Monday, February 6, 2012

Movie Review: I still know what you did last summer

This was pretty fun to watch. It dosen't take itself too seriously and shouldn't. It's just a fun, silly 90's slasher flick. And it's actually a childhood favorite of mine when I was 11.
So here's the story: It begins with Julie getting over the trumatic events of the first film, feeling as if she's being stalked by the not-so-dead killer. When her friend and roomate Karla wins a trip to the Bahamas, she cordially obliges seeing it as a stress reliver, along with Karla's boyfriend Ty and Julie's new friend, Will. Once they arrive there, strange things starts occuring right off the bat. Then as you guessed, the body count starts rolling in and Julie and her friends have to fight for survival. It's only up to Ray to save her from the killer's hook once again.
Jennifer Love Hewitt is fierce as ever playing a woman who's been through hell and back. being smart, resourceful, and aware as she was in the first film. Freddie Prinze Jr. was good. Too bad we don't get to see much of his handsome face. The movie marketed as if he was part of the cast but he has very little scenes and he dosen't get to be part of the action until the end. Now I'm not saying brandy is a great actress or anything, However, she was pretty good in this. She made her character fun, relatable, and also sassy. Which is why she lived till the end. Mehki Phifer was good and very easy to look at. You seen the body on him? I cannot believe Jack Black of all people was in a slasher film. At first, I thought he was some silly white guy with dreadlocks but at first glance it's Jack Black pulling off his early comedic chops. And just like in these movies, The funny guy gets it worst as the jerk does. His death is indeed brutal. And then we have Matthew Steele....Hot goregeous Matthew Steele. Those eyes. That body! *sigh*  He plays the cute, nerdy guy which makes him even more iriestable. What a dreamboat. But to my shock this dreamboat turns out to be the killer! Or at least one of the killers(his father is his partner in crime.) Which brings me that burning question: Why do the hottest guys in horror films go crazy?
Just like any other slasher film sequel, this one is much bloodier and gorier with high body although it consist of random people getting killed. There are actually some suspenseful scenes here. The tanning booth scene actually gave me the chills. The story would've sound ridiculous for some but really drives the action foward to the story and goes along with the pacing.
It's not perfect. It does have it's problems but otherwise a good popcorn flick that's not for everyone however can go along with a group of friends to pass time.
My last word: Although cheesy at best, it's defintely a 90's cult favorite.

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