Sunday, November 4, 2012


Boy, was this movie a hoot or what? I have never had so much fun watching this, I mean I literally felt like I was twelve years old again watching a classic slasher film.
For those of you out there, it's not a reconstruction of slashers from the golden era(the deaths were handled more crafty and more realistically during that era), it's more of the reconstruction of the awfully cheesy and over the top slasher of the mid to late eighties. It's overall comedic effect is the film's charm and we have a killer that could stand over Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees any day.
Here's the story: A group of tourists are suddenly stranded on abandoned Louisiana swamp while going on a boat tour. unknownbest to them, a hulking, disfigured boogeyman is out to catch it's prey.
The acting is fantastic. Yes, some of the characters can be annoying, stupid, and outright mundane but some of them had their charm along the way. And besides that's what you expect from these movies: you just can't wait to see these people get killed. Oh yes, the kills. I will definitely get to that later.
Joel Moore was simply adorable as Ben. Even though, his character his a bit whiny and uptight, you still feel sympathy for him. Tamara Feldman did a fine job as tortured heroine Mary-Beth. Deon Richmond was witty as Ben's wise-cracking best friend, Marcus. But the true standout is Mercedes Macnab's hilarious performance as inept dumb blonde Mitsy. She was the true comedian, especially scenes involving partner in crime Joleigh Fioreavanti, who had decent comedic skills as well.
Parry Shen who plays the tour director responsible for the aforementioned plot was....kind of annoying and eventually the most unfunny character in the movie.  That's all.
Now let's get to the killer Victor Crowley played by hot daddy Kane Hodder. The killer is awesome. Not only is he intimidating in his hulking appearance, he can kill someone with his bare hands! Yes, the kills, which are insanely over-the-top. The deaths are cringe-worthy but it's not meant to be taken seriously because it's so unrealistic.
The foggy setting of the swamp are very atmospheric, which gives it the feel of the golden age slasher. The suspense is pretty head on and the pace is pretty fast all while getting the story going and developing the characters well enough.
So there you have it, a bloody fun slasher rollercoaster thrill ride that will both make you laugh and scream.
Last word: a definite must see!

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