Saturday, June 11, 2011

80's horror film reviews: Friday the 13th: The New Blood

This is, hands down, the best friday the 13th movie ever! You may think it's a little cheesy but you can look past that. I'm mean hey it was the 80's. And this was a slasher movie of the 80's.
So the story begins with Tina, a sullen teenager who goes to a camp retreat(you know what) with her mother while still having conflicting memories about her deceased father. On that faithful night when Tina was a little girl, she witnessed her parents fighting resulting her father of hitting her mother. Upset by the outburst, Tina runs out to the boat while her father pleads for forgiveness. Then something strange happens. As young Tina gets angrier, the poles underneath the pier her father is standing at, begins to move. When the poles finally break, Tina's father drown deep into the water. Now all grown up with that guilt still clinging to her, it's not too early to reveal that Tina have telekinetic powers. Tina and her mother on their way to meet the slimy Dr. Cruise, who only wants Tina to showcase her telekinetic powers for his own benefit. Meanwhile, a couple of dumb teens are there: You have the hunky, sensitive Nick, who turns out to be our hero, Melissa, the rich bitch, The cute nerd Eddie, there's also the smart but funny Maddie, and what ever teen slasher stereotypical characters that you see. So one night while sitting on the pier of that fatal memory, Tina uses her powers to resurrected her father. But something dosen't seem right. Tina brings back something else....something else bad......You know who it is folks. And off Jason goes to kill a whole batch of teens, including that asshole Dr. Cruise.
What makes it so great is the story with a great pace to go with it. The action of it all just keeps the movie going. The character of Tina is quite captivating, I mean having a final girl with telekinesis with emotinal baggage on the side is pretty daring. The actress Lars Park Lincoln did a strong performance. She captures the vunerability and intensity of the Tina character. Kevin Blair was also pretty great in his role. He's really good at playing the knight in shining armor and possibly one of the only sympatheic male leads in these movies. Not to mention how very enticing he is. There is nothing sexier than man going head to head with Jason Vorhees.
The scenes with Jason and my favorite final girl is classic. Tina even more badass than the final in the fourth movie because of course she has kick-ass pyschic powers that could take down a whole building. The final battle was indeed well done.
My last word is: A slasher classic with a good story and competent leading stars.

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