Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Movie Review: The Hills Have Eyes 2

Now it has come to this. Hell, if you thought the 80's sequel to the original was bad, get a load of this. But to my eager surprise, Wes Craven and his son Jonathan wrote the story. Although the actual movie that we do see, I can tell most of his writing isn't it . Can I say studio interference? Okay, here's a little backstory: the original idea was to have a more mature and wiser Brenda to be back to where she never wanted to be. Now an army cadet with other comrades by her side, she must face off the mutants yet again. A little far-fetched though I'll accept it. But oh no! The actress Emilie De Ravin couldn't make it to the project because of scheduling conflicts, so there had to be some major changes to the script. So we end with bland new characters, a somewhat silly plot, and a boring, predictable mess of a movie.
The Story: Army Cadets are being attacked by cannibalistic mutants. Badda Bing Badda Boom.

The cast isn't really nothing to dawn over. So therefore I am only going to focus on the three main characters, since the rest of them are your typical standard army badass wannabes. So let's go through this quickly shall we?

Let's see, what's there to say about Amber? Hmm. She's strong, capable, stoic, blah, blah, blah. I really don't have much to say.

She's supposed to be a substitute for Brenda in the original script in this role and it's actually coincidental that they cast a similar looking actress. I guess Jessica Stoup was okay, she's just not that great of an actress, not at least to carry a whole film exactly.

Oh my gosh, Napoleon is probably the most annoying character and guess what? He's the male lead. Ugh. Doug from the first movie seems tolerable next to this guy. Speaking of which he actually a carbon copy of Doug. Eventually he does grow some balls but what do you expect? That's how predictable this movie is.

How should I describe Missy? She's a mom. That's pretty much all I've got. She's this badass army mom.

Speaking of which, you see how in movies where they set up this badass female character only for her to be the damsel in distress throughout half the movie? That's Missy in a nutshell. We also have unnecessary scenes of her getting repeatedly raped by the mutants. I don't know if that's for shock value or what.

Anywho, Missy is able to kick ass but only in the last minute. How typical?

Any suspense or tension I find in this seemed to be lacking since the army cadets could've easily use their machine guns against the mutants. But people in horror films do dumb things. It's justified because we would be having a much shorter movie than it already is.
Sorry guys, I can't find anything particularly memorable or remarkable about this movie and I just can't say anything more about it.
The Verdict? Neither this or the 1985 sequel. Just to be sure this came out the year after the remake. Just think about that guys. What purpose was to that? the filmmakers couldn't wait two years? You can tell everything was just so rushed and unprepared. The story is muddled, the characters are wasted, the performances was so-so, and the some of the scenes are used for unnecessary filler. It's a run-of-the-mill horror film that was only made to cash in at the box office. Guess what? it didn't. And therefore, we won't be seeing any sequels anytime soon.
My Last Word: Skip this entirely.


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