Sunday, May 29, 2011


I'm kind of in the middle with this one. I'm not really a big fan of Rob Zombie's Movies, although they are effective at times. It's just the way he puts his movies in his own style, making it up like those horror movies from the 70's and early 80's with shock value. Let me break this down. At first I was totally excited that Rob Zombie was going to direct this, without knowing what kind of style and mix he was going to bring into the story. To be honest, his directing is all over the place. Jittery cam, music video feel, random shots that isn't relevent to the film. At first, I "thought" I liked it, but then after that I had second thoughts about this remake.
Here's the story but with a twist: The first half of the movie shows Micheal's childhood. In here, he's a pretty normal kid it's just that he has a fucked up family life, which seems to give the factor of why he becomes the knife-weilding serial killer we all know today. This is usually the case where all serial killers comes from fucked up families. His sister is a hateful, slutty bitch, his stepfather is an alcholic jerk, he gets bullied at school. The only people he cares about is his mom who makes a living as a stripper and his baby sister he calls boo. On that fateful night after his sister scoffs him off to take him treak or treating so she can have sex with her sleazy boyfriend, Micheal finally snaps and kills his stepfather, the boyfriend, and his sister. It's all pretty graphic and brutal. So it concludes the aftermath, with Micheal having therapy sessions with Dr. Loomis. There's nothing much going on here until Dr. Loomis tells Micheal he might not get to go home. Micheal snaps yet again and injures a nurse, making him stoic and almost animalistic. This causes Micheal's mom to breakdown to the point of killing herself. This leaves his baby sister to be in the care of a foster family. Years later, Micheal is all grown up and is itching to get out of the hospital. He leaves a trail of blood behind, looking for his teenaged sister now named Laurie.
Let's get to the characters. This is the only thing I can't stand about Rob Zombie, is that he has unlikeable characters. You're just begging for them to be killed. I was pretty disappointed with their interpertation of Laurie. They turned her into a perky, whiny, annoying twit. I'm not saying that Scout-Taylor Compton is a bad actress, it's just she didn't capture the magnetic force that was Jamie Lee Curtis in the original. It was her quiet defiance and her reselance that made Laurie Strode such a memorable character. This Laurie brings nothing to table and it's all because of how Zombie written her. That could be said for her friends too. Even though Annie and Lynda wasn't the most developed characters in the original, they were kind of like your friends. Charming, relatable, fun to hang out with. In this one they're just bland and pretty much talk about nothing. The only actress out of the two is Danielle Harris. We can forget about the other actress, I don't know her nor I don't care to know her. Danielle is a pretty good actress, it's just a shame that her character was underwritten but it wasn't like the film had time to develop these characters since it focuses on Micheal. I really don't have much to say about Doctor Loomis, he just pops up anytime the screen needs him.
Like I said with the writing, Zombie clearly needs to stick to the directing. He just dosen't know how to write more signifigant characters. All we know of them is that they're trash-talking hillbilly stoners with no sensibility or morals. But there are less characters than that as the movie progresses. Thank God.
The 70's directing style makes the film effective in some cases. But that dosen't save the film from being medicore or moving it's level to bad entirely. So this is pretty forgettable, and like I said before, I'm not a big fan of Rob Zombie's movies.
My last word is, watch it once then forget it.

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