythical conquest.
Alex: How can that be? We barely know how to use our powers
Maddie: There might be some unknown history about greek goddesses of the roman century. We might be connected to them somehow.
Alex: How is that possible?
Maddie: What we just experienced before all this........Things don't happen like that out of the ordinary. The way we just contribute our energy is a gift.
Kristen: I knew there was something.......odd about me. But not until just now. When I was about 10 or 11, I always thought someone was watching me....Like someone was protecting me from anything that's bad. Then one night I saw my mom in the mirror, all dressed in white. I just stared at her.....She beckoned(Kristen beckons and presses her hand on her heart) and once I came close to the mirror...She....She faded away.
(Alex sympatheically comforts Kristen)
(Close up on Maddie's face. A tear softly rolls down her cheek. She looks down)
Maddie(has her head down, choking with words): I would like to tell a story
(Kirsten and Alex catches her attention)
(Maddie lifts her head up, wiping away her tears)
Maddie: It was a cold november night....I was waiting for Matthew, the boy I had a crush on. This was when I was at my old school. I really didn't make any friends there.....but I thought that night was really special. Just walking with Matthew was sweet....(seriousiness in her voice) But then something happened.
Cut To:
(Flashblack: Matthew, a tall, athletic boy, is walking with Maddie, smiling. Then all of a sudden, he grabs both of her shoulders tightly. Two teenagers(one boy, one girl) come up behind her, wrapping a bag over her head. This is all in slow motion)
Maddie(voice over): All I can see was darkness from that point on.......
(The two teens tie up Maddie, hanging her hands up to a tree. They remove the bag over her head, laughing evily at her)
Teen girl(whispers in Maddie's ear): Maybe we should just leave you here
(Matthew and the two teens, walk out into the woods, leaving Maddie there, shaken and alone. Her glasses slip into the ground. All Maddie could see was a blurry vision)
Maddie(voice over): I thought I was gonna die a cold, cruel death. But then something happened......
(A flash of light glow over Maddie's cold stricken face)
Cut To:
Present Day-Libarary
(Close up on Maddie's eyes)
Maddie: Suddenly......I wasn't cold anymore. It was like a ray of hope shined down on me. Help was only a mile away, so I was safe. By the following week I had to change schools.
Kristen: I had a near death experience once. When my cuts got too deep(Kristen reveals two small visible scars on her wrist under her wrist band) all I could see was that blurry vision. Just one flash of light, everything was clear now. And my wounds heal quicker.
Alex: It's like all this was happening the whole time
(A mysterious figure slowly comes up to the girls, through the bookcases)
Mysterious Voice: Girls
(The girls stared up at him startled by his sudden voice)
(It reveals to Maverick)
Kristen: Maverick. What are doing here?
Maverick: We have to be at the Eastern Tower soon.
Kristen: You mean the historical site?
Maddie: That place is restricted. We're not allowed there unless it's visiting hours.
Maverick: There is someone special I would like to meet
Alex: You mean someone lived down there? All this time?
Maverick: Only temporary. There's not much to explain. Promise you'll be there around night.
(Kristen was about to say something but Maverick turned away towards the bookcases)
Scene: School
(Kristen heads out of the school throughout the crowd of kids, when she bumps into a hooded figure)
(The Scene turns into slow motion as the hooded figure stares back at Kristen, his face barely seen and continues on)
(Kristen stands there, feeling weirded out)
Cut To:
Scene: Pool Hall-Alleyway
(Adam is smoking a ciggarette, staring out at a bar across the street. He flicks his ciggarette, smooths his black leather trenchcoat and walks over to the bar)
(Adam enters the bar. He sees Kelly, sitting alone over to the corner, drinking a beer. She looks as if she had too much to drink. He sits besides her)
Adam(sauve, up close to Kelly): You look a little too young to be at this bar
(Kelly smiles seductively)
Kelly(flashes her fake Id): I always have my Id.
(Adam takes a look at it)
Adam: Looks kinda like you
(Kelly giggles)
Adam: Let's say we stop wasting time in this crummy old bar and have some fun
Kelly: I would mind that (takes a swig of her beer)
Scene: Pool Hall-Night
(Adam and Kelly arrive at the back door of the pool hall which was locked up in chains)
Kelly(slurring): What are doing here? This was closed down yesterday.
Adam: Don't worry, I can find us a way in.
