Monday, May 23, 2011

Mystical Tides Part 2

(Close-up on Kristen's eyes opening awake)
(Kristen sits up on the bed)
*The Magic Relam
(Landscape of a stone castle that is surrounded by darkness)
*The Castle-The Guest room
Kristen: Where am I?
(Aunt Martha enters the room with a tray of tea)
Kristen: Aunt Martha? What's- What are doing here?
Martha: Honey....this may be a little hard to explain.
(Aunt Claudia walks into the room and sits besides Kristen while Aunt Martha sits on the other side)
Martha: You were sent here for a reason, sweety.....
Kristen: Just tell me
Martha: You are one of the three most powerful sorcessess of the magic won't know it yet....but your powers will get stronger as you hit a stage in your life.
Kristen: I can't believe what I'm hearing.
Claudia: And....Kristen....There is something you need to know about your parents.
Kristen(trembling): About what?
Claudia(tears, welling up): How they....really died.
Martha: Your parents were'nt killed in a car accident.....they were murdered.
(Tears begin rolling down Kristen's cheeks, shocked at the news)
Martha: All we know that they were killed by a warlock from the dark side
Kristen: Why did you lie to me?
Martha(softly): We did it to protect you....
Kristen: All those dreams that I had.....Those terrible dreams. (softly) And they were all true.
(Kristen gets out of the bed and head for the door)
Claudia: Kristen Wait!
Kristen: No! I don't want to talk to you!
(Kristen runs out)
*The Castle-Master Bedroom
(Kristen is sitting at the balcony, thinking hard. She looks out in the darken sky. But she senses somebody behind her. She turns's Maverick)
Kristen: I really need to be alone right now
Maverick: I know hearing about the death of your parents is hard
Kristen(Snaps): What makes you think you know anything about my parents
Maverick: I know how you feel.....I never knew my parents
(Kristen turns around and looks into Maverick's eyes sympatheically)
Kristen: I'm....I'm Sorry
Maverick: It's Ok....I guess the world dosen't work as other people expected to be. That's why we have a war in our hands. And it's up to you to stop it.
Kristen: Why me?
Maverick: It's not just you. There are others as well. But you're the one who can pull them together.
Kristen: All this time I never thought I was normal
Maverick: Come on. I have to show you something.
(Kristen hesitantly takes his hand)
*The Castle-The Grand Palace......
(Kristen is amazed of how beautifully decorated the grand palace is. She soon sees a group of people, two of whom she recognizes. The princess....Now QUEEN SAROSIA sits at her throne. The people that Kristen soon recognizes are Maddie and Alex.)
Kristen: Maddie? Alex?
Queen Sarosia: I guess you know them already.
(Kristen looks at her directon. She is a pale woman but looks as if she's in her early to mid-twenties. She has purple kind eyes and long white hair. She is grinning, happy to see Kristen)
Queen Sarosia: Welcome
Kristen: Who are you?
Queen Sarosia: I'm Queen Sarosia. Empiress of the magic relam. I've sent you here to go on a mission.
Kristen: Now? We just arrived here. We don't even know of this place even exists.
Queen Sarosia: First, There will be a tour guided by Maverick. And there will also be a little training.
Alex(brash): Are you nuts? We barely know you people
Queen Sarosia: Oh but we know you, Alex.
(Queen Sarosia stands up)
Queen Sarosia: I'll explain each and every detail of how you all were sent here.
*Dark ages....
*The Magic Relam-The Castle
(The magic relam in ruins, taken over by the dark side)
Queen Sarosia Narration:
During the dark ages, the magic relam was taken over by Lord Sultan, There was a lot happening during that century, which started the artificial decline of this kingdom. And....The disapearance of my parents.
(Lord Kram and his wife, Castlina, Sitting on the King and Queen's throne)
War was declared but we failed, living under Sultan and his wife overshadowing the kingdom.
(a 12 year old Sarosia, studying in her desk)
Throughout the renascence, I lived a normal life studying for the gifted arts and was raised by marazza, our kingdom's fourtune teller.
(An all grown up Sarosia breaks into the kingdom, facing off with Sultan and Castlina)
By the time I grew into a woman. I had a choice to make....return to the magic relam and protect my kingdom. Soon, our war was beginning.
(Light soilders and Dark soilder are fighting. lashing into each other)
