Monday, July 4, 2011

Hunk Of the day: Ryan Kwaten

Hello my little readers, I am presenting you yet another addition to our Hunk Of The Day Special: The Four Ryans. This fine peice of speciman is from the down under and you might know him from a particular show that involve vampires. This handsome australian is........

Ryan Kwaten. Boy, Does he make one sexy angel! Oh and check out his boner. Classic pic. Oh and not to mention his ass in those True Blood episodes.

That body is amazing! You know he actually reminded me of a guy I was once comment. Wait there more artisic photos of this irresistable hunk.

Gorgeous, just gorgeous but just wait and see this. You might have a hormonal combustion....

You're just begging for that towel to be dropped.

You gotta love that ass!

There's only one thing to say...Australian men are so hot, they make my legs quiver. ESPECIALLY this one!

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