(Kelly looks around the isolated area)
Kelly: I don't see how we can do this
(A sound of a large snap pops at the door)
(Adam opens the door)
Kelly: How....How did you do that?
Adam(dazzles his hands): I have magic fingers. come on, let's still the night away.
(Once they come inside, Kelly pulls off her denim jacket and grabs Adam into a deep passionate kiss until they fully go into a makeout session)
(Adam picks her up and puts her on a table, still passionately, kissing her and caress her body)
Kelly(between breaths): Show me what you got cowboy
(Once Adam kiss down on Kelly's neck, his eyes turn red. His fangs grow and it punctures deep into her neck)
(Kelly screams in pain and lust at the same time. As the fangs go deeper inside her neck, Adam pins her to the wall, hard)
Fade To Black
Fades to scene: Empty Streets/Alleyway-Night
(Alex walks throughout the streets and through the alleyway. Suddenly, a dark figure approaches in front of her)
Dark Figure(smoothly): Now, where would a girl like you go at this time of the night.
(Alex stands back, startled)
Alex: Who the hell are you?
(The dark figure come out of the shadows. It is revealed to be Ascatar)
Ascatar: Let's just say I'm an aquantince
Alex: Right.....Look, I have somewhere important I have to go.
(Alex walks past him and countines down the street)
Ascatar: What is so important you have to go to, Alex? We all don't know of our destiny.
(Alex stops and turns around, confused. She walks up to Ascatar)
Alex: Where did you come from?
Ascatar: don't worry.....You'll be seeing me around.
(Ascatar disappears into alleyway darkness)
(Alex stands there for a moment before continuing down the street, still confused about her encounter)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mystical Tides Part 2

(Close-up on Kristen's eyes opening awake)
(Kristen sits up on the bed)
*The Magic Relam
(Landscape of a stone castle that is surrounded by darkness)
*The Castle-The Guest room
Kristen: Where am I?
(Aunt Martha enters the room with a tray of tea)
Kristen: Aunt Martha? What's- What are doing here?
Martha: Honey....this may be a little hard to explain.
(Aunt Claudia walks into the room and sits besides Kristen while Aunt Martha sits on the other side)
Martha: You were sent here for a reason, sweety.....
Kristen: Just tell me
Martha: You are one of the three most powerful sorcessess of the magic won't know it yet....but your powers will get stronger as you hit a stage in your life.
Kristen: I can't believe what I'm hearing.
Claudia: And....Kristen....There is something you need to know about your parents.
Kristen(trembling): About what?
Claudia(tears, welling up): How they....really died.
Martha: Your parents were'nt killed in a car accident.....they were murdered.
(Tears begin rolling down Kristen's cheeks, shocked at the news)
Martha: All we know that they were killed by a warlock from the dark side
Kristen: Why did you lie to me?
Martha(softly): We did it to protect you....
Kristen: All those dreams that I had.....Those terrible dreams. (softly) And they were all true.
(Kristen gets out of the bed and head for the door)
Claudia: Kristen Wait!
Kristen: No! I don't want to talk to you!
(Kristen runs out)
*The Castle-Master Bedroom
(Kristen is sitting at the balcony, thinking hard. She looks out in the darken sky. But she senses somebody behind her. She turns's Maverick)
Kristen: I really need to be alone right now
Maverick: I know hearing about the death of your parents is hard
Kristen(Snaps): What makes you think you know anything about my parents
Maverick: I know how you feel.....I never knew my parents
(Kristen turns around and looks into Maverick's eyes sympatheically)
Kristen: I'm....I'm Sorry
Maverick: It's Ok....I guess the world dosen't work as other people expected to be. That's why we have a war in our hands. And it's up to you to stop it.
Kristen: Why me?
Maverick: It's not just you. There are others as well. But you're the one who can pull them together.
Kristen: All this time I never thought I was normal
Maverick: Come on. I have to show you something.
(Kristen hesitantly takes his hand)
*The Castle-The Grand Palace......
(Kristen is amazed of how beautifully decorated the grand palace is. She soon sees a group of people, two of whom she recognizes. The princess....Now QUEEN SAROSIA sits at her throne. The people that Kristen soon recognizes are Maddie and Alex.)
Kristen: Maddie? Alex?
Queen Sarosia: I guess you know them already.