The battle almost lasted a lifetime until one of our strongest, bravest soilders was able to steal the amulet Lord Sultan would use to make his powers stronger. Soon the magic relam went back to normal, only seprarting the dark side from our kingdom.
(A handsome, brown-haired, blue-eyed man is standing proud amongst the soilders who are cherring in victory)
That soilder was your father, Kristen....
After the war ended, Emanuel Castel went on to live a normal life. he had a beautiful wife named Annabelle and then he had you.
(Emanuel with his blond, beautiful wife and little Kristen, huddled up to take a family photo)
He still kept the amulet in his home until something tragic happened........
On that fateful night, Sultan and Castlina invaded Emanuel's home. And then.......
(Sultan and Castlina slaughters Emanuel and Annabelle in front of young Kristen. It is only shown in the shadows.)
Scene: The Kingdom's Council
Kristen: I know what you have a picutre of my parents?
(Queen Sarosia lifts up her hand and unveils a pictures and gives it to Kristen)
(A close-up on Kristen face as tears fall down)
(There's a picture of Kristen and her parents, smiling happily)
Kristen: I think she's telling the truth
Alex: This is ridiculous, I don't believe any of this hocus pocus crap.
Kristen: If she's saying what she knows, we must accept our fate. Was there anything out of this world happened to you?
Alex: What happened at that cafe was impossible
Maddie: Anything's impossible
Alex: Oh and that's coming from an honor student
Maddie: Well at least I don't waste time sucking on cancer sticks and lying on my own puke!
Alex(pissed): you don't know anything about me!
Kristen: You say things aren't impossible but why are your hands on fire?
(Alex looks at her flamming hands, shocked)
Scene: The Chamber's Way
(Maverick is leading the girls through a long hallway in the dark distance)
Alex: What the hell is wrong with us?!
Maverick: Nothing. You were born with this. It's in your blood.
Kristen: It's going to take some time to adjust to this but just one question. Are we able to live normal lifes with a lot of this in our hands?
Maverick: Only if you try your best to keep this secret. All hell will break loose with both the mortal world and the magic relam. Trust me, this will be a tough road to follow.
(Maverick opens a door way, revealing a dark room from the distance. A cloud of smoke inglufs. Emerged from the shadows, comes a beautiful, pale dark-haired girl, who is dressed in leather catsuit)
Maverick: Girls. This is Jade....
Jade(snide): So you must be the almighty witches of the magic relam.
Maverick: Jade is a training warrior for the upcoming battle. She might show you a few tricks or two.
Jade(snaps): I can speak for myself, Rick!
(Jade walks up to the girls, eyeing them each)
Jade: You ladies don't look bad at all. But I can easily tell that and everyone of you is half-breed.
Alex(pissed): What do you mean half-breed?
(Alex gets close to Jade's face, but Jade forms a evil smile)
Jade(coy): With you.....I see something dark. From the look on your face.
Alex: You don't know anything about me!
Jade: Oh but I do
(Kristen jumps in)
Kristen: Hey, let's just calm down.
(Alex backs away. Now Jade has her eyes at Kristen)
Jade: Oh Kristen. You seem to be the worst of them all. It's too sad to think that you're actually half-mortal. Nobody like you in this kind of world would even live that long.
(Kristen looks at Jade, feeling a cold chill up her spine)
Maverick(Calm, but holding in anger): Girls, do you mind if me and Jade have some alone time.
(Maverick angrily stares at Jade, who still has that coy look on her face)
(He grabs her by the shoulders)
Maverick: What the hell is your problem!
(Jade shurgs him off)
Jade: Getting a little even.
Maverick: I always knew you were the one with the bad impression.
Jade: Well, at least I didn't break and enter in the process.
Maverick: I don't have time for your nonsense.
(Maverick turns his back and walks away but Jade stops him, hungrily clutching his shoulders)
Maverick: Don't do this now, Jade.
Jade(whispers in his ear, seductively): I know you still want it.
(Jade slowly chews his ear)
Jade: We've been at it for too long.
(Jade pins Maverick to the wall and is close to his lips)
Jade: Don't you think we were made for each other
(Maverick grabs both her risks)
Maverick: Your heart is as cold as ice. Your blues eyes are now black. You have a dark cloud over you, Jade. And I can't be a part of it.
(Maverick walks away)
Jade(hurt but fierce): You'll be back!
Scene: The Study Room
