Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Movie Review: Bride Of Chucky

Yet another 90's cult favorite. This is the more campier of the five films but not as campy as the fifth one, now that was campy on cheese levels. this has bad acting, annoying characters, and bad writing. Yet this is one of the most entertaining movie of the scream generation. Not mention funny as well.
So here's the story: Chucky's long lost girlfriend, Tiffany, is determined to get him back by transferring his soul into his original doll body. Stitched up, rejuvenized, and crazed, Chucky is back for some killing but not without tagging along his bride to be. After having a huge falling out with Tiffany, Chucky kills her and transfer her soul to a female doll of Chucky's replica. Now a badass blond with her own kind of look, Tiffany joins Chucky for a bloodfest and holding hostage newlywed couple Nick and Jess to steal their souls and make it into their own.....
Now you know what I said about the acting. Jennifer Tilly pretty much ham this up. Coming from an oscar-nomminated actress, she's bound to go over the top. Katherine Heigl as good as an actress she is, could've done a better job. Or maybe it was her bland character that just wasn't working for her? Nick Stable. I don't know who Nick Stable is but his character was pretty flat as well but whew is hot or what? Is that Alexis Arquette? this was way back before her glamour days. She should really try goth again, she would look totally fierce. Brad Dourif is memorable as always as Chucky.
The deaths are more elaborate and the blood is much thicker in this sequel. It does have it's funny moments which makes the movie shine. So this is why the producers decided to make Seed Of Chucky a horror-comedy rather than straight up horror. Which brings me the ending that scared the shit out of me when I was eight years old.
What I like about this is it has that 90's B-movie feel with lots of high action in it. And just like any silly 90's horror film, it doesn't take itself too seriously....at all.
Some Chucky fans are a bit mixed with this. Some think this is pretty shitty while some thinks this is the best entry. I never really cared for the Child's Play movie but this I quite frankly enjoyed.
My Last Word: Good o'l stupid fun.

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