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Monday, December 15, 2014

Hunk Of The Day: Mystery Guest

Guys, I have a confession to make....I had a specific little childhood dreamboat in my day, that I would like to disclose...I have a major crush on.....

Steve Guttenberg. I know he's a little too old for me but hey I like a daddy once and for a while. At first, I thought he was some goofy comedian in the vein of Tom Hanks, But then I found him to extremely handsome with a really nice body. I was totally hot for this guy for some reason. And you know what, til this day I would dig him. But enough small talk let's indulge into the manliness of this 80's hunk.

Here as a young stallion back in the day. Yum.

Even when he's much older and distinguished, he still got it.

Gotta love the wet suit. Look at that package!
But I know what you guys want. So here are some shirtless pictures to do you some good:

Just look at that chest I could bury my face in it

And here's the full view for your pleasure

The Tarzan look really suits him

Even now he's still got that awesome body.

So there's at least one of my secret crushes. Here I am, as young as I am, still drooling over a guy that was a staple of  the 80's, a decade before I was even born. But who cares, This guy is one sexy daddy that still got his mojo running and that's always something I appreciate.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hunk Of The Day: Kellan Lutz

I know it's been a while since I did this but now the wait is over. Starting off the new year of our Hunk Of Day post is the most sexist, most luscious, most kissable and most hunkiest of hunks, he is none other than.....

Kellan Lutz. I am like speechless right now. This guy is a pure Adonis. Those eyes, those lips, that hair, and that....body! it's amazing how he can blind you with those devastatingly good looks. Just let me showcase the sex god that is Kellan Lutz......
The Man In Black. Surely his sexist suit.

Always a sharp dressed man.
You gotta love those tight shirts. :)

Is he trying to tease us?

There he goes again. ;)

Gotta love the dark hair.

Sexy Close-up Shot, yeah!
Now let's show him in all his tank top glory.....
Gosh, I love his hair!

Those biceps are to die for! Yowza!

Now we are just across the finishing line with some truly amazing, almost naked shirtless pics.....indulge!

He even makes the wool cap look sexy

Wet and Wild!

Muscle God Indeed
Now this is when it gets really steamy....

Oh there's more where that came from, just search him on google and you can see the whole package, let me tell you. This guy would definitely be in my top ten spot of sexist men alive. So Watch Out Brad Pitt. Watch Out Adam Levine. This guy might be on the cover on people magazine and I can't wait to see it!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hunk Of The Day: Chris Evans

The reason why this hunk tops the list is because he is a wonderful sight for sore eyes. I mean he's got it all gorgeous hair, beautiful eyes, INcredible bod. And he is also known for his good ole boy charm and patriotic stance. He is the luciously handsome and hunky.....

Chris Evans Aka Captin America. Wow, what a beautiful man. What a beautiful sexy man. He's like an oversize ken doll but more refined and buff. And when you're compared to a ken doll, you can't get any hotter than that but boy, he sure can be. Again, words cannot describe his sexiness and let me do the honors by showing his incredible and mean INCREDIBLE body of work.

Face of an angel

Gotta love the tie on him

He looks his best with full-on suit. Very smooth

So adorable

Look at all his beautiful colors

Sleep tight, sexy

He really looks good in flannel

You have got to love those eyes

In his brightest blue

Black and white. Oh la la.

Mmm, are those biceps huge or what?

Beard + Glasses= HOT!

As I present to you these amazing shirtless pics, I will be speechless along. Again, words cannot describe his defining bod. Here it goes.....

Not a shirtless pic but just right indeed!

Just desserts

Collage of sexiness!

He has such classically handsome looks. *Swoon* Those eyes, those lips and that body are just to die for. And you know what the real catch is....he's single and available. Yay! Though single or not, He will forever serve our country's appetite.