Thursday, April 28, 2011

Movie Review: Jennifer's Body

Here's a little movie that I couldn't wait to review. While it's not a masterpiece to some of you, I would say I quite enjoyed this little feature.
Okay, just to jog any of you readers' memories, here's the story: the story is about two completely different girls, you have beautiful, popular cheerleader Jennifer and awkward, geeky girl Needy played by Amanda Seyfried of all people, but I have to say she pulls off this character really well. One night after the begging of her boyfriend, Chip(the adorable johnny simmons) to not go, Needy tags along with Jennifer to this local bar where this emo-type pop/rock band is performing. The band is called low shoulder who is is fronted by the arrogant lead singer(Adam Brody, who is quite the charmer. In an asshole way though.) Jennifer is of course, entranced by them because well they're fancy city boys with their fancy clothes and their fancy eyeliner. Jennifer had been fooling around with local boys (including the ultra-hot Chris Pratt) too long to realize how alluring city rocker boys are.
So this big fire comes out of nowhere for some reason(although this seems to be one of the important parts of the movie) and Needy and Jennifer escape to safety only to run into the emo rocker boys whisking away Jennifer despite Needy's warnings. So to jumpstart the story, Needy finds Jennifer all covered in blood and eventually freaking Needy out and suddenly disappearing in the night, only by the next day at school to find Jennifer completely normal. Only much more eviler....and deadlier.  So to keep her sultry looks, Jennifer eyes every boy she sees to be her lunch meat, especially Needy's boyfriend.
So to give my earnest interest...I totally liked this movie. By the way, I said liked not love. Although some would say it could've had more kills and more of Mrs. Fox-Austin-Green's(ha ha, she's married, you silly straight boys) assets. I would say that's really not the point. I really find it annoying in most horror films to show nakedness all the time. It's ridiculous. I'm more concern with the story and the characters which is why this is on my like list. What saves the movie from being medicore is the performances. I heart Amanda Seyfried. She is just truly amazing and you can tell she gave it her all. Because she's that damn good of an actress. She clearly stole Megan Fox's shine in which case this is supposed to be "her" movie because she is always on the cover. But this is Amanda Seyfried's movie all the way. She truly kicked ass at the end.
For the majority of the male cast, Johnny Simmons gave such realism to his character. He wasn't just some hunky, boyfriend stock type and he's not your personfication of hunky but he was so cute and charming in the role that it kind of sucked that he died. Speaking of which, Kyle Gallner was just as adorable as the cute goth loner. It was a shame that he had to be a dinner plate for Jennifer(damn you, Jennifer. Damn you). He should really keep up with the emo/goth look. Defintely suits him.
As for the rest of the movie it turned out....Ok. But an entertaining Ok. So my last word is, it's totally watchable.

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