Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hunk Of The Day: Matt Bomer

Guys, brace yourselves because this one is a good one of for sure. I have been getting this guy on my list for ages and now he's finally made it. With his gorgeous hair, sculpted body, and those piercing beautiful eyes, he has been every gay man's wet dream. I would like to introduce to you, all around sex symbol...

Matt Bomer. Oh let the angels sing!


He certainly has a jawline for days

I swear those eyes do put a spell on me

Black and White is just right. Love the man cleavage

He certainly has biceps for days as well too

Now that's what I call a Lakeside Dream

Wow! The glasses makes him look even sexier!

Definitely love the New Wave vampire look

Okay guys, now here's for the real moneymaker! Brace yourselves, you might have to take a cold shower after this:

Oh yes! he really looks good with a wet t-shirt

Oh how can I forget his role in Magic Mike. Oh wait, there's more!

Well hello sailor!

Those are definitely Abs Of Steel

Now who would kick him out of bed?

Gotta look good for a little swim, shall I say?
Oh yes, tighties whities is a plus!

Morning Glory, yes indeedy
So there you have it! with his classic good looks and perfect ken doll-like features, this hunk is surely a favorite. But don't worry guys, there will be more to come. ;)


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