Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hunk Of The Day: Chris Hemsworth

This Hunk is known for his great BODY of work and knows how to use hammer or an ax in his spare time. He is the truly hunky, the truly sexy and all around adonis.....

Chris Hemsworth Aka Thor. Look at those gorgeous eyes but there not his only main assets, he's got a body of god! and I would love, just LOVE to show his masterful buffness. And ladies, try not faint at your will....

Looks great in tux

He also looks smokin in denim

Those biceps are to die for

Oh such piercing eyes

Sexy and Mysterious

Wow, nice pecs

Finally, I will do the honors by showing you some mega hot shirtless pics, he is a prime A muscle hunk for sure.....

Ah, the open shirt shot. Priceless

Full on boxer bod

Almighty Thor indeed!

Surf's up!

Again, what gorgeous pecs

A view from down under

Beautiful. Just beautiful

TOTALLY Spechless

Words cannot describe how sexy this man is. He dosen't even have to try and be sexy which makes him even sexier! Let's just hope in the long run, that we keep oggling at this body from here on out...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hunk Of The Day: Jeremy Renner

This Hunk is known for his raw, intense acting and knows how to fling an arrow or two. He is the mysterious and defiant...

Jeremy Renner aka Blackhawke. Boy, those eyes can be mesmerizing, so can his body. He has totally been pumping iron recently with fantastic results, those biceps are built like a rock! and I would so lovingly do the honors by showcasing his sexy pics....

Very dashing

So adorable

He makes a very cute blond

Gotta love the hair on him

Trust me, those biceps could be his trademark

His Blackhawke outfit could be a total fetish factor if it wanted to be

Teasing us with the ole' chest hair, eh?

Now the shirtless you've been waiting for.....


Barechested in extacsy....priceless

Hot in motion

Shower scene!

Collage of sexiness

So there you have it, a brooding, intense hunk with a flare adorableness and quirkiness that could probably woo the pants off of you. literally....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hunk Of The Day: Robert Downey Jr.

This Hunk is know to be a little wilder back in his younger days but through hell and back, he has grown to be a very suave gentlemen and has also grown to have one Iron of a body. He is the one and only.....

Robert Downey Jr. At first, he was just an average cute guy with a quirky sense of humor but once his role in Iron man came along, Man! has he been working out or what! but before I give you taste of his body makeover, let's showcase his sauve sexiness in his early photos....

Gotta love the hat on him

Sexy in Shades

Blond is defintely his color

Nice Haircut

Now here's the shirtless pics you been waiting for.....

Woah! look at the biceps on him!

Abs of Steel. No pun intended

Now that's what I call a rock star body

Jackpot! Red Briefs are totally rockin'

So There you have it, a hunk that's a true Iron man in real life. Not only does he have a sense of humor and a sense of style, he has major kudos for the body as well.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hunk Of The Day: Mark Ruffalo

Our First Superhero Hunk is a very charming but serious actor who has the ability to turn green and bulk up very nice muscles. He is the totally adorable......

Mark Ruffalo. Sadly, I don't have any shirtless pictures of him at the moment but hey, you don't have to take your shirt off to be a presentable hunk. It's men who are naturally sexy who have the points at being an all around hunk and Mark pretty much has it. I mean take a look at these pictures if you know what I mean. (Oh and if you want to see all the good stuff, check out the Kids Are Alright, he's pretty much naked in some of the scenes)

He would make a really good male model

mmmm. Very sexy pose

Mark knows how to sport a sexy mustache

Pucker up! :)

So there you have it, a seemingly adorable hunk that can grow muscles if he wanted to, if you make him angry by the way.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hunk Of The Day: Avengers edition

I now present to you, hunk of the day: Avengers edition! which will feature our fine speciman of superheroes including: Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans. Keep a look out ladies and gay gents, the superhunks are coming to town!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Boy, was this movie a hoot or what? I have never had so much fun watching this, I mean I literally felt like I was twelve years old again watching a classic slasher film.
For those of you out there, it's not a reconstruction of slashers from the golden era(the deaths were handled more crafty and more realistically during that era), it's more of the reconstruction of the awfully cheesy and over the top slasher of the mid to late eighties. It's overall comedic effect is the film's charm and we have a killer that could stand over Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees any day.
Here's the story: A group of tourists are suddenly stranded on abandoned Louisiana swamp while going on a boat tour. unknownbest to them, a hulking, disfigured boogeyman is out to catch it's prey.
The acting is fantastic. Yes, some of the characters can be annoying, stupid, and outright mundane but some of them had their charm along the way. And besides that's what you expect from these movies: you just can't wait to see these people get killed. Oh yes, the kills. I will definitely get to that later.
Joel Moore was simply adorable as Ben. Even though, his character his a bit whiny and uptight, you still feel sympathy for him. Tamara Feldman did a fine job as tortured heroine Mary-Beth. Deon Richmond was witty as Ben's wise-cracking best friend, Marcus. But the true standout is Mercedes Macnab's hilarious performance as inept dumb blonde Mitsy. She was the true comedian, especially scenes involving partner in crime Joleigh Fioreavanti, who had decent comedic skills as well.
Parry Shen who plays the tour director responsible for the aforementioned plot was....kind of annoying and eventually the most unfunny character in the movie.  That's all.
Now let's get to the killer Victor Crowley played by hot daddy Kane Hodder. The killer is awesome. Not only is he intimidating in his hulking appearance, he can kill someone with his bare hands! Yes, the kills, which are insanely over-the-top. The deaths are cringe-worthy but it's not meant to be taken seriously because it's so unrealistic.
The foggy setting of the swamp are very atmospheric, which gives it the feel of the golden age slasher. The suspense is pretty head on and the pace is pretty fast all while getting the story going and developing the characters well enough.
So there you have it, a bloody fun slasher rollercoaster thrill ride that will both make you laugh and scream.
Last word: a definite must see!


I actually had fun watching this. Even though it's not everybody's cup of tea, it's fairly entertaining in it's own right. It's starts off as a quirky teen comedy in the vien of Scott Pilgrim and it's tends to be a parody of not only teen slasher films but the whole teen genre as well.
Here's the story: High school students in different social backgrounds are placed in detention under suspension that one of them are responsible for the murder of two prominiet high school students all the while a homicidal pyscho dressed as the serial killer from the fictional Cinderhella movie are stalking the hallways.
The acting was excellent and many of the actors had great comedic timing. The strongest performance out of all of them has got to be Shanely Caswell and she's many of the final girls we relate to.  Josh Hutcherson has grown up to be quite handsome gentlemen. And this is before his post-hunger games hunk transformation. He was, of course, very charming and delightful throughout. Spencer Locke was also very charming as the 90's refrencing cheerleader even though her charcter was something of a bitch. It was nice to see Dane Cook playing something different other than his alpha-male roles.
I have to hand it to you, the Riley chase scenes were quite susupenseful and death scenes are very over-the-top and violent even though you don't get to see much killing. Which brings me to the second half of the film. It's bascially turned into a sci-fi-time traveling adventure and that when the movie became a little too....soft. Even for a SLASHER. It's basically all over the place and there are too many plots that you just can't catch up. But I like this movie and it does, of course, has it's clever moments. So you just have to watch this with an open mind without dwelling too deep on the story.
Last word: it's not for everyone, but for anyone looking for good-ole fashion spaced out fun, this is the movie for you.