Monday, January 30, 2012

Movie Review: Sorority Row(2009)

Yet another movie remake involving spoiled, vapid college bitches. Unlike my last review, i actually quite enjoyed this. The characters maybe repulsive to watch at times, but the main actors were really good, including the main alpha bitch. Etheir you love her or you hate her, she was definitely revieting, kind of like the Blair Waldorf of slasher movies. The story matched well with the pacing, mixing the "I know what you did last summer" feel with the "Scream" Who-done-it feel together.
So here's the story: Sorority Sisters decide to pull a prank one of the girls' cheating boyfriend by faking her death. Then, while on distant road, the prank turns deadly when the boyfriend accidently kills her a tire iron. In a heap of panic, the girls quickly dispose of the body deep down in a deserted ditch. Eight months later, when one of their sorority members are murdered, the girls must make a run for their lives as a vengful killer picks them off one by one.
The acting is quite good. The strongest performers are Brianna Evigan, Leah Pipes, and Rumer Willis. Especially Leah Pipes who stoled the show as the take-no-charge rich bitch. The girl almost had me convinced with her vicisous performance. Brianna Evigan, who is a great underrated actress, gives a subtle but strong and not to mention badass, performance as our final girl. The performance that really struck me was Rumer Willis' role as the sweet, shy girl. She was so sympatheic, that it was good to see her live throught the end. Honestly, these three actresses are the true stars of this movie. I would like to point out special cameos. There's Carrie Fisher who is hillarious as the shotgun-toting, foul-mouth, kickass house mother. Then there's Audrina Partridge, who's character was so short-lived, I didn't get to judge how well her acting was. To be honest, she's in the same leauge as her Hills co-star, Kristen Cavallari, who makes out of her acting career in straight-to-DVD movies. Tough luck but it's the truth. Now....The moment you have been waitng for, The boys of Sorority Row: Julian Morris, the sexy, british hunk who had a killing-thrilling time in this role. Also there's another hunk in this murderous duo, our upcoming hunk of the day, Matt Lanter. Those eyes of his are mesmerizing. Which would bring the question: Why do the hottest men go crazy? Let's not forget Matt Leary, who was a tad crazy but still adorable as Megan's Boyfriend. Really didn't get to see much of his character but he was good so far.
There were some hits and misses in some scenes. Like a random girl getting killed in the shower. Ok, people we've seen that in too many horror films already. The deaths scenes could've been more effective. But what I couldn't help was how I compared this to Black Christmas. You have a bitchy female cast, a hoot of a house mother, a boozy sorority sister, two deranged killers and a slightly campy feel. But this was way much better than Black Christmas, which was very obscure. This movie has much better character development, more inventive kills, and more strong, resilent female leads. The story was good, the acting was great, and the pacing rolled pretty well. It isn't the greatest movie ever, but it's sure damn entertaing.
My Last Word: A fairly entertaining watch.

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