Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hunk Of The Day: Jonathan Tucker

I had this guy on my mind for the longest time. Ever since I saw those pictures on the ADON Magazine I just died with ecstasy. And since I just reviewed the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, I now present to you our Hunk OF The Day:

Jonathan Tucker

Oh Whadda know, he's a true New Yorker like myself

I just love his sense of style

Rough and Rugged!
Boy howdy, look at those biceps
Okay Guys, get ready for the shirtless pics.....brace yourselves:
He's one sexy hipster!

Check out that boner! Speedos really can stretch huh?

Looks like some fratboy highjinks going in here

All smiles and all abs

Ready for action!

Adonis Unlimited

That would be one hot body mold

I will admit...this is kind of scary but still gorgeous

He would might a really hot horror movie villain
So there you have it, your Hunk Of The Day. Don't you just love it when an adorable child star grow up to be a prime A stud. That could be hint for next time's Hunk Of The Day. So I'll be watching out kiddies, there's always a hot sexy hunk to find......



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