(The group walks into a huge study room filled with books, a lounge chair and a desk. Just like a library)
Maverick: This is the study room. If you want to know a lot of historic events surrounding the magic relam or the kingdom, this place here gives you the information that you need.
(Maddie looks around the room, amazed)
Maddie(breathlessly): Wow, so many books
Maverick: Queen Sarosia has been in collecting them for years.
Maddie: Would it be alright if I stay here and check around.
Maverick: Sure. But just to let you know, a certain friend of ours named Lance could be hiding somewhere. So don't be frightened.
Maddie: Thanks
(Maddie sits comfortably on the lounge chair and sees the book of potions on a table)
(She picks it up and starts to read)
Scene: The Guest Bedroom
(Alex is sitting outside by the window, looking out in the sky. Kristen sits on the bed, resting her chin on her hand, thinking. trying to put the puzzles together in her head about what's going on. Maverick is standing at the door way)
Maverick: I guess this is the end of the tour but we'll have a grand meeting until the training begins. I'll see you soon.
Alex: Grand meeting? what is this the middle ages?
Kristen(joking): I'm kind of thinking it is.
Alex: You're the one to talk. I can't believe you agree to all this craziness.
Kristen(defensively but calm): Have you ever known your parents?
Alex: Far as I know, I've been in and out of foster homes.
Kristen(sympatheically): I'm sorry to hear that.
Alex: You're lucky. At least, you have two people that actually care about you.
Kristen: What makes you think nobody cares about you?
Alex: I was adopted by this one family. They must've charmed the pants off the adoption agency that agree to their settlement.
(Alex has her head down for a moment)
Alex: We were painted like this perfect family until my father started drinking and then abuse both me and my "supposed" mother. Couple of months later, she finally left him. He thought it was my fault....
(Kristen places her hand on her shoulder)
Alex(holds back tears): ....He gave me one of the worst beatings of my life. Two factured ribs and broken arm...I was only ten years old.
Kristen: What happened to your father?
Alex: The bastard died three years later. Thankfully after that beating he gave me, I was from foster home to foster home. I guess I was lost but still not yet found.
Kristen: You do you live now?
Alex: In this half-way house my so-called foster mom rented for me.
Kristen: Life can be sore bitch. You lose people and most of lose yourself.
Alex(soft): I think I already did.
Kristen: still have a part of yourself. All of what's happened to can only stay stronger.
Alex: Now that I figured all this out....for how long?
Kristen: I guess you have to look inside yourself. See what makes you stronger. And then....You'll the way.
Alex: You know.....I only met you for 24 hours and I already like you
(Kristen smiles. Alex smiles back and the two embrace)
(Jade is standing in the woods, not far from the castle. She looks as if she's spying. Her pale presence disapears into the darkness)
*The Dark Castle-Sultan's Liar
(Lord Sultan and his wife, Castlina are sitting in their thrones. Jade arrives with a evil smile on her face)
(Castlina has a more different appearance: A pale lady with dark hair and dark eyes. Lord Sultan has pale skin and a bald head with a goatee. All clad in black leather)
Lord Sultan: So tell us Jade, what do we know about our...."Mystical Tides?"
Jade: Far as I can see, they're nothing but a bunch of weak, thoughtless teenage girls.
Castlina: Seems fair enough.
Lord Sultan(claps her hands together): We have to think of something
Dark voice: Maybe I could help.
(A handsome young man emerge from the corner of the shadows. He has black hair and golden eyes and is clad in sexy black leather)
Jade: Oh yes, Ascatar. Your devilishy good looks can keep any girl down.
Ascatar: I'll try my best to keep them in check.
(Jade and Ascatar looks as if they are about to kiss but Lord Sultan claps his hands to stop them)
Lord Sultan: Down children. I think it's better if we sent our lucky henchmen.
Castlina: And maybe I would do some re-evaluating along the way. You know, I am a master of disguse.
(Sultan kisses Castlina's hand)
Lord Sultan: Oh yes. I have one more addition. Adam. Come please.
(A blond, smoldering handsome tall young man appears from the shadows, smiling devilshly)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Misunderstood Women: Megan Fox