(Kristen looks at her directon. She is a pale woman but looks as if she's in her early to mid-twenties. She has purple kind eyes and long white hair. She is grinning, happy to see Kristen)
Queen Sarosia: Welcome
Kristen: Who are you?
Queen Sarosia: I'm Queen Sarosia. Empiress of the magic relam. I've sent you here to go on a mission.
Kristen: Now? We just arrived here. We don't even know of this place even exists.
Queen Sarosia: First, There will be a tour guided by Maverick. And there will also be a little training.
Alex(brash): Are you nuts? We barely know you people
Queen Sarosia: Oh but we know you, Alex.
(Queen Sarosia stands up)
Queen Sarosia: I'll explain each and every detail of how you all were sent here.
*Dark ages....
*The Magic Relam-The Castle
(The magic relam in ruins, taken over by the dark side)
Queen Sarosia Narration:
During the dark ages, the magic relam was taken over by Lord Sultan, There was a lot happening during that century, which started the artificial decline of this kingdom. And....The disapearance of my parents.
(Lord Kram and his wife, Castlina, Sitting on the King and Queen's throne)
War was declared but we failed, living under Sultan and his wife overshadowing the kingdom.
(a 12 year old Sarosia, studying in her desk)
Throughout the renascence, I lived a normal life studying for the gifted arts and was raised by marazza, our kingdom's fourtune teller.
(An all grown up Sarosia breaks into the kingdom, facing off with Sultan and Castlina)
By the time I grew into a woman. I had a choice to make....return to the magic relam and protect my kingdom. Soon, our war was beginning.
(Light soilders and Dark soilder are fighting. lashing into each other)
The battle almost lasted a lifetime until one of our strongest, bravest soilders was able to steal the amulet Lord Sultan would use to make his powers stronger. Soon the magic relam went back to normal, only seprarting the dark side from our kingdom.
(A handsome, brown-haired, blue-eyed man is standing proud amongst the soilders who are cherring in victory)
That soilder was your father, Kristen....
After the war ended, Emanuel Castel went on to live a normal life. he had a beautiful wife named Annabelle and then he had you.
(Emanuel with his blond, beautiful wife and little Kristen, huddled up to take a family photo)
He still kept the amulet in his home until something tragic happened........
On that fateful night, Sultan and Castlina invaded Emanuel's home. And then.......
(Sultan and Castlina slaughters Emanuel and Annabelle in front of young Kristen. It is only shown in the shadows.)
Scene: The Kingdom's Council
Kristen: I know what you have a picutre of my parents?
(Queen Sarosia lifts up her hand and unveils a pictures and gives it to Kristen)
(A close-up on Kristen face as tears fall down)
(There's a picture of Kristen and her parents, smiling happily)
Kristen: I think she's telling the truth
Alex: This is ridiculous, I don't believe any of this hocus pocus crap.
Kristen: If she's saying what she knows, we must accept our fate. Was there anything out of this world happened to you?
Alex: What happened at that cafe was impossible
Maddie: Anything's impossible
Alex: Oh and that's coming from an honor student
Maddie: Well at least I don't waste time sucking on cancer sticks and lying on my own puke!
Alex(pissed): you don't know anything about me!
Kristen: You say things aren't impossible but why are your hands on fire?
(Alex looks at her flamming hands, shocked)
Scene: The Chamber's Way
(Maverick is leading the girls through a long hallway in the dark distance)
Alex: What the hell is wrong with us?!
Maverick: Nothing. You were born with this. It's in your blood.
Kristen: It's going to take some time to adjust to this but just one question. Are we able to live normal lifes with a lot of this in our hands?
Maverick: Only if you try your best to keep this secret. All hell will break loose with both the mortal world and the magic relam. Trust me, this will be a tough road to follow.
(Maverick opens a door way, revealing a dark room from the distance. A cloud of smoke inglufs. Emerged from the shadows, comes a beautiful, pale dark-haired girl, who is dressed in leather catsuit)
Maverick: Girls. This is Jade....
Jade(snide): So you must be the almighty witches of the magic relam.
Maverick: Jade is a training warrior for the upcoming battle. She might show you a few tricks or two.
Jade(snaps): I can speak for myself, Rick!
(Jade walks up to the girls, eyeing them each)
Jade: You ladies don't look bad at all. But I can easily tell that and everyone of you is half-breed.
Alex(pissed): What do you mean half-breed?
