Sunday, May 1, 2011

There are no words to explain how distastefully cheesy this movie is. but is, believe or not, one redememing factor abou it. and that is the smoking hot male cast. Uh, we'll get to that later I assume.
Here's the story: So the main protagonists are a blanant male version of a four girl ensemble. Caleb is the wise one, Pouge is the bad boy biker, Reid is the hot shot wannabe, and Tyler(coming from Chace Crawfrod adorable blue eye) is the shy, sweet one, although he's not given much to do in the movie. They is known as the sons of ipswitch, male witches with supernatural powers. But with great power comes with great responsibility. If they use with irresponsibilty, they waste away their good looks and turn prematurely old. But these powers can be pretty addictive on their part. So they go to this party where Caleb instantly takesa liking to a girl name Sarah, who is new at their school and happens to rommies with Pouge's girlfriend Kate. Just to point this out.  Sarah is just a sterotypical beautiful blond girl who comes off as perfect with no development to her character at all. She is what you call a Mary Sue, the type of character who can do no wrong without any sort of flaws to keep the character from being sympatheic. So instead of just calling her Sarah, I'll call Mary Sue. Oh and that friend of hers, Kate, Mary Sue #2.
So when the party goes arwy and the guys play a cat and mouse game with the cops, Caleb comes home to his bitter, alcholic mom who warns him about how addictive are, explaining how that got his father the way he is now, looking like a hundred year old corpse(when he's really 44!) So that would be a lesson learned from Caleb and his friends.
So a mysterious student named Chase Collins tranfers to the school who is somewhat popular and well-adjusted in his surroundings. Even Pouge's Girlfriend, Mary Sue #2 is allured by him. All the while spooky, unexplain stuff starts happening that almost endanger Mary Sue and Mary Sue #2. So when the four friends find out it's Chase doing the carnage they must try anything to stop him.
Well, the movie isn't bad. I mean it's not  good or great. It's still considered bad But what I'm say is that I've seen so much worser crap than this. The acting is so-so although the actors seem to slip a bit during the movie. The story is "slightly" interesting but it dosen't add any richness in it's concept. The only thing that makes it watchable is the hot male cast! Let's start with Steven Strait. He's so gorgeous it makes me speechless. Whatever happened to him though? First thing he was in 3000 b.c. or whatever then he vanishes. I guess he's still around because I would love to see more of him. In this movie he really seem to try and give his strongest performance here and it turned out....only okay. At least he tried. That goes for the rest of the male cast: Tyler Kitsch went on to star in the series friday night lights and is also known for gambit in the wovelrine prequel. And just like I predicted he went on to become a sex symbol. He truly had the best body in the movie. Chace Crawford went on to play the Hunky Nate Archibald in the gossip girl series. Toby Hemmiway is best known as playing Taylor Swift's hot boyfriend in the ever so charming music video "mine". And last but not least our main villian in the movie Sebastian Stan went on to guest star in gossip girl, all the while dating co-star Leighton Meester, and is now starring in the new Captain America movie playing the sidekick Bucky. Okay for the female cast, I felt like there was nothing for them to do. They just sit there and look pretty with lousy dialouge due to how useless their characters are. So overall, Did I like this movie, Not really. It's not going to be on my favorite list soon. I regret to say that I do have this on DVD when it was packaged with The Craft.
I'm not saying this movie is downright horrible, it's just forgettable. I would say that locker room scene is my fav!
My last word, It's not a classic by any rate.

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