What I think of Mrs. Fox-Austin Green is that she's actually a good actress. You may think she's your standard shallow, concieted, too pretty-it-hurts hollywood actress but due to her performances in Jennifer's Body and Love The Way You Lie video, she can be as big of a star as Angelina Jolie. Most of the roles usually required for Mrs. Jolie, Megan Fox can convincingly play them. She can be a wise-cracking villian, a no-nonsense femme fatale and a badass action hero, although she seems to be heading down these roles with a little competition from Oliva wilde. Maybe if she would considered for hard, edgier or emotionally challanged roles, she'll be taken more seriously and not just focus on her being beautiful. I mean I was blown away with the Love The Way You Lie Video. It shows she can be a good dramatic actress if she wants to be. So give this girl a chance. Now that she's a married woman and stepmother to her husband's kids, it's best to say that it might go well for her in hollywood as well. Let's just hope she won't be remembered for those cheesy transformer movies. She hates the films as much as I do. Which is a good thing.
In the future, maybe she might when that golden statue called oscar.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Nightmare on Elm Street(2010)

Dull. that's the only word I could think of when describing this movie. It wasn't the horror rollercoaster ride I expected to be. I sat at the movie theater and stared blankly at  the screen. Yes, I actually sat through this at a movie theater. At least it was better than the script I'll give them points for that.
So you all know the story by now: vengeful dream demon Freddy Kruger sets out his plan to kill the kids of the people who burned him. But here's the twist. The kids of elm street can't remember if they told their parents that Freddy molest them thus plauging his revenge on them.
It had a smart execution but once the revelation came out I was like well.....So. But even though this movie isn't jump-out-of-your-seat scary, the elements of it was kind of disturbing. As for the characters, let me point out this. I just didn't care that Katie Cassidy's character died. During 20 minutes of the movie, they set her up to be the main protagonist with no redemming quality what so ever. She was just so....boring. All we know of her is that she's blond and beautiful and she's in the middle of some love triangle between the pre-deacesed Dean(Kellan Lutz) and bad boy Jesse(Thomas Dekker), like something out of 90210 or Gossip Girl or some shit. She is what you call a typical Mary Sue. There was just nothing interesting about the character to make her sympatheic. As for the character of Nancy, they could've written her a little better. I kind of like the fact they made her into a goth, but just more edgier and spunker. All I got out of the character was that she was some Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan type. All low and monotone with vancant non-expressive eyes. It was difficult to seek some type of impact that Nancy had in the original. Besides all that, I thought Ronney Mara was good with her subtle but strong peformance. I was so happy to see Kyle Gallner in this movie. He was just as cute and adorable as he was in Jennifer's Body. By the way, he looked smokin' in that speedo. Otherwise, he was good. Thomas Dekker was a cutie also. It was sad to see his character die even though they should've put more emotional depth to his character. Jackie Earle Haley was chilling as Freddy. Although the writers had some way to humanize Freddy, He is still the pyschotic, malevolent, monster we've always known. Haley definitely did a good job at this. All of the actors were good of course. It was just they could've wrote the characters much better by developing them more.
There was some cools scenes to save the movie from being overly dull. The scene where Nancy walks to the room full of snow I liked the best. Other than that, everything else was contrived. I thought the kills were good(even though the body count was slow) But Kris's death scene was just too over the top.
As for the rest of the movie, it felt like I was watching those 90's slasher films. Not that that's a bad thing, it just seems like a pale imatation of those.
Yet another exectutive squabble with Platnium Dunes. This is a rather short review because there is nothing exciting or scary about this film. I am clearly not a fan of Platnium Dunes becasue it continues to make shitty remakes. Not that I'm saying this one is shitty. It's ok for the most part. But that's it. There's nothing memorable about this movie at all. It's forgettable.
So my last word on this is....Dull. Just plain dull. It's only good for a rent cause it's surely not for keeps.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Friday The 13th(2009)