(Alex gets close to Jade's face, but Jade forms a evil smile)
Jade(coy): With you.....I see something dark. From the look on your face.
Alex: You don't know anything about me!
Jade: Oh but I do
(Kristen jumps in)
Kristen: Hey, let's just calm down.
(Alex backs away. Now Jade has her eyes at Kristen)
Jade: Oh Kristen. You seem to be the worst of them all. It's too sad to think that you're actually half-mortal. Nobody like you in this kind of world would even live that long.
(Kristen looks at Jade, feeling a cold chill up her spine)
Maverick(Calm, but holding in anger): Girls, do you mind if me and Jade have some alone time.
(Maverick angrily stares at Jade, who still has that coy look on her face)
(He grabs her by the shoulders)
Maverick: What the hell is your problem!
(Jade shurgs him off)
Jade: Getting a little even.
Maverick: I always knew you were the one with the bad impression.
Jade: Well, at least I didn't break and enter in the process.
Maverick: I don't have time for your nonsense.
(Maverick turns his back and walks away but Jade stops him, hungrily clutching his shoulders)
Maverick: Don't do this now, Jade.
Jade(whispers in his ear, seductively): I know you still want it.
(Jade slowly chews his ear)
Jade: We've been at it for too long.
(Jade pins Maverick to the wall and is close to his lips)
Jade: Don't you think we were made for each other
(Maverick grabs both her risks)
Maverick: Your heart is as cold as ice. Your blues eyes are now black. You have a dark cloud over you, Jade. And I can't be a part of it.
(Maverick walks away)
Jade(hurt but fierce): You'll be back!
Scene: The Study Room
(The group walks into a huge study room filled with books, a lounge chair and a desk. Just like a library)
Maverick: This is the study room. If you want to know a lot of historic events surrounding the magic relam or the kingdom, this place here gives you the information that you need.
(Maddie looks around the room, amazed)
Maddie(breathlessly): Wow, so many books
Maverick: Queen Sarosia has been in collecting them for years.
Maddie: Would it be alright if I stay here and check around.
Maverick: Sure. But just to let you know, a certain friend of ours named Lance could be hiding somewhere. So don't be frightened.
Maddie: Thanks
(Maddie sits comfortably on the lounge chair and sees the book of potions on a table)
(She picks it up and starts to read)
Scene: The Guest Bedroom
(Alex is sitting outside by the window, looking out in the sky. Kristen sits on the bed, resting her chin on her hand, thinking. trying to put the puzzles together in her head about what's going on. Maverick is standing at the door way)
Maverick: I guess this is the end of the tour but we'll have a grand meeting until the training begins. I'll see you soon.
Alex: Grand meeting? what is this the middle ages?
Kristen(joking): I'm kind of thinking it is.
Alex: You're the one to talk. I can't believe you agree to all this craziness.
Kristen(defensively but calm): Have you ever known your parents?
Alex: Far as I know, I've been in and out of foster homes.
Kristen(sympatheically): I'm sorry to hear that.
Alex: You're lucky. At least, you have two people that actually care about you.
Kristen: What makes you think nobody cares about you?
Alex: I was adopted by this one family. They must've charmed the pants off the adoption agency that agree to their settlement.
(Alex has her head down for a moment)
Alex: We were painted like this perfect family until my father started drinking and then abuse both me and my "supposed" mother. Couple of months later, she finally left him. He thought it was my fault....
(Kristen places her hand on her shoulder)
Alex(holds back tears): ....He gave me one of the worst beatings of my life. Two factured ribs and broken arm...I was only ten years old.
Kristen: What happened to your father?
Alex: The bastard died three years later. Thankfully after that beating he gave me, I was from foster home to foster home. I guess I was lost but still not yet found.
Kristen: You do you live now?
Alex: In this half-way house my so-called foster mom rented for me.
Kristen: Life can be sore bitch. You lose people and most of lose yourself.
Alex(soft): I think I already did.
Kristen: still have a part of yourself. All of what's happened to can only stay stronger.
Alex: Now that I figured all this out....for how long?
Kristen: I guess you have to look inside yourself. See what makes you stronger. And then....You'll the way.
