Friday, April 29, 2011

Movie Review: The Craft

Oh my god I love this movie. I know I shouldn't give it away right off the bat but  I considered this movie a cult classic. I mean this is what started the teen supernatural craze of the 90's. Before Sabrina the teenage witch, before Buffy the vampire slayer, before Charmed, this was the one that kick-started it all. So this is of course set in L.A. where all the vampires and witches play. Or make believe Vampires and Witches. Back in the 90's, we kids seem to have an active imagination which is so like me by the way.  So it's a good idea that they set this in L.A. All witches don't have to be from Salem, MA or some strange new england town. Los Angles is the place to be.
So let's get on with the story shall we: Sarah, a somewhat troubled, quiet girl is moving and getting adjusted to L.A. with her Dad and her Stepmom. So her first day of school is well.....Awkward of course until she meets these three outcasts: Bonnie, Rochelle, and Nancy. Nancy, oh yes, that spitfire Nancy. Sarah, however, better think twice before joining this trio because the secret is....they practice witchcraft. They only do it for personal gain or to escape from their angst as us teenagers go through: Rochelle has to deal with the racist popular bitch, Bonnie has burn scars all over her body which are not only physical but emotional as well, Nancy comes from a broken home and thinks of herself as trailer trash, Sarah is deeply troubled, having to suffer from depression which caused her to try and kill herself once. So they group up in a circle and think of their personal desires and solving their problems. Bonnie wants to be beautiful and wants to show the world that she's beautiful, Rochelle wants to teach the blond, popular bitch a lesson, Sarah is fixated on putting a love spell on handsome jock Chris even though he was a total asshole to her, and Nancy just wants all that good witch power.
In just a matter of time, their spells work but suddenly things start to become out of control once people get hurt. And Sarah desperately wants to escape from this, only to Nancy's knowledge: If a witch betrays her coven they'll kill her.
What I loved about this movie is the story and don't forget the characters. To be sure I like how underrated it is and how it explores the angsty 90's teen. There are some stuff that bothers me though. Like how Sarah would be so head over heels for a guy that spread horrible rumors about her and insulted her yet she still puts a love spell on him hoping to have a chance with him. The reason this gets out of hand is that he wasn't the right guy for her to begin with, because there's a thin line between love and obsession. And he is still viewed as the jerk who doesn't learn his lesson(but killing him wasn't the way, Nancy. It just wasn't). Even after he dies, she still thinks he's a good guy underneath all although he tried to rape her on the same night and going about his business at some dumb party. But besides all that, I can really relate to Sarah and what she goes through over the course of fitting in and trying to belong. Nancy is truly badass even though you could describe as crazy....Crazy awesome that is. It has a neat way of developing the villain and seeing why the way that person is. So much power can take a hold on you and it can also turn you into a complete bitch. The Craft can also be viewed as a metaphor. Since it's set in the undergrounds of L.A., it was true stories of how teen girls join the wrong crowd such as street gangs. Joining a coven is all but the same. Once you think about leaving the group, the pgang will try anything to threaten, harass, or even kill you. So it's pretty much like that instead the girls in the movie use witchcraft.
Very thoughtful take on the world of Wicca. I mean without this movie we wouldn't have awesome shows like Buffy the vampire slayer and Charmed. That's just my opinion.
Last word, Highly recommended.

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