This has got to be one of the worst remakes ever. The story was muddled, the characters were annoying, the kills were tepid, and the climax could've been better than expected. I actually sat through this peice of crap in a movie theater.
You should all know the story of course: Stupid 20-somethings go off to the wilderness, only to be killed by Jason Voorhees one by one.
Ok, let me start over since there are two stories at hand here: Annoying 20-somethings go off into the middle-of-nowhere wilderness to find some marijuana. Now knowing anybody would got to such dumbass lengths to go find some weed is anybody's guess. This is, however, unbeknowst to the two girls out of the three guys in the group. Of course, what's also unbeknowst to this group is that potato sack-wearing Jason is lurking out there somewhere. So Jason pops up and does some of the best, brutal kills in the movie. But that's the only thing that was ever interesting. The kills begin to waver a bit as the movie continues. So it's weeks later, where we have another batch of annoying college students going to some cheap lodge, one of the asshole frat boy owns. They run into Jared Padalecki(the hunk from supernatural), who is looking for sister, who was one of the group of 20-something that was attacked jason in the opening scene. Only one of the college students is sympatheic and nice enough to help Jared. So Jason gets his iconic hockey mask, stalks and kills the college students. Blah, Blah, Blah, Fucking Blah. Let's just move along shall we?
Ugh, I hated this movie. Okay, let's get to the story. It should've been better than it actually was. Instead of wasting 15 minutes of killing off stupid teens, they should've focused more on Jason's backstory. And Could have shown how Jason and his mother really loved each other and how history suddenly unravels til then.
Ok, just to get this out of the way they should've used this version of the story:
The final girl(played by Amanda Righetti) is a college student aspiring to be an investigative journalist. She is not really friends with her boyfriend's (the guy from the opening scene) friends, who she thinks are dumb, irresponsible party kids who don't know how to take things seriously. She dreads having to go with them to her boyfriend's former family retreat that used to be a summer camp. She bumps into Jared Padalecki at the gas station, saying that he's looking for his missing sister. So, she tags along despite the pleas of her worried boyfriend. The final girl and Jared padalecki learns of Jason's backstory, all the while Jason is busy picking off the stupid college kids.
Now what do you think of that? But i have to go along with what Platinum Dunes got, so whatever.  What they should've done was choose better writers. I mean what the hell is this? Some teen sex comedy? Speaking of which the sex scenes were just too raunchy for my taste. I know most you like your t and a in slashers for some odd reason, but come on, I think it was just some unnecessary attempt at making the movie more entertaining. Also putting much emphasis on the comedy. To be quite honest with you, this remake should have been taken seriously. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you're gonna say. Friday the 13th taken seriously, no way. But it's a remake, people! It's like the executives were throwing their money away over this garbage. If you're gonna remake a slasher classic, do it with grace and style. and further more TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. Oh boy, let's get to the acting. Maybe it was the stupid dialouge that overshadowed the actors. But I'm just speaking for the supporting cast. Let's focus on the leads shall we. I liked Amanda Righetti(the actual final girl) I think she has really good acting chops. It's just her character was so underused that we couldn't see how talented she really is. I thought Jared Padalecki was good too. Too bad his talent was wasted on this travesty. Danielle Panabaker was good also as nice girl Jenna. She was actually one of the most sympatheic characters that was killed. The rest of the cast are just cardboard cutouts with no distinct personality to them. they were only to be there to act like idiots and be killed soon after.
The kills could've been interesting and much more burtal as the one in the opening scene. This is friday the 13th again, people. At least make the kills interesting than the plot and the characters. One more mention, yes: Jason is faster, yes: Jason is stronger, yes: Jason is smarter. But don't make him into one of those torture porn wannabes, that's just a waste of our time. That's all I could say. Now, they kept the creepy, shadowy atmosphere the friday the 13th movies are known for. I would give them points for that but that's just it and nothing else.
So there you have it. A classic horror film ruined by executive meddling at platinum dunes. I am a huge friday the 13th fan and I'm deeply disappointed of how this turned out.
My last word guys, do me a favor and don't waste your time on this abomonation. Cause I sure have. I mean it won't kill you to give a watch. just don't watch the second time. or third time. or the fourth time.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hunk Of The Day: Alexander Skarsgard