Alex: You know.....I only met you for 24 hours and I already like you
(Kristen smiles. Alex smiles back and the two embrace)
(Jade is standing in the woods, not far from the castle. She looks as if she's spying. Her pale presence disapears into the darkness)
*The Dark Castle-Sultan's Liar
(Lord Sultan and his wife, Castlina are sitting in their thrones. Jade arrives with a evil smile on her face)
(Castlina has a more different appearance: A pale lady with dark hair and dark eyes. Lord Sultan has pale skin and a bald head with a goatee. All clad in black leather)
Lord Sultan: So tell us Jade, what do we know about our...."Mystical Tides?"
Jade: Far as I can see, they're nothing but a bunch of weak, thoughtless teenage girls.
Castlina: Seems fair enough.
Lord Sultan(claps her hands together): We have to think of something
Dark voice: Maybe I could help.
(A handsome young man emerge from the corner of the shadows. He has black hair and golden eyes and is clad in sexy black leather)
Jade: Oh yes, Ascatar. Your devilishy good looks can keep any girl down.
Ascatar: I'll try my best to keep them in check.
(Jade and Ascatar looks as if they are about to kiss but Lord Sultan claps his hands to stop them)
Lord Sultan: Down children. I think it's better if we sent our lucky henchmen.
Castlina: And maybe I would do some re-evaluating along the way. You know, I am a master of disguse.
(Sultan kisses Castlina's hand)
Lord Sultan: Oh yes. I have one more addition. Adam. Come please.
(A blond, smoldering handsome tall young man appears from the shadows, smiling devilshly)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mystical tides part 1

The Magic Relam......The dark ages......
( Queen raine, with sarosia in her arms, and her husband, King Townswend are sitting at their throne, quietly, at the council meeting)
King Townswend: The Magic Relam is crumbling apart. The dark side is finally clouded over our existense. War is upon us.
Queen Raine(whispering to King townswend, worried): It's not safe. It's not safe at all.
King Townswend: My dearest queen, we must wipe out the demons and fight for our freedom.
Queen Raine: But what will that teach Sarosia. We must gain love and peace in the world for the sake of our child.
King Townswend(Regretfully): I'm sorry my dear Raine. We must save our kingdom from Kram. What's done is done.
Mysterious Voice: Maybe I can help
Cut to:
(A hooded figure emerges. It stands still for a moment. Then the person drops the hooded cloak, revealing......A female being with green skin and ocean-blue hair with glowing red eyes that looks menacing)
Queen Raine(Scared Whisper): You
King Townswend: Your presence cannot set foot here
Mysterious Creature: Your power is to useless to keep me from your kingdom
(King Townswend arises from his throne)
King Townswend(Angry): What makes you so certain!
Mysterious Creature(Evil Stare): I'll show you
(The being transforms into an enourmous, frecious dragon that fire-breaths through the council almost striking the king and queen, still holding baby Sarosia in her arms.
The king and queen, along with a few others, race out of the castle and into the woods. They finally reach into an undisclosed location: A tall tower.
They go up the stairs where they see a light and quickly go up to it.......
A fourtune teller sits at her table, gazing over the crystal ball.
Her name is Marazza.)
Queen Raine: Marazza, There is danger ahead of us. We must seek our fate.
Marazza(looks into the crystal ball): I.....I see.......Hope for us.
King Townswend: What will become of this kingdom?
Marazza: The Mystical Tides will protect you from all that is evil.
Queen Raine: What are the Mystical Tides?
Marazza: Powerful Soceresses who gain nobility, intelligence, and strength. They will certainly stop the dark from taking over the kingdom.
King Townswend: Where will we seek them?
Marazza: Oh no.......They're not even born yet
(The Dark warriors invades outside of the kingdom)
(The king and queen look from the window and watch in horror)
King Townswend: Marazza, you must take Sarosia to the mortal world where it is safe. We have to sheild her away from this madness.
Marazza(holding baby Sarosia): I'll do as am told, my king.
Queen Raine: What are we going to do?
King Townswend: We must face this
(Marazza runs into the woods with baby Sarosia in her arms and disapears into the darkness)
(The king and queen face before lord kram, a chisled handsome man with dark eyes and wears black medival wear. he is downright evil.)
Lord Sultan: We have what we came for.
(Close up on Lord Kram holding a Clear Crystal necklace)
Queen Raine: You Monster! That will destroy the whole kingdom!
Lord Sultan: That's what I had in mind.
Green-Skinned Being: Soon the magic relam will be ours.
King Townswend: Not if we can stop it.
