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South Califronia Preview

Fairfeild, New Jeresy was pretty much known for marketing home appliances and also promoting misleading commercials about products that didn't even work. At least that's what Ember aka "Emmy" Caplin thought about her hometown. She was born into a suburban community filled with lush green lawn and white picket fences, which seems to be a very idyllic view of New Jersey other than how it's depicted in most of today's views.
Ever since her parents met, They were clashed into two different worlds along side their alternate personalites. Her mom, Cnythia was a devoted Jew while her father, Timothy was a devoted catholic. Those kind of religions don't mix. So there was lots of family dicussions and indifferences to behold.
It all started in the wonderful island of New York city, with it's posh atmosphere and industrial buildings, Cynthia was plucky newcomer from Michigan, having hopes and dreams of becoming a broadway star.
Navie but resilant, Cynthia Savannnah Louise Marcowitz did anything to embolished herself into the broadway circut. One of them was dying her brown hair blond to look more like Madonna(Her many comparisons to Madonna would linger on from years to come). And secondly, befriend one of the aspiring broadway hopefuls. That's when she met Phibus nicknamed Phiby.
Phiby was an energetic, fun-loving dancer from Rhode Island. He kept a whole collection of classic broadway songs, posters, and movie adaptations of the stage shows, although he says it will never capture the essence of the estravaganza of the golden years. He, too, was a huge Madonna fan. being a openly homosexual from all across the states, It wouldn't be much of a surprise. This one time they filmed an affectionate parody of Madonna's 'Lucky Star' and decided to send it out to a broadway producer to showcase their talents, which was one of Cynthia tactics. The plan....didn't go well.
By the end of her freshman year, Cynthia befriended Nola Gumble hence the fact that she was jealous of her natural talent. She had classic beautiful features that resembles Rita Hayworth and Launa Turner and defined dancer's body with long shaply legs. Of course, she did confirm she use to take ballet classes. Everytime she enter a room, the boys couldn't stop staring at her. Everyday, Cynthia witnessed Nola writing a list of boys she'll go out with. Literally.
Compared to Nola, Cynthia was less convential with her prebuscent body and overly-high pitched voice. Which added even more jealously towards her. But friendly jealously to the least.
The Broadway amigos, that's the name Cynthia, Nola, and Phiby go by to their journey to stardom. Cynthia wondered, however, how long will this journey take?
They all lived in a three bedroom apartment, courtsey of Nola's father who payed half the rent. The only circumstance of living with those two was Phiby would bring in as much men as Nola did. Every night, Cynthia had to dread hearing the howls of passion and extacsy in the next room. Then she wondered why was she the only one that was dateless?
It wasn't long until the three friends got their big break on stage as...backup dancers, no less. They even were assigned as undermimed extras in non-musical plays. This was when Nola got a little competive, pushing every promising act out of the way for her own justifaction.
In the most to come, it payed off. After showing her poitrait photos, her resume on her ballet background, and her stunning good looks, front and center. For Cynthia and Phiby, They were still in background.
As a result of that, Cynthia had to work at a retail store part time to bring in extra money. Phiby had other plans. He decided to perform drag on open nights at Cameron's, an exclusive gay club two blocks from Broadway. After booking at least five shows, Phiby was a success.
Which leaves Cynthia in the big, empty apartment. But that didn't stop her from getting auditions although they were small roles. She probably guessed the producers felt she didn't have the convential look like Nola had. Nola. She even had a movie star name. How was a name like Cynthia appealing?
After getting burned for another audition, Cynthia ran into Timothy Caplin, who just got back from his studies. The first words he said was beautiful her singing voice was. And the rest is pretty much history.
What she liked about Timothy was his subtly yet he was uptight, unlike most of the guys she dates. He was one year away of finishing graduate school and had serious aspirations of going to law school but had other priorites on his mind, since his father was pressuring him to go that career path.
Nola and Phibus, on the other hand, thought they were totally wrong for each other. Cynthia was child-like and had a lush for life while Timothy was serious and principled. They thought he was too boring for her but Cynthia liked that he was serious-minded. Timothy liked that Cynthia was life-fulling than his tight-knit lifestyle.
By junior year of college, Cynthia decided to take a break from acting and settle for a job as a receptionist at a modeling agency. By then, Nola flew out to L.A. for T.V. gig and Phiby went on to do a drag show in France. Which left Cynthia one person in mind: Timothy.
The summer after college, Timothy summed up the courage to propose to Cynthia at Central Park. She looked into those soft brown eyes of his and simply said yes.
Once the news broke out, it really didn't fly well with some of the family members who came from different backgrounds and standpoints. Although there was tension in the air, The Marcowitzes and The Caplins kept their fueds in check.
The week after graduation, Cynthia and Timothy got married in a small chapel right close to Brooklyn. Now that she was married, Cynthia wondered where she was going from here. Phiby and Nola went on to have a successful careers, performing and acting. Cynthia, however, was stuck in the middle. Will she ever have the chance in the spotlight? Will she ever grace the magic of theater? She wasn't for her now. She was a happily married woman with a loving, caring husband. She was happy where she was now. In her humble opinon, showbiz wasn't for her.
Timothy wanted to escape the fast-paced city life for a quiet simple life in the suburbs. Cynthia happily obliged, focusing on to becoming a housewife-homemaker while Timothy took a job as an accountant, which didn't comply well with his father but there wasn't any further complaints from him. They settled in Fairfield, New Jeresy, Timothy's hometown. Two years of hardworking and comfort-living, