Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hunk Of The Day: Chris Evans

The reason why this hunk tops the list is because he is a wonderful sight for sore eyes. I mean he's got it all gorgeous hair, beautiful eyes, INcredible bod. And he is also known for his good ole boy charm and patriotic stance. He is the luciously handsome and hunky.....

Chris Evans Aka Captin America. Wow, what a beautiful man. What a beautiful sexy man. He's like an oversize ken doll but more refined and buff. And when you're compared to a ken doll, you can't get any hotter than that but boy, he sure can be. Again, words cannot describe his sexiness and let me do the honors by showing his incredible and mean INCREDIBLE body of work.

Face of an angel

Gotta love the tie on him

He looks his best with full-on suit. Very smooth

So adorable

Look at all his beautiful colors

Sleep tight, sexy

He really looks good in flannel

You have got to love those eyes

In his brightest blue

Black and white. Oh la la.

Mmm, are those biceps huge or what?

Beard + Glasses= HOT!

As I present to you these amazing shirtless pics, I will be speechless along. Again, words cannot describe his defining bod. Here it goes.....

Not a shirtless pic but just right indeed!

Just desserts

Collage of sexiness!

He has such classically handsome looks. *Swoon* Those eyes, those lips and that body are just to die for. And you know what the real catch is....he's single and available. Yay! Though single or not, He will forever serve our country's appetite.

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