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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hunk Of The Day: Valentine's Day Crush

I know it's a little late in the game to do a Valentine's Day special but as a special offer to you all, I will display my biggest Valentine's Day crush. And it is the boy wizard himself....

Matthew Lewis. Gotcha! You thought it was Daniel Radcliffe But Matthew is probably one of the most Harry Potter Stars so far. I mean Yowza! He went from cute little nerd to full fledge hunk overnight! And without further ado, I will like to display his manly assets...
Now that is what I call a Hot Nerd

Take a look at those biceps!

I swear it's like seducing me with his eyes
Okay get ready girls and guys, it's time for some shirtless pics! you may need to take a cold shower because it's about to be steamy hot.

Whew! Was that hot or what?! Who would've thought that Neville Longbottom turn into such a hottie! good lord. Okay, I think I need to breathe. So there you have it my Valentine's Day Crush, who is now one of my favorite hunks. I hope you guys enjoyed.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hunk Of The Day: Matt Bomer

Guys, brace yourselves because this one is a good one of for sure. I have been getting this guy on my list for ages and now he's finally made it. With his gorgeous hair, sculpted body, and those piercing beautiful eyes, he has been every gay man's wet dream. I would like to introduce to you, all around sex symbol...

Matt Bomer. Oh let the angels sing!


He certainly has a jawline for days

I swear those eyes do put a spell on me

Black and White is just right. Love the man cleavage

He certainly has biceps for days as well too

Now that's what I call a Lakeside Dream

Wow! The glasses makes him look even sexier!

Definitely love the New Wave vampire look

Okay guys, now here's for the real moneymaker! Brace yourselves, you might have to take a cold shower after this:

Oh yes! he really looks good with a wet t-shirt

Oh how can I forget his role in Magic Mike. Oh wait, there's more!

Well hello sailor!

Those are definitely Abs Of Steel

Now who would kick him out of bed?

Gotta look good for a little swim, shall I say?
Oh yes, tighties whities is a plus!

Morning Glory, yes indeedy
So there you have it! with his classic good looks and perfect ken doll-like features, this hunk is surely a favorite. But don't worry guys, there will be more to come. ;)


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hunk Of The Day: Jonathan Tucker

I had this guy on my mind for the longest time. Ever since I saw those pictures on the ADON Magazine I just died with ecstasy. And since I just reviewed the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, I now present to you our Hunk OF The Day:

Jonathan Tucker

Oh Whadda know, he's a true New Yorker like myself

I just love his sense of style

Rough and Rugged!
Boy howdy, look at those biceps
Okay Guys, get ready for the shirtless pics.....brace yourselves:
He's one sexy hipster!

Check out that boner! Speedos really can stretch huh?

Looks like some fratboy highjinks going in here

All smiles and all abs

Ready for action!

Adonis Unlimited

That would be one hot body mold

I will admit...this is kind of scary but still gorgeous

He would might a really hot horror movie villain
So there you have it, your Hunk Of The Day. Don't you just love it when an adorable child star grow up to be a prime A stud. That could be hint for next time's Hunk Of The Day. So I'll be watching out kiddies, there's always a hot sexy hunk to find......



Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hunk Of The Day: Nick Jonas

Guys, I just had to do this. I mean when I saw this pictures, I was aghast. I sort of had a feeling that this guy would grow up to be a total hottie. Just look at these pictures and feast your eyes on these photos. You just can't help but drool. But before I show you, I would like to do a little summary. So do you remember Nick Jonas, that cute adorable member of the Jonas Brothers? Well now he has become a hunky man and I never been so surprised, So here I present our Hunk Of The Day:

Nick Jonas
Yeah, I guess dating an older woman has changed him. A lot. But enough small talk, I want you guys to feel the moment.

Always Better In Bed

Ab Flash!
Okay guys, it's gonna get hot! So here are the shirtless pics.....and then some:

I'm always saving the best for last. Yowza!
Whew! I hope you guys can handle that because I don't think I can. I totally deserve a cold shower. So that was Nick Jonas, all grown up and ready for the camera.