This is definitely my dream man. Tall. Blond. Muscular Build. There are so many things I can describe about this fine sexy speciman But I would be gladly for all of you to feast your eyes on this adonis. Enjoy.....

Paradise. *sigh*

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Top ten most damaged blonds on film

It show that being blond and beautiful comes with damaged goods and these ladies sure knows the depth to that. Some of these blondes don't only come from film but in real life too. Examples are Marylin Monroe, Edie Sedgwick, Courtney Love, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan(who dyes her hair blond during her more harsher times) However there's nothing compared to what these ladies go through. To some exsitence, these blonds certainly don't have any fun.

1. Cherie Curie- The Runaways
Dakota Fanning. Oh dear god, Dakota Fanning. She really gives a harrowing performance as the vunerable, sullen Cherie. It's towards the end, however, where she really spirals out of control. Having to deal with a asshole producer and deep-seeded family problems, you couldn't really blame this girl when she falls off the deep end. Dakota really shows how fucked up Cherie was back then. It's safe to say, that's she's well-adjusted now(she's a really good chainsaw artist) And hopefully she has a solo album coiming out. Good luck to ya, Cherie. On the plus side, Dakota should've been nominated for a golden globe. Maybe in the future though.

2. Frances Farmer-Frances

Woah, boy! Hollywood can really screw a person up, especially in the golden age. This poor woman had to endure the stress of being in the spotlight all the while dealing with her fucked up realtionship, including her mother. Before Marylin and Jane M, This was the orignal damaged blond. So damaged in fact they had to give her labotomy! She turned out well in the end or so I would assume.
3. Sarah- Leaving Las Vegas

Although you can tell she's already damaged from the beginning because of her seedy profession and dealing with her (now deceased) abusive pimp boyfriend, things turned out to be okay for Sarah once she sees a kindered soul in Ben even though he's an alcoholic. But just as the movie comes to a close, Sarah feels broken yet again after her brutal rape and Ben's death. To cope with the tragic circumstances in her life, She talks to a therapist. Which seems to make a bittersweet ending on her count.

4. The Bride-Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2

Some of you may think she's not that damaged but seeing the way she dispatches her enemies, she's one pissed off woman! When her former lover Bill suddenly snaps and envades her wedding with his deadly viper squad, not only does he put a bullet in her head, he takes away her baby, thinking it was dead all along. Having this much damaged can only make a woman stronger and surely she has. Revenge is the only way she could settle this and she won't stop at nothing to get her way. She maybe damaged but she'll find a way to settle the score. by the end, She finally killed bill and having her precious daughter back, setting off elsewhere as they happily drive to a sunny existence. It may not be the best advice but on the bride's case,  revenge is best served sweet.

