Tuesday, June 7, 2011

80's horror film reviews: Terror Train

Another Jamie Lee Curtis gem. I just recently watched this some months ago and I have to say it's pretty above average than most slasher movies that year. Mainly because it has great suspense scenes and it has a distinct story even though it's been done to death. So let's get to the story shall we.
The story is about a group of medical students decides to throw a prank on poor, socially-inept Kenny. So they tag along Alana(Jamie Lee Curtis) into their sadistic prank. She thinks it totally harmless but not until Kenny end up kissing a corspe and goes completely bonkers which Alana has some overwhelming guilt about years later except the others seem to have forgotten about that nasty prank. But Kenny haven't forgotten about them though. and he'll sure make them rememeber. So there you have it a simple slasher story set-up.
The acting I would say was fairly decent. Jamie Lee, once again, shows her shine as the exquisite final girl. Hart Boncher was also good playing the asshole Doc(unfortunate name). And I will have to say he is one smoking hunk and he still looks gorgeous til this day. The rest of the actors were....ok. It always seem that Jamie Lee Curtis steal their shine in these movies but oh well at least David Copperfield is in this movie.
The suspense scenes were generally good. In some of these movies(especially the 80's ones), the suspense scenes get tired and boring but this really has a good pace to it. The kills were ok. I wasn't expecting a bloodfest but at least it was creative in a way.
It's sort of above-average than most of the movies from this decade but it has a good pace, it has decent acting, and it has a creepy killer. I still can't get over the fact that these people supposed to be medical students even though they can't take shit seriously. How will they ever have a furture in medicene if they act like total idiots. Just my opinion. So there you have it. One of the more better slasher movies of the 80's.
My last word: Give it a watch or two.

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