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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Misunderstood Women: Lindsay Lohan

Poor, Poor Lindsay Lohan. So much has happen to her. DUI, drug binges, exsessvie partying, etc. She maybe the laughing stock of hollywood but I think it's a cry for help. I was actually a big fan of hers. Especially when Mean Girls came out, which is one of her best performances so far. That was the time where she broke out of her disney phase and into more mature films.
Mean Girls and Prairie Home Companion may have paved the way for her into a more respective actress, but it was her personal demons that got in the way. I have to be honest, her follow-up film Herbie: Fully loaded was kind of mediocre. And then there was the infamous Gerogia Rule, where behind the scenes, she was called out for her reckless behavior. In public no less. With terrible films like Just My Luck and I Know Who Killed Me got her further to the deep end. But what I'm saying is, it will get better for her.
You may think she's a egotistical, self-destrctive bitch, but she's clearly a broken person inside. Responsibilty seems to be her enemy but she really need to use it to get her life straight and mostly her career straight. There's going to be trouble along the way. Hey, people make mistakes. Though, learning from her mistakes would be a step up. For those of you who think she's a washed-up actress with less than stellar acting abilities, she IS actually a good actress. She just need to read more better scripts and make better choices in dropping out of films, ie., The Hangover.
People can pretty much blame her parents for her behavior, especially her psychotic father. This is to you Micheal Lohan:  LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE! she has enough problems already. She's an adult, she can make her own mistakes! Do you hear me clearly? Thank you.
If her parents can't help her, maybe a psychiatrist will. I'm not calling her insane. She just need that balance in her life to pull her through.
When I first noticed Lindsay,  I sit there and thought, She's not gonna end up like those has-been child stars. Now, she's pretty much heading down that road. Yeah, she's doing films here and there, however it's not giving her the comback she needs.
Hopefully, when she gets done with all this legal stuff and stop making stupid decisions, she will be the hollywood heavy-weight she deserves to be....but who knows, hollywood will leave you hanging by the drop of a hat. In more way than one, lindsay got a long way coming for her.....

Friday, May 13, 2011

Misunderstood Women: Megan Fox

What I think of Mrs. Fox-Austin Green is that she's actually a good actress. You may think she's your standard shallow, concieted, too pretty-it-hurts hollywood actress but due to her performances in Jennifer's Body and Love The Way You Lie video, she can be as big of a star as Angelina Jolie. Most of the roles usually required for Mrs. Jolie, Megan Fox can convincingly play them. She can be a wise-cracking villian, a no-nonsense femme fatale and a badass action hero, although she seems to be heading down these roles with a little competition from Oliva wilde. Maybe if she would considered for hard, edgier or emotionally challanged roles, she'll be taken more seriously and not just focus on her being beautiful. I mean I was blown away with the Love The Way You Lie Video. It shows she can be a good dramatic actress if she wants to be. So give this girl a chance. Now that she's a married woman and stepmother to her husband's kids, it's best to say that it might go well for her in hollywood as well. Let's just hope she won't be remembered for those cheesy transformer movies. She hates the films as much as I do. Which is a good thing.
In the future, maybe she might when that golden statue called oscar.