Friday, July 22, 2011

Movie Review: Hostel Part 2

I really have nothing against this movie, although it's themes are somewhat misogynistic and it does feel like a rehash of the first movie but with a little more story to it this time. This was right around the time where torture porn was losing it's way and people really didn't give a shit anymore. With all the countless Saw films and the poor reception of  the movie Captivity, the genre was already dead in it's tracks. So Eli Roth gave one more try with this sequel.
Now on with the story: It's about three girls who decide to take a break from art school studies in Paruge. They meet up with a beautiful model who persuade them to go to a hostel in svehlova for some R+R, little do they know, they are set up to be torture dolls for two business men who won a bet on them. Can they escape before it's too late?
The story is much more better than the original. Sue me for saying that but it is. We get deep into the story, learning about the evil corparation and their motives in which the first film got more into the mystery of it.
The acting has more stronger performances and more sympatheic characters. Lauren German as Beth....Two words: BADASS! I was completely surprised by her performance. She is the sole reason this movie was decent. For now, she is one of my top final girls. Heather Marazzo as Lorna, just broke my heart when she died horribly. It's just so heart-wrenching to see a sweet girl like Lorna died the way she did. Just like Eli Roth did with adorable Josh, he did the same to poor Lorna. Plus, I don't see why Heather Marazzo gets typecasted as the geek. She's a beautiful girl and should get more spicer roles. Bijou Phillips as Whitney on the other hand, is a firecracker. Yeah, Whitney can be a little bitchy and little flightly, but that makes her all the more loveable. I cringed too when she got tortured. Not really tortured but she did got half of her brain cut off. Which is pretty much the most grossiest, goreist, bloodiest thing i seen from the film. How she died was even more frightening, just by not showing how she died, made it more scarier. What's even more scarier was Roger Bart. Yeah, Richard Burgi always was cast in these asshole roles but that's what he's good at. the twist is, his character is just an asshole, not a killer. Let's get down to the real kick here. Roger Bart as Stuart was a truly believeable performance. We really get deep into his pysche and see why the way he is. Of course, he starts out as a nice guy but ultimately we see his true colors at the end. Which is pretty damn scary.
The film is much more bloodier and goreier than the first, mixed in with the intense suspenseful scenes, it kind of keeps your heart pumping. What's really different about this is that the main characters are decent this time and much more....level-headed than the male leads in the first hostel. I just can't help but care and sympathize more with the female leads because you know what....GIRLS FUCKING RULE! you can ask Beth for that. She got more balls than puny old Paxton ever had!
Although the torture porn genre died along with this movie, it's pretty decent if you look at a different way but just like I said with the first one it could settle down for just an ok.
My Last word: Watch this movie for Beth and Beth only. The girl totally knows how to work a garden shear.

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