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Friday, April 3, 2015

The Thing With Remakes

I meant to make this a short overview but somehow this turned out to be a rant/discussion instead. There have been a slew of remakes lately and it's gotten kind of out of control almost like it's a marketing ploy. It 's been a hit or miss in some movies, however it's been mostly a miss. Statistics show that Hollywood since the coming decade has literally run out of original ideas. This isn't always the case all the time but, trust me you guys, compare to the horror movies or movies in general back in the 70's, 80's, and 90's and the movies of modern times. Without a doubt, there is just no original ideas that pop out anymore. No movies that pop out or stand the test of time. I know I'm being a little overdramatic, however, it's only my opinion. There are some movies that heighten our expectations  though you get your occasional remake, reboot, re-imagining, re-do, redux, it never ends. This have been trending since the 90's and I am a firm lover of the 90's though that's not really the issue. People will eventually keep making remakes whether it's necessary or not(like the recent re-do of Poltergeist I might add). The problem is the people behind the movies don't put any sort of thought or passion into the project or any respect for the original. I feel like if the filmmakers doesn't know what they're doing, what's the point of remaking the film at all. If somebody took the time to re-evaluate what was missing from the original and put on a new perspective on the new material, I'll probably give a lot of respect towards that filmmaker. I want to keep this short and simple because I know I have a lot of remakes to review though since there are so many I can only review a quarter amount that I have which is about 18 or so and that's a lot. And maybe in the future, I can make a vol.2 to this.
So that's pretty much all my venting into this whole remake phenomenon. And I'll be sure to hope to go on with the reviews as much as I can, this isn't an easy task. So wish me luck!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Misunderstood Women: Miley Cyrus and The Rise and Fall Of The Teen Idol

I haven't been doing this for a while, so this is a two-way topic with the budding stardom of Miley Cyrus and the analyzing of former teen stars.

By the past year, people have been ranting and raving about how wild Miley Cyrus has become. But has anyone seen her make an idiot of herself? Did anyone seen her dancing on tables or flashing her crotch area in public places? No.

It's all because she was twerking on a guy's clothed penis at the VMAs. Everybody acted like that was the most shocking thing in the world, but just to remind people, that was a Performance. And it was probably rehearsed and everything. By the way, a lot of unexpected things happened at the VMAs, so certain people need to get used to that. Not long before this, Miley Cyrus have been trying to break away from the whole Hanna Montana thing and branch out a new image for herself.

Like many examples before her, like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera, these young stars had to take risks, even if it meant putting on an outrageous performance at the VMAs. People need to give into the fact that sex sells in this industry. But not all pop stars have to be overtly sexual and provocative.

Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift still maintain their girl-next-door image but even they are able to take risks by being a little edgy. Considering Taylor Swift likes to write about her ex-boyfriends, it would be cool if she wrote about cutting a guy's dick off and feeding it to the dogs, because her songs might come pretty close to that in the future.
It's not just in music that Former Teen Stars take big risks, there are also actresses who are willing to do more scandalous roles to be taken seriously. And in this day in age, Child stars and teen stars are gonna grow up and if they don't do something to wow it's new adult audience, they're going to fade out. It's about taking risk and it's not about being the next sexpot or anything. Doing these kinds of edgy roles whether if it involves nudity, albeit artistically not sleazy I must add, or brassy like playing an ax murderer or drug addict.

I mean Anne Hathaway did such heavy adult roles such as Havoc, Brokeback Mountain, and Love And Other Drugs, and now she's an Oscar winner.

There are actually two Disney stars that are branching out in a new way, which are Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens.

As they both star in the overtly raunchy, highly violent Spring Breakers. Yes, it's surprising to see Selena Gomez in a movie like this but I think it is opening doors to more mature roles. Although, she had a misstep with Getaway, I'm sure she'll get much notable roles in the future. But the real showstopper is Vanessa Hudgens. She is now getting into more gritter roles and even getting rave reviews in films like The Frozen Ground and The aforementioned Spring Breakers. She is so committed, in fact, that she is willing to chop off her hair and wear grungy clothes in the movie Gimmie Shelter. I surely think that Vanessa Hudgens is going places and is more than just a pretty face.
So let's talk about boy bands and pretty boys. The boy band fad isn't really relevant like it use to be.

The recent breakup of such bands as The Jonas Brothers and The Wanted, It shows that the world just doesn't care about this trend anymore.

And in a few years, One Direction might be on the same boat. Yeah, they might do something edgy or brassy to appeal to their older fanbase, like New Kids On The Block did in the mid-nineties, but by the end of the day, they're just not going to hit the mark. Furthermore, they're just so.....boring. What made the boy bands so popular back in the day, is because they had different personalities, different styles, different quirks. But One Direction is just not appealing enough to climb bigger mountains. Yes, they are really cute, attractive boys, but they're just so bland and interchangeable. They have the same hair, they have the same clothes, they even sing the same songs. By the next year or so, their little fangirls just won't care anymore.
Though the real hot topic of this is......

