Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Movie Review: House Of Wax

This wasn't exactly bad. Yes, it's a bit campy and yeah, the characters are kind of dull but I releatively enjoyed this. Now for one thing, I'm not saying this is great or anything but there were some fantastic suspenseful scene that really stood the movie out.
So here's the story: Six twentysomethings: Kimberly from 24, Sam from Supernatural, Lucas from One Tree Hill, Some annoying guy with a camera, The almighty Paris Hilton, and that guy from One on One, camp out in a deserted wooded area while making their trip to a football game. They are soon visciously attacked by two deranged twins who after they've killed their victims, mold them into wax. Therefore, only two can survive their deadly game.
There would be a reason why I didn't say the character's names. There really wasn't much to tell about them. They were just cardboard cutouts though the acting overshadowed that. But only with the two leads. Elisha Cuthbert was actually good. She took the final girl role and rolled with it smoothly. Chad Micheal Murray. Mmmm......Chad Micheal Murray. Not only was he great at playing the bad boy, he looked good playing the part, too. Good gravy, did you see those abs? Hunk Alert! Oh also I'll be glad to mention the tall, dark, and handsome Jared Padalecki. Not much to his character but damn, did he look sexy. Now let's get to the queen of media Paris Hilton. It's not anything to say about her. She seemed kind of bored. There was no depth to her character other than just being a glassy-eyed bimbo. But for one thing, it was kind of disrespectful having a camcorder follow her around, given the fact this was right around her sex tape scandal. Nothing to say about the other actors. More like props if you ask me. Just an annoying guy with a camera and the primadonna's jock boyfriend.
One special note, did the killers look hot or what. Why do the hottest men in horror films go crazy? It's beyond me.
There were a couple of scenes that really stood out like movie theater scene which was awesome and suspenseful. And I must confess, Paris Hilton's death scene was quite hair-rasing and believeable.
Though may I must add three more points to Elisha. The girl can throw a mean baseball hit.
The pacing was meh. The normal timing rate for a slasher film is about 85 to 90 minutes But when I found out this was about two hours, I thought, boy a movie that long has to have a story to it. The story was actually good. The whole good twin/bad twin anatomy had a great symbolic touch to it.
So, although it was a little campy, I quite enjoyed this. It keeps you interested and on the edge of your seat. But they could've developed the characters way much better than they were.
My last word is: A fun thrill ride for any slasher fan to enjoy.

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