5. Sally-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Poor, poor Sally. All she ever wanted was to spend a gorgeous summer afternoon with her friends(and brother, Franklin. Ugh!) And take pictures of historical landscapes until somebody had to ruin it all. Having to endure leatherface and his crazy family after her friends have been killed, Sally tries her best to scream her way out of there. Not only is chased by a chainsaw-wielding maniac, she has to deal with his crazy brothers and almost corpse of a grandpa. Bloody and still screaming, she finally escapes this treachous family. But the damaged has already been done to her fragile phycshe, screaming and laughing all the way to the loony bin.

6. Tracy-Thriteen

When you're vulnerable, insecure, and coming of age, it's never really easy being thirteen. Just ask Tracy. She so desprate to fit in with Evie and her pals, with their don't-give-a-shit attitude and risque clothing. So she breaks out of her caged childhood and tries to become a woman. By shoplifting, wearing risque clothing, making out with older guys, having sex with boys, doing drugs, and giving her long-suffering mom a hard time. But this all comes with a price and she cannot handle this sort of lifestyle. Once her mom finds the self-inflicted scars in her arm, she suddenly sees how damaged her daughter has become. She soon kisses her scars and they pick up the pieces in their relationship. This was surely a breakthrough role for Evan Rachel Wood and it shows how she can give a real, natrual performance as a broken teenage girl.

7. Carrie White- Carrie

Speaking of broken teenage girls, Carrie was the mother of them all. Having to go through hardships of being the highschool outcast, dealing with a crazed, religious mother and having telekintic powers she can't control, Carrie White is deeply damaged and inept. Things seem to get better for her when she goes to the prom with her crush Tommy Ross with the help of his girlfriend Sue Snell. Until that Cold-hearted Bitch Chris and her ditzy boyfriend had to ruin it all by throwing a nasty(emphasis on the nasty) prank. Now doused in pig's blood, Carrie finally snaps and gets revenge on her tormenters, including that hateful bitch and her ditzy boyfriend by blowing them to bits. When her crazed mother tries to kill her, Carrie impales her(accidently) trying to save herself. Sadly though, Carrie dies trying to save her already dead mother in the decompsoing house, crashing down on her. But she gets her last and final revenge by haunting Sue Snell's dreams.....Forever!

Laurie Strode-Halloween 2

This is not the same happy, perky Laurie from it's preceedor. Most definitely not. You could clearly sense of at the start of the start of this movie that this girl is deeply damaged. Suffice to say that is not easy being a teenage girl when you have hallucinations and you find out that your brother is a knife-wielding pschopath. When these problems build up , all she can do is go crazy. From the sad look on her face, Laurie Strode is indeed a broken shell of a girl where she literally gets send off to the loony bin.

9. Needy- Jennifer's Body

So much has happened to this girl. Seeing her friend get turned into a man-eating monster and learning HOW her friend got turned into a man-eating monster, can pretty much damage a girl. But it isn't until her one true love gets killed by Jennifer, she suddenly snaps. Just when she suceeds in killing the blood-thirsty Jennifer, poor Needy is put into an insane asylum becoming one of the crazies. but, now that she has new found powers coming from Jennifer, Needy is hellbent on revenge for the ones who started all this mess. and that's the band low shoulder with their douchey lead singer. She teaches them a vaulable lesson by brutally murdering each and every one of them.

