Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hunk Of The Day: Chris Hemsworth

This Hunk is known for his great BODY of work and knows how to use hammer or an ax in his spare time. He is the truly hunky, the truly sexy and all around adonis.....

Chris Hemsworth Aka Thor. Look at those gorgeous eyes but there not his only main assets, he's got a body of god! and I would love, just LOVE to show his masterful buffness. And ladies, try not faint at your will....

Looks great in tux

He also looks smokin in denim

Those biceps are to die for

Oh such piercing eyes

Sexy and Mysterious

Wow, nice pecs

Finally, I will do the honors by showing you some mega hot shirtless pics, he is a prime A muscle hunk for sure.....

Ah, the open shirt shot. Priceless

Full on boxer bod

Almighty Thor indeed!

Surf's up!

Again, what gorgeous pecs

A view from down under

Beautiful. Just beautiful

TOTALLY Spechless

Words cannot describe how sexy this man is. He dosen't even have to try and be sexy which makes him even sexier! Let's just hope in the long run, that we keep oggling at this body from here on out...

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