Sunday, June 12, 2011

80's horror movie reviews: Cutting Class

Do you see that gorgeous poster of Brad Pitt? And do you know he was in forgettable slasher movie called Cutting Class? Well here it is and I will give my review of this film in my humble opinion.
So the story is about Brain Woods, a troubled teen who just got released from mental hospital. When he first arrives at school, he meets and istantly has a crush on beautiful, popular Paula Carson but he dosen't realize that she already has a boyfriend in Dwight Ingalls. So here is the start of a love triangle, which also starts along with the killings. Dwight and Brain are the two main suspects in this and Paula is forced to believe which guy she'll trust. So there you have it, nothing really much on the plot actually. The three main characters aren't really that interesting. This movie does have a lot going for them, but ultimately wavers. As for the rest of the characters they are not at all likeable or important even. The dialouge at times can be a little mushy and have some scenes that are irrevelent to the film. As for the acting, Brad Pitt was ok as the heroic but superficial jock. This was he's first movie after all, so you at least got to give some props along with his smoldering good looks. Jill Schoelen was elioquent as always being the underrated actress that she is. She might be in the ranks with Jamie Lee Curtis as the top ten scream queens. Donovan Leitch was a little shaky. He was ok playing the sweet, sensitive type but when it came to playing a psycho killer, it just fell down from there. I wasn't convinced. But at least you can look at those steely blue eyes of his, that would plus. The story is like any teen drama set-up only spiced a little slasher on the side, which makes it ok to have a little character development along with the story to speed up the story. But that still dosen't make a good slasher movie. It's a very muddled when it comes down to it. Sometimes this tries to be a horror-comedy which is kind of ridiculous. The comedy is really not needed at times.
First I watched this on the internet, then I watched it a couple of times on the movie channels but that dosen't mean that this is my favorite movie. Because seriously there was nothing else to watch.
So my last word is: you can watch it if you want to, just don't expect anything redeemable.

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