10. Lisa-Girl, interuptted

Last but not least, Lisa. That spitfire rebelious Lisa. Unlike the blondes on this list who are sent to the loony bin, Lisa is already in the loony bin at the start of the movie. Her introduction is priceless. Behind her rebelious facade, she is a broken shell of a woman, having lost her best friend to a suicide. She tries her best to outsmart the nurses and bullies the other paients just to get her way, even causing one of them to commit suicide. She tries to do this with Susanna when she suddenly blurts out, "You're already dead, Lisa" She realizes that she is, breaking down in the process. An antagonizing personality softens. Even though she is strapped on a bed, she still hopes to see outside of the world.

So there you have it. I had to give them some sort of ending to their crisises. Some are tragic while some are bittersweet and endearing. But when you're this damaged, you're life is an open book.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

There are no words to explain how distastefully cheesy this movie is. but is, believe or not, one redememing factor abou it. and that is the smoking hot male cast. Uh, we'll get to that later I assume.
Here's the story: So the main protagonists are a blanant male version of a four girl ensemble. Caleb is the wise one, Pouge is the bad boy biker, Reid is the hot shot wannabe, and Tyler(coming from Chace Crawfrod adorable blue eye) is the shy, sweet one, although he's not given much to do in the movie. They is known as the sons of ipswitch, male witches with supernatural powers. But with great power comes with great responsibility. If they use with irresponsibilty, they waste away their good looks and turn prematurely old. But these powers can be pretty addictive on their part. So they go to this party where Caleb instantly takesa liking to a girl name Sarah, who is new at their school and happens to rommies with Pouge's girlfriend Kate. Just to point this out.  Sarah is just a sterotypical beautiful blond girl who comes off as perfect with no development to her character at all. She is what you call a Mary Sue, the type of character who can do no wrong without any sort of flaws to keep the character from being sympatheic. So instead of just calling her Sarah, I'll call Mary Sue. Oh and that friend of hers, Kate, Mary Sue #2.
So when the party goes arwy and the guys play a cat and mouse game with the cops, Caleb comes home to his bitter, alcholic mom who warns him about how addictive are, explaining how that got his father the way he is now, looking like a hundred year old corpse(when he's really 44!) So that would be a lesson learned from Caleb and his friends.
So a mysterious student named Chase Collins tranfers to the school who is somewhat popular and well-adjusted in his surroundings. Even Pouge's Girlfriend, Mary Sue #2 is allured by him. All the while spooky, unexplain stuff starts happening that almost endanger Mary Sue and Mary Sue #2. So when the four friends find out it's Chase doing the carnage they must try anything to stop him.
Well, the movie isn't bad. I mean it's not  good or great. It's still considered bad But what I'm say is that I've seen so much worser crap than this. The acting is so-so although the actors seem to slip a bit during the movie. The story is "slightly" interesting but it dosen't add any richness in it's concept. The only thing that makes it watchable is the hot male cast! Let's start with Steven Strait. He's so gorgeous it makes me speechless. Whatever happened to him though? First thing he was in 3000 b.c. or whatever then he vanishes. I guess he's still around because I would love to see more of him. In this movie he really seem to try and give his strongest performance here and it turned out....only okay. At least he tried. That goes for the rest of the male cast: Tyler Kitsch went on to star in the series friday night lights and is also known for gambit in the wovelrine prequel. And just like I predicted he went on to become a sex symbol. He truly had the best body in the movie. Chace Crawford went on to play the Hunky Nate Archibald in the gossip girl series. Toby Hemmiway is best known as playing Taylor Swift's hot boyfriend in the ever so charming music video "mine". And last but not least our main villian in the movie Sebastian Stan went on to guest star in gossip girl, all the while dating co-star Leighton Meester, and is now starring in the new Captain America movie playing the sidekick Bucky. Okay for the female cast, I felt like there was nothing for them to do. They just sit there and look pretty with lousy dialouge due to how useless their characters are. So overall, Did I like this movie, Not really. It's not going to be on my favorite list soon. I regret to say that I do have this on DVD when it was packaged with The Craft.
I'm not saying this movie is downright horrible, it's just forgettable. I would say that locker room scene is my fav!
My last word, It's not a classic by any rate.