Friday, November 5, 2010

about me: J.D.'s Bio

hi i'm J.D. Alexander. I live in this boring town called lexington, You of all people know that's not interesting to talk about. I'm 19 years old, still look youngish by the way and mature level is not that high just to warn you. I am an aspiring novelist. I wrote about three books, two graphic novels and at least two screenplays. I'm not bragging or anything i'm just saying. I would like to post some of my stories if you like them. Also I have this friend of mine name Ivy. She's a very colorful character. She's also a transsexaul as well as i am gay, let me just put that out there. She too will post some blogs about herself. Well, you'll be hearing from me so. Welcome to J.D. and Ivy's Blog

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