Tuesday, June 7, 2011

80's horror film reviews: Prom Night

I would have to say that this is a pretty memorable film. Memorable to the point that it gets remade some years later. This isn't really a classic in my eyes but safe to say I did watch this when i was 11 years when it came on SCIFI and USA for some consectutive times. This was the time where I used to be really into slashers and I can watch any old thing with the same formula. The reddeming factor of this movie is and will only be Jamie Lee Curtis, as this was the hayday of your career staring in another slasher film, Terror Train the same year. Okay let's get to the point.
The story starts out as your regular revenge flick: When a little girl falls out of the window in a fatal accident, her brother decides to get vengance on the kids responsible years later by picking them off one by one during their special time of the year.....prom night of course. All the while his other sister hopes to win prom queen.
I know that was short and I know I spoiled it a bit too earlier for you. But I know most of you seen this movie a thousand times already so it's no big deal to me.
So the story.....the story I've heard so many times. In so many slasher films. Yes, I did watch this movie and I was pretty into it. Wendy's death scene was definitely suspenseful, even though it took forever for this killer to get to her. The problem was it had something of a slow pace to it. Yeah, it had a bit of teen drama here and there but it really wasn't getting to the point at times. My MAJOR problem was.....I didn't see shit! Well, the first few times I watched it. It had such poor quality, I didn't know what the hell was going on. Thankfully, I saw a much restored version of this where I could clear out things perfectly. Besides that let's get to the acting.
The acting is....meh. But what do you expect from this movies. Especially from the 80's. Although, Jamie Lee Curtis didn't do much but dance her ass off, She still had that radiance about her that makes her a prominent actress. There's not much to say about the rest of the actor other than the male leads are hot(yes, I think the killer is cute).
Well, the kills....I think the kills are ok. Like I said, I didn't see what the hell was going on. So not much to say here.
There's one thing i like to point out though, what's the deal with Jamie Lee Curits have brothers as killers. Of course this was before Halloween 2, but it's pretty obvious.
So there you have it. There wasn't really much to say about this. It's just average. Yeah, you might enjoy it. But it's not like you're gonna watch it again and again and again. Maybe if you catch on cable, now that would be a good treat.
Last word: It's okay it's average. That is all.

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