Friday, June 10, 2011

80's horror film reviews: Friday the 13th: Jason Lives

This is actually the most enjoyable movie of the series. The main fact is dosen't take itself seriously because...let's face it, it's a slasher film. So they bring up a notch and add more action, more body count and a little spice of horror references on the side. And you know I'm a huge friday the 13th fan.
So the story begins with Tommy(the yummy Thom Matthews) trying to put his demons to rest once and for all by going over to Jason's grave to burn him into dust. So along with the help of his friend, he tries to get the deed done, not until lighting strikes down on his bad luck(literally) and into Jason's corpse, reviving him, resulting him to rip Tommy's accomplice's heart when he wakes up.(gosh, Jason, what a way to say good morning). Tommy in a state of panic tries to warn the sheriff and his daughter that jason is out for blood just as he heads to a camp that was once called crystal lake.
The acting is actually good. Thom Matthews really gives a redeeming performance as Tommy, not to mention he's very easy on the eyes, Cute to boot. As for the final girl, she's something of a dim-wit. But of course that's supposed to be the film's gag since most of the final girls in these movies are smart and resourceful. Megan, not so much. Up until the end that is. As for the rest of the actors and characters, they're ok. There's not much to tell about them actually.
I'm so glad this movie dosen't use any nakedness as you might expect. Cause if all the friday movies used any of that, it would be down the road to exploitation. Just my opinon. But for one thing, they're not so easy on the kills let me tell you that. It is much more gorier and graphic than some of the earlier films in the series. Even though it's just another violent, bloody friday the 13th film, it's actually have a much lighter tone to it with a few touches of dark comedy in the mix. But what's smart about it is that they don't make it all over-the-top comedy just more subtle. The action in this is more jet-packed and pretty much more fun to watch with a more delicate pace. Definally a fun slasher treat.
So my last word is: A fun entertaining ride.

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