Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Movie Review: Urban Legend

This was actually an interesting take on the "scream craze" that generated during the late 90's. After the success of I Know What You Did Last Summer, There have been many tired copycats along the way, with the exception of this one, though. Urban Legend is not just your regular by-the-book slasher. You may think yeah it's just another teen horror film but with a intelligent idea of having the murders be based on Urban Legends. I mean that is the name of the title right?
So Here's the story: Natalie Simon is shaken by her former high school friend Michelle's sudden death, who was found decapitated inside of her SUV, according to news reports. Most of her college friend's lastest topics are about frequent urban legends in which they study in their history major. All the while Paul Gardner, the school's journalist is investigating the Stanely Hall massacre that happened 25 years ago. Not long before the death of Michelle, a series of mysterious murders begin to haunt Natalie all around her. But there not just any killings, These murders happen to be based on urban legends. So Natalie and Paul tries to figure out who's behind the murders before being written down on his(or hers) death list.
The acting is superb. Alicia Witt is a very smart and capable actress, which is a divine character trait. She is clearly the strongest actress in the movie. Jared Leto as Paul was good as always. Not only is he a great actor, he has the most dreamiest blue eyes, you couldn't help but root for him at the end. What really surprised me is Rebecca Grayhart. She has got to be one of the most charamastic pyschotic killers since Freddy Kruger(By the way, Robert Englund does have a cameo in the film). Not only that, but she has the most intense crazy eyes and has such raw emotion that her performance is almost believable. You could say it's a little over-the-top crazy but at least it's entertaining to watch. As for the rest of the cast, I really didn't care for Tara Reid. But she does seem comfortable being cast as the disposable blond bimbo.  Micheal Rosenbaum did okay playing the party animal jerk, it's just that his character was kind of wasted just like Tara Reid's.
The suspense scenes is pretty cringe-worthy, especially placed with the atmosphere of the movie with the creppy vibe in tow.
I know I should gave a more lengthy description of the plot but I'm kind of discreet about writing them just becuase it's has a lot of story in it. That gives bonus points for making it into a inventive slasher. The sole reason of me watching slasher films(or certain slasher films) is that it gots to have a story to follow with. Although the movie is sort of tame on the killings, it has a great story to keep the action going and the who-done-it mystery in focus.
My last word: It's an interesting take on the slasher genre with great performances from the leads. I'm not saying it's a classic but it's an entertaining film otherwise.

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