Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Top ten most damaged blonds on film

It show that being blond and beautiful comes with damaged goods and these ladies sure knows the depth to that. Some of these blondes don't only come from film but in real life too. Examples are Marylin Monroe, Edie Sedgwick, Courtney Love, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan(who dyes her hair blond during her more harsher times) However there's nothing compared to what these ladies go through. To some exsitence, these blonds certainly don't have any fun.

1. Cherie Curie- The Runaways
Dakota Fanning. Oh dear god, Dakota Fanning. She really gives a harrowing performance as the vunerable, sullen Cherie. It's towards the end, however, where she really spirals out of control. Having to deal with a asshole producer and deep-seeded family problems, you couldn't really blame this girl when she falls off the deep end. Dakota really shows how fucked up Cherie was back then. It's safe to say, that's she's well-adjusted now(she's a really good chainsaw artist) And hopefully she has a solo album coiming out. Good luck to ya, Cherie. On the plus side, Dakota should've been nominated for a golden globe. Maybe in the future though.

2. Frances Farmer-Frances

Woah, boy! Hollywood can really screw a person up, especially in the golden age. This poor woman had to endure the stress of being in the spotlight all the while dealing with her fucked up realtionship, including her mother. Before Marylin and Jane M, This was the orignal damaged blond. So damaged in fact they had to give her labotomy! She turned out well in the end or so I would assume.
3. Sarah- Leaving Las Vegas

Although you can tell she's already damaged from the beginning because of her seedy profession and dealing with her (now deceased) abusive pimp boyfriend, things turned out to be okay for Sarah once she sees a kindered soul in Ben even though he's an alcoholic. But just as the movie comes to a close, Sarah feels broken yet again after her brutal rape and Ben's death. To cope with the tragic circumstances in her life, She talks to a therapist. Which seems to make a bittersweet ending on her count.

4. The Bride-Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2

Some of you may think she's not that damaged but seeing the way she dispatches her enemies, she's one pissed off woman! When her former lover Bill suddenly snaps and envades her wedding with his deadly viper squad, not only does he put a bullet in her head, he takes away her baby, thinking it was dead all along. Having this much damaged can only make a woman stronger and surely she has. Revenge is the only way she could settle this and she won't stop at nothing to get her way. She maybe damaged but she'll find a way to settle the score. by the end, She finally killed bill and having her precious daughter back, setting off elsewhere as they happily drive to a sunny existence. It may not be the best advice but on the bride's case,  revenge is best served sweet.

5. Sally-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Poor, poor Sally. All she ever wanted was to spend a gorgeous summer afternoon with her friends(and brother, Franklin. Ugh!) And take pictures of historical landscapes until somebody had to ruin it all. Having to endure leatherface and his crazy family after her friends have been killed, Sally tries her best to scream her way out of there. Not only is chased by a chainsaw-wielding maniac, she has to deal with his crazy brothers and almost corpse of a grandpa. Bloody and still screaming, she finally escapes this treachous family. But the damaged has already been done to her fragile phycshe, screaming and laughing all the way to the loony bin.

6. Tracy-Thriteen

When you're vulnerable, insecure, and coming of age, it's never really easy being thirteen. Just ask Tracy. She so desprate to fit in with Evie and her pals, with their don't-give-a-shit attitude and risque clothing. So she breaks out of her caged childhood and tries to become a woman. By shoplifting, wearing risque clothing, making out with older guys, having sex with boys, doing drugs, and giving her long-suffering mom a hard time. But this all comes with a price and she cannot handle this sort of lifestyle. Once her mom finds the self-inflicted scars in her arm, she suddenly sees how damaged her daughter has become. She soon kisses her scars and they pick up the pieces in their relationship. This was surely a breakthrough role for Evan Rachel Wood and it shows how she can give a real, natrual performance as a broken teenage girl.

7. Carrie White- Carrie

Speaking of broken teenage girls, Carrie was the mother of them all. Having to go through hardships of being the highschool outcast, dealing with a crazed, religious mother and having telekintic powers she can't control, Carrie White is deeply damaged and inept. Things seem to get better for her when she goes to the prom with her crush Tommy Ross with the help of his girlfriend Sue Snell. Until that Cold-hearted Bitch Chris and her ditzy boyfriend had to ruin it all by throwing a nasty(emphasis on the nasty) prank. Now doused in pig's blood, Carrie finally snaps and gets revenge on her tormenters, including that hateful bitch and her ditzy boyfriend by blowing them to bits. When her crazed mother tries to kill her, Carrie impales her(accidently) trying to save herself. Sadly though, Carrie dies trying to save her already dead mother in the decompsoing house, crashing down on her. But she gets her last and final revenge by haunting Sue Snell's dreams.....Forever!

Laurie Strode-Halloween 2

This is not the same happy, perky Laurie from it's preceedor. Most definitely not. You could clearly sense of at the start of the start of this movie that this girl is deeply damaged. Suffice to say that is not easy being a teenage girl when you have hallucinations and you find out that your brother is a knife-wielding pschopath. When these problems build up , all she can do is go crazy. From the sad look on her face, Laurie Strode is indeed a broken shell of a girl where she literally gets send off to the loony bin.

9. Needy- Jennifer's Body

So much has happened to this girl. Seeing her friend get turned into a man-eating monster and learning HOW her friend got turned into a man-eating monster, can pretty much damage a girl. But it isn't until her one true love gets killed by Jennifer, she suddenly snaps. Just when she suceeds in killing the blood-thirsty Jennifer, poor Needy is put into an insane asylum becoming one of the crazies. but, now that she has new found powers coming from Jennifer, Needy is hellbent on revenge for the ones who started all this mess. and that's the band low shoulder with their douchey lead singer. She teaches them a vaulable lesson by brutally murdering each and every one of them.

10. Lisa-Girl, interuptted

Last but not least, Lisa. That spitfire rebelious Lisa. Unlike the blondes on this list who are sent to the loony bin, Lisa is already in the loony bin at the start of the movie. Her introduction is priceless. Behind her rebelious facade, she is a broken shell of a woman, having lost her best friend to a suicide. She tries her best to outsmart the nurses and bullies the other paients just to get her way, even causing one of them to commit suicide. She tries to do this with Susanna when she suddenly blurts out, "You're already dead, Lisa" She realizes that she is, breaking down in the process. An antagonizing personality softens. Even though she is strapped on a bed, she still hopes to see outside of the world.

So there you have it. I had to give them some sort of ending to their crisises. Some are tragic while some are bittersweet and endearing. But when you're this damaged, you're life is an open book.

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