(The king and the queen hold hands, producing a bright glow. Lord Sultan raises his hand when a burst of green energy source flames his hand. The green-skinned woman's eyes glows bright red. The king and queen's energy source clashes with Lord Sultan's energy source)
(all of the magic relam is dark black)
Present day......
(A nice, young couple are preparing for christmas eve. The wife is a lovely blond woman with light blue eyes. The husband is a rather handsome man with brown hair and blue eyes. They are both decked out in formalwear. They have a little girl, happily playing with her doll in the corner. She has long, curly, blond hair and has the eyes of her mother.)
(The family all gather up together happily. The scenery is set up in a dreamy state)
(all of a sudden, a shadowy figure burst into the door. The little girl runs into corner and watches in horror as her parents are attacked by the shadowy figure. She is clutching her doll real tightly. The dark figure pulls out a sword and lunges at them while the little is shaking with terror. Blood is splattered on her face. The dark figure walks toward the scared child but another dark figure stops him)
Dark Figure#2: No, let her go.
(The two dark figures leave out door. The little girl hovers in the corner, weeping.
The Summer's house.
(A girl suddenly wakes up from a nightmare)
(KRISTEN, a beautiful, blond girl with light blue eyes but is very hauntingly pale, coming from the scare of her dream. She highly resembles the girl from her dream and is very shaken by the nightmare.)
Woman's Voice: Kristen! Breakfast is ready!
Cut To:
(AUNT MARTHA, an attractive 40ish woman with light auburn hair and AUNT CLAUDIA, an attractive woman in her late 30's with brownish-blondish hair are sitting in the kitchen with KRISTEN, wearing a black hoddie and torn-denim pants, who is slowly eating food with thoughts running through her head)
Aunt Martha: I heard you screaming
Kristen: I was just having those dreams again, Aunt Martha.
Aunt Xena: You've been having the same dreams since last week.
Kristen: How did you know that?
(AUNT CLAUDIA dosen't say anything and seems a little embarassed)
Aunt Martha: We can hear talking in your sleep.
Kristen(Confused): I didn't know that
Aunt Martha: Maybe it's something you like to tell us. Is everything fine, sweetheart?
Kristen: Yes, of's just that.....I feel like something is preventing me from being happy....having a satisfied life.
Aunt Martha: Honey, you might not be the only one that feels that way.
Kristen: I just feel so abnormal.
Aunt Claudia: Well, that could be a good thing. Which means you're special. I was never that popular in high school but I soon found out that I had a special talent in there somewhere and that's how i got into music.
Aunt Martha: Just let time takes it's course. And probably then, from now, you might find your own path.
Kristen: I guess I got to get ready for school
(Kristen flips on her hoodie and heads out for the door)
Aunt Martha: Sweetheart.....
(Kristen catches her attention)
Aunt Martha: Be careful.
(Kristen smiles and goes out the door)
Cut To:
(Roverington high school, a large brick building, surrounded by pinewood trees and well-grown garden flowers)
(Outside the building, All of the kids are hovering around to get inside, going this and that way to the building, while cars are around and parked outside. Kristen walks to the front entrance)
(A biker and his girlfriend is driving to the school on his motorcycle. They stop at the parking lot and take off their helmets.
ALEX DOBSON, a girl who is sixteen, with dark-brown hair, wearing a white t-shirt with a skull imprinted on it and torn denim jeans just above her knees. Her biker boyfriend has jet black hair, wearing a leather jacket, has that mean stare. Total bad boy. He checks out a inapropriately-dressed platium blonde without Alex's acknowledge.)
(Kristen walks to the front lot of the school, wearing her hood on her black sweat jacket, looking a bit sad. She walk pass Alex, who looks as if she knows her.)
(Kristen bumps into the platium blonde)
Platium blonde: Watch it freak!
(The Platium blonde is known as Brianna, The popular School Bitch)
At School.......
(A girl is reading her science book while sitting on the bench. She has red hair and is wearing glasses. Her style is somewhat smart but a little unfashionable. She is wearing a green turtle-neck sweater and a green plaid skirt. Her name is MADISON. Kristen walks by and recognizes instantly.)
Kristen: Hi Maddie. Do you mind if I call you that?
(The girl looks up and takes off her glasses. She is a bit shy)
Madison: No. I don't mind.
(Kristen sits besides her)
Kristen: You're in my physics class, right?
Madison: Yeah. I usually sit at the back of the room.
