Friday, January 20, 2012

Hunk Of The Day: Ashton Kutcher

Our recently divorced hunk of the day is known for such shows as That 70's Show and the recent Two and Half men gig. He is none-other-than:

Ashton Kutcher. Funny and Sexy, this hunk knows how to pull your strings. My heart goes out to Demi Moore who is my favorite actress, But aren't you just a bit happy he's back on the market?
Showcase, please:

This is back in his oh so sultry modeling days. The black and white shade makes him oh so mysterious.

What a gorgeous profile!

Look at those biceps, ooh!

Tan and Ready!

That is one sexy beard

Now onto the shirtless pics:

Looking good in those swim trunks

Flash for the camera!

Wet m' wild!

Single and Ready to mingle, this hunk is sure to crash the hipster scene. So ladies get ready!

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