Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hunk Of The Day: Nick Jonas

Guys, I just had to do this. I mean when I saw this pictures, I was aghast. I sort of had a feeling that this guy would grow up to be a total hottie. Just look at these pictures and feast your eyes on these photos. You just can't help but drool. But before I show you, I would like to do a little summary. So do you remember Nick Jonas, that cute adorable member of the Jonas Brothers? Well now he has become a hunky man and I never been so surprised, So here I present our Hunk Of The Day:

Nick Jonas
Yeah, I guess dating an older woman has changed him. A lot. But enough small talk, I want you guys to feel the moment.

Always Better In Bed

Ab Flash!
Okay guys, it's gonna get hot! So here are the shirtless pics.....and then some:

I'm always saving the best for last. Yowza!
Whew! I hope you guys can handle that because I don't think I can. I totally deserve a cold shower. So that was Nick Jonas, all grown up and ready for the camera. 


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