Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hunk Of The Day: Kellan Lutz

I know it's been a while since I did this but now the wait is over. Starting off the new year of our Hunk Of Day post is the most sexist, most luscious, most kissable and most hunkiest of hunks, he is none other than.....

Kellan Lutz. I am like speechless right now. This guy is a pure Adonis. Those eyes, those lips, that hair, and that....body! it's amazing how he can blind you with those devastatingly good looks. Just let me showcase the sex god that is Kellan Lutz......
The Man In Black. Surely his sexist suit.

Always a sharp dressed man.
You gotta love those tight shirts. :)

Is he trying to tease us?

There he goes again. ;)

Gotta love the dark hair.

Sexy Close-up Shot, yeah!
Now let's show him in all his tank top glory.....
Gosh, I love his hair!

Those biceps are to die for! Yowza!

Now we are just across the finishing line with some truly amazing, almost naked shirtless pics.....indulge!

He even makes the wool cap look sexy

Wet and Wild!

Muscle God Indeed
Now this is when it gets really steamy....

Oh there's more where that came from, just search him on google and you can see the whole package, let me tell you. This guy would definitely be in my top ten spot of sexist men alive. So Watch Out Brad Pitt. Watch Out Adam Levine. This guy might be on the cover on people magazine and I can't wait to see it!


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