Justin Bieber

Now I really didn't have a problem with Justin Bieber at first. He was just a harmless teen idol popstar, even though, his music isn't really all that good. I mean he really didn't deserved to be mega popular in my opinion. But up until now, he has become incredibly unlikeable and annoying. Before I talk about the arrest everyone's raving about, let me explain the close calls Mr. Bieber had prior to the DUI. First, he peed in a janitor's bucket. That's strike one and it's surprising he didn't get arrested for public urination. Also, Neighbors complained about his wild antics, including his feud with fellow neighbor Keyshawn Johnston. That's strike two. Then, there was a time where he did illegal graffiti and causing a ruckus in Brazil. That's strike three. AND then there was the recent drug bust at his house, though he didn't get arrested, the cops has confiscated his personal items that are still possibly under investigation. And according to some rumors, his cellphone might have nude photos of underage girls. That's the final strike.

Now it has come to this, and there is no given fact that Justin Bieber is turning into examples such as Leif Garret, Aaron Carter, and unfortunately, Corey Haim. And I just can't help but to compare him to Chris Brown, I mean, hell, they even did a collaboration once. And then there a few additional examples with Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes, two actresses I used to like but at least they're trying to get their act together. If Justin Bieber continues on this path of destruction, there is no point of no return...And I quite frankly don't care.

As much as Justin Bieber annoys me these days, judging from the details of the arrest, I see the bigger picture.

According to news reports, Jeremy Bieber (that's Justin Bieber's father) blocked all the roadways, just so his son could drag race, EVEN THOUGH, he is under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs. Then he later rants about how "unfair" the media is portraying Justin. Now I see who's the real idiot in this situation. Parents of child stars has got to know the limits of their son or daughter unexpected stardoms and the hardships of Hollywood. If the child star is suddenly growing up to be this badass with legal problems and reckless behavior, then it's only going to ruin their careers.

This is the wrong way of taking risks and I doubt if Justin Bieber will have any success again after Pretty boys like Austin Manhone and Ross Lynch are now taking the shot at the spotlight.
Oh well, It is what it is and it's a classic story of when you lose your reputation and that cute harmless image, Hollywood can chew you up and spit you out.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Why Are These People Famous?

Today in the world of Televison I see a lot of Reality Shows. Some are decent, some are just plain ridiculous. Case in point, most of these shows come from MTV and E! Network.

Don't get me wrong, these are the networks I mostly watch but they are pretty much known for putting idiotic people on t.v. for no reason. This is where we go way back........

It all started with The Real World, showcasing REAL people in their everday lives while living in the same house together. Fast Foward to 19 years later and you have these same people partying, drinking, having sex, and punching the livng daylights out each other. And it gets repetive every season. I mean who wants to see that everyday?
MTV isn't as smart as it was in their historic times. Now it's plauged with these ridiculous shows such as The Hills, Jersey Shore or any other program invovling washed-up celebirties or young dumb person, showing off and partying.
During this hayday, there was a memorable little gem called The Simple Life....

Let's just say were glad that show is over and done with.

Mrs. Paris Hilton was already famous for starring in infamous sex tape, which unfortunely boost ratings, gaining her more attention for nothing other than being skanky, dumb, and rich.

Her Partner In Crime, Nicole Richie, has matured, being a wife and mother and mostly being low-key.

While Paris is still doing her thing in the low-rent reality market.

The Simple Life has pretty much rub off on other networks such as MTV. To market in a more realistic verson of the OC. The Result:

Laguna Beach. A bunch of Vapid, Dim rich kids who shop, party, and says like in every sentence. Maybe it's best if we leave these types of shows in fictionland cause it won't work in reality.

Which eventually gives us the spin-off The Hills, following our Level-headed heroine Lauren Conrad to Los Angeles. It's nothing new other than the characters are much vapid and dumber than before. Which comes to question: Is it real or is it fake? You decide.
Now it's reality shows here and there. If you're a washed up celebrity looking for a comeback, here's you a reality show. If you're a young rich heiress, here's you a reality show. If you're from New Jeresy, here's you a reality show. It's just so got damn ridiculous.
Much with the case with Alexis Neiers.....

Why did she have a reality show? was it because she was pretty? I mean the bitch commited a crime for christsakes! And yet these people think it's plausable to let this criminal have a reality show. You who those people are? Fucking E! Network.
You know what else bugs me, Teen mom and 16 + Pregnant.....

It just sends girls the wrong message when you find out these "stars" get paid to be on T.V. and their ongoing personal drama is a good boost for ratings. So what? it's ok to get pregnant at 16 because it might get you a TV gig? Yeah, that's what these young girls are thinking and it's sad.

Oh and if your're an idoit from New Jeresy and love to party and get tans, come down to the Jersey Shore to your dumbass on camera.

The True Stars of the Jersey Shore has got to be Snooki and The Situation. They are a match made in heaven, doing anything to get attention by showing off their asses or abs on T.V.
Gosh, if anybody can get a reality show, maybe me and Ivy can but we wouldn't go around acting like total idiots and like we have turd smudged all over our faces unless the producers asked us to. You know how those reality show producers are.
Oh well, Anybody can be famous unless they put their minds into it. There's no publicity like bad publicity. But if you want to be on TV, please do it for the right reasons....