Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hunk Of The Day: Jeremy Renner

This Hunk is known for his raw, intense acting and knows how to fling an arrow or two. He is the mysterious and defiant...

Jeremy Renner aka Blackhawke. Boy, those eyes can be mesmerizing, so can his body. He has totally been pumping iron recently with fantastic results, those biceps are built like a rock! and I would so lovingly do the honors by showcasing his sexy pics....

Very dashing

So adorable

He makes a very cute blond

Gotta love the hair on him

Trust me, those biceps could be his trademark

His Blackhawke outfit could be a total fetish factor if it wanted to be

Teasing us with the ole' chest hair, eh?

Now the shirtless you've been waiting for.....


Barechested in extacsy....priceless

Hot in motion

Shower scene!

Collage of sexiness

So there you have it, a brooding, intense hunk with a flare adorableness and quirkiness that could probably woo the pants off of you. literally....

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