Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hunk Of The Day: Robert Downey Jr.

This Hunk is know to be a little wilder back in his younger days but through hell and back, he has grown to be a very suave gentlemen and has also grown to have one Iron of a body. He is the one and only.....

Robert Downey Jr. At first, he was just an average cute guy with a quirky sense of humor but once his role in Iron man came along, Man! has he been working out or what! but before I give you taste of his body makeover, let's showcase his sauve sexiness in his early photos....

Gotta love the hat on him

Sexy in Shades

Blond is defintely his color

Nice Haircut

Now here's the shirtless pics you been waiting for.....

Woah! look at the biceps on him!

Abs of Steel. No pun intended

Now that's what I call a rock star body

Jackpot! Red Briefs are totally rockin'

So There you have it, a hunk that's a true Iron man in real life. Not only does he have a sense of humor and a sense of style, he has major kudos for the body as well.

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