Kristen: How come?
Madison: So I can spend more time reading my science and chemistry books. I'm really into expermenting new things and exploring different chemical toxins.
Kristen: Wow. that's great. Good luck with the physics test.
Madison: Thanks.
(Kristen runs off to class)
Mr. McCool pool hall......
(It's raining at a small building that is supposely a pool hall)
(Kristen walks towards that way. Still wearing the same black hoodie she always wear. She passes by group of teenage kids who looks as if they're in biker gang. One of these kids is Alex Dobson, alongside her bad boy boyfriend, Jared and her flirty friend Kelly, who is hitting on the boys. As she walks by, they give Kristen mean, intimidating looks but she ignores them. Alex just looks at her oddly.)
Kelly(Sandy blond hair, dresses risque): Hey Alex, Kent is throwing this party down 12th ave. are you coming?
Alex(moody): I don't think Jared would like that.
Kelly: Who gives a shit what he thinks. We're out here, We're having fun, what's is the deal?
(A guy comes up behind kelly, kissing her on the neck)
Kelly(giggles): Stop it, brett.
Brett(kind of bulky, kind of cute but definally not all that sincere or bright, very obnoixious): How come you keep staring at that emo chick? Are you turning lesbein on me, alex? *guffaws*
Alex: Go screw yourself!
(Alex begins to walk off)
Brett: Hey! I'm getting all the action right here!
(Brett fondles Kelly from behind. She giggles uncontrolably)
Alex(turns around and stops): I doubt if will be that worthwhile! You'll probably be lying in your own shit!
Oh and Kent! Screw your party!
Jared: Hey!
(Alex stops and Jared pulls her by the arm hard, leading her to alleyway)
Jared(still pulling her arm): What's the hell is the matter with you! You go back over there and you apologize!
Alex: But Jared, he was being a jerk....
Jared: Did I tell you to back talk! if you embarass me like that again, you'll regret it!
Alex: Let go of me! you're hurting me!
(Alex makes a run for it)
Jared: Ay! You get back here!
(Kristen leans against the window, a bit sullen. She's is the other side of the pool hall that is called the arcade room. She is all alone, doing a skecth on her drawing tablet.)
(A man walks in, about 30'ish or 40'ish and sits beside Kristen)
Mr. Gram: Sorry kristy. I'm afraid this is my last night here.
Kristen: You're closing down the pool hall?
Mr. Gram(sad): I'm afraid so, Kristy.
(Kristen Hugs Mr. Gram)
Kristen(A tear run down her cheek, softly): I'm gonna miss you.
Next Scene: Grandessa's Cafe.
(Madison is sitting on one of the waiting for tutor session. She looks out the window and blows out a sigh. The window freezes up. Maddie backs up a bit looking puzzled.
Platium Blonde Girl: Um, Excuse me?
(Brianna sits down in front of Madison)
Brianna(don't carish tone): You're Madison right?
Madison: Yes, Mrs.Williams. You had me as your tutor remember?
Brianna: Yeah, well, it's hard to recognize you. It's hard for anybody to recognize you(chuckles)
Madison: Can we just get this started and focus on our studies. I rather not get into subjects that's not even important.
Brianna: Hmm. Trying to have a backbone, huh. It's not my fault that I stole you from Matt. Because you know what he told me, He wouldn't even be that close to kissing you. I guess he's not into the smart ones.
Madison: Brianna, if you want to get an A Or a B Or a least a C on physics, I suggest you start hitting the books.
Brianna: Woah, what got into you all of a sudden. I thought I was the one with the mind control.
Madison: Well, I'm the tutor. Now I want you to stop all this nonsense or I'll leave from the table.
(Alex burst into the cafe, dripping wet and scared)
Alex(Panting): Can I have a cappchino, please?
Brianna: What's up with mental case over there?
(Alex heads outside to one of the patios)
Brianna(to Alex, bitchy): Did your boyfriend catch a fit?
Alex: Go to hell!
(As Alex stops outside, she rubs her hands. It's aching)
Madison: was that even nessecary?
Brianna: Did I tell you to talk, nerd.
Madison(holding in her anger): Let's just get this over with.
Next Scene:
(Kristen is walking alongside a bridge. She looks sad and a bit depraste. It has stopped raining at this time.)
Kristen(to herself): I need a sign.
