Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Nightmare on Elm Street(2010)

Dull. that's the only word I could think of when describing this movie. It wasn't the horror rollercoaster ride I expected to be. I sat at the movie theater and stared blankly at  the screen. Yes, I actually sat through this at a movie theater. At least it was better than the script I'll give them points for that.
So you all know the story by now: vengeful dream demon Freddy Kruger sets out his plan to kill the kids of the people who burned him. But here's the twist. The kids of elm street can't remember if they told their parents that Freddy molest them thus plauging his revenge on them.
It had a smart execution but once the revelation came out I was like well.....So. But even though this movie isn't jump-out-of-your-seat scary, the elements of it was kind of disturbing. As for the characters, let me point out this. I just didn't care that Katie Cassidy's character died. During 20 minutes of the movie, they set her up to be the main protagonist with no redemming quality what so ever. She was just so....boring. All we know of her is that she's blond and beautiful and she's in the middle of some love triangle between the pre-deacesed Dean(Kellan Lutz) and bad boy Jesse(Thomas Dekker), like something out of 90210 or Gossip Girl or some shit. She is what you call a typical Mary Sue. There was just nothing interesting about the character to make her sympatheic. As for the character of Nancy, they could've written her a little better. I kind of like the fact they made her into a goth, but just more edgier and spunker. All I got out of the character was that she was some Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan type. All low and monotone with vancant non-expressive eyes. It was difficult to seek some type of impact that Nancy had in the original. Besides all that, I thought Ronney Mara was good with her subtle but strong peformance. I was so happy to see Kyle Gallner in this movie. He was just as cute and adorable as he was in Jennifer's Body. By the way, he looked smokin' in that speedo. Otherwise, he was good. Thomas Dekker was a cutie also. It was sad to see his character die even though they should've put more emotional depth to his character. Jackie Earle Haley was chilling as Freddy. Although the writers had some way to humanize Freddy, He is still the pyschotic, malevolent, monster we've always known. Haley definitely did a good job at this. All of the actors were good of course. It was just they could've wrote the characters much better by developing them more.
There was some cools scenes to save the movie from being overly dull. The scene where Nancy walks to the room full of snow I liked the best. Other than that, everything else was contrived. I thought the kills were good(even though the body count was slow) But Kris's death scene was just too over the top.
As for the rest of the movie, it felt like I was watching those 90's slasher films. Not that that's a bad thing, it just seems like a pale imatation of those.
Yet another exectutive squabble with Platnium Dunes. This is a rather short review because there is nothing exciting or scary about this film. I am clearly not a fan of Platnium Dunes becasue it continues to make shitty remakes. Not that I'm saying this one is shitty. It's ok for the most part. But that's it. There's nothing memorable about this movie at all. It's forgettable.
So my last word on this is....Dull. Just plain dull. It's only good for a rent cause it's surely not for keeps.

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