Monday, June 13, 2011

80's horror film reviews: Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan

Oh Boy. Well to be truthful, this wasn't as bad as I expected. Sure, the concept was all wrong. Half of the movie takes place on a boat for christsakes. It really dosen't live up the hype of Jason invading Manhattan until the middle and end of the movie.
So the real juice of the story begins with our final girl, Rennie who is going on a boat trip with her fellow classmates and her asshole uncle, only that Rennie has a secret phobia she's hiding. It's soon revealed she has a phobia of water and sees visions of you-know-who. So to get the story going, our last main survivors is Rennie, Rennie's love interest Sean, tough guy julian, kind-hearted teacher Ms. Van Deusen, and Rennie's asshole uncle, arriving in New York on a rowboat. So we soon find out that Rennie's uncle was the cause of her phobia when it is shown that he thrown her in the water when she was child, having nightmares about Jason ever since. But don't worry Jason taught him lesson. So Rennie and Sean are the only survivors in New York trying to outrun Jason in the city streets....I'll stop right there. The ending is too weird for me to write about.
The characters along with the acting was only ok. I thought Jessen Dagget was good because in my opinion, Rennie was such a complex character, having a connection to Jason. Which gives us a reason to make her our final girl. The male lead, Scott Reeves was good too. Here is yet another heroic boyfriend that takes things seriously like they should in these movies, especially if there's a killer on boat.
Speaking of boat, why the fuck is this movie set up on a boat? Who's stupid idea was this? I mean, the title says Jason takes MANHATTAN, not Friday The 13th: Boat Fright(stupid title I know). Why couldn't they just take a plane and then Jason's boat might appear on the New York peir or something. I mean that's just my suggestion. It wasn't necessary for the movie to spend half an hour on boat, knowing what's the title about. How stupid these execs can be.
Overall, it was at least watchable. But let me tell you something, if you think this is bad just wait until you watch Jason goes to hell. Now I would call that an abomination. So don't be sour about this one. At least it takes things in another direction.
My last word is: Just go with it. It won't hurt to watch it.

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