(Kristen hopelessly sits on the railing. She then stands up on the railing and begin to balance on it. but all of sudden she slips and falls.
(Kristen Screams)
(A shadowy figure catches her with a firm grip, cradling her)
(He slowly let go of her and reveals himself from the shadows)
(A handsome stranger with dark hair, peircing green eyes. The tall,dark and handsome type. Kristen is mesmerized)
Handsome Stranger: Keep Safe.
(Kristen watches him disapear)
Scene: Grandessa's Cafe
(Alex is sitting at one of the patios. She sees Kristen walking through the sidewalk when all of a sudden, a car is driving rapidly into the streets. It's one of Jared's friends, Brett, about to hit Kristen with his car. Alex stands up, scared. Kristen turns around. Her eyes get big.)
Alex: STOP!
(Everything freeze in a sudden stop, except for Kristen and Alex. The car flips over above Kristen and crashes into the street.)
Kristen(shocked): Oh my god!
(Alex and Kristen look at each other. Alex freaks out and make a run for it.)
Cut to scene: Inside the cafe
(Maddie is reading her physics book)
Maddie(reading, wearing her glasses): The chemicals found in the outzone layer is harbored in the earth's atmosphere....The energy that comes from the....
(Maddie looks up at Brianna who appears frozen)
Maddie: Brianna? (takes off her glasses)
(Maddie waves her hand around Brianna's face)
Maddie: Hello?
(Maddie looks around the cafe)
Maddie: What the heck is going on?
(Everything unfreezes and comes into motion)
Brianna: Um, what are you doing?
Maddie: Brianna, maybe it would be best...if we could do today's studies on monday.....I have to collect myself.
(Maddie grabs her books and leaves)
Brianna(Arms crossed, Don't carish): Whatever....weirdo
(Everybody huddles up around the crashed vehicle in the street. Kristen walks fast and looks worried)
Kristen(to herself): Oh my god, what just happened?
Scene: Alleyway
(Alex runs down the sidewalk when Jared suddenly grabs her arm, yanking her into the alleyway)
(Jared pins her to the wall and looks at Alex menacely)
Jared: Don't you ever freakin' run off like that! (Points the finger at her face) You hear me?
Alex(Trying to let go of his grip): Get off me!
(Alex pushes him off)
(Jared grabs her by the shoulders and shakes her rindelessly)
Jared: Can't believe you just pushed me! You stupid bitch!
(Jared slaps her hard on the face. Alex falls down to the ground)
Jared(Threatning): You're gonna pay for that!
(Suddenly, Alex's hands is flaming fire. She looks up at Jared, Furious.)
Alex(angry): This stops now!
Jared: What the hell is happening to your hands?
(Jared slowly steps back and a truck hits him istantly)
(Alex gets up from the ground and looks shocked)
Alex(shocked): Did I just do that?
(all of the people gather around the scene. Alex walks away with her head down, ashamed)
(There is the last of Jared's blood in front of the truck)
Cut to: Summer's House
(The door slowly opens and Kristen enters the house, wet and scared)
Kristen: Aunt Martha?
(Kristen looks into the study room)
Kristen: Aunt Claudia?
(Kristen runs up the stairs)
Kristen: hello?
(Kristen runs back down the stairs and into the kitchen. A dark figure is standing there.)
(Kristen Screams and falls down on the floor)
Kristen: Who are you?
(The figure comes out of the shadows. It's the handsome stranger)
Handsome Stranger: I'm Maverick
Kristen: What are doing in my house?!
Maverick: You have to come with me.
(Maverick steps closer and beckons his hand)
Kristen(crawling backwards, scared): No! Don't come any closer!
Maverick: There's not much time
(Kristen gets up from the floor)
Kristen(shaking): What are you talking about?
(The glass on the counter begin to rattle, The painting on the wall begin to rumble)
Maverick: There's far too much to explain
(Kristen looks around the room and sees all the comotion)
Kristen: W-what's going on?
Maverick: You must come with me
(Kristen steps back slowly)
Kristen: No! Get away!
(Kristen runs up the stairs, but suddenly Maverick stands before her out of the blue)
Kristen(suprised): How did you do that?
Maverick: Look, Your aunts sent me to you.
Kristen: How do you know about my aunts?
Maverick: I'll tell you if you come with me.
(He lends out his hand. Kristen, unsure, takes his hand. He holds close to her. A ball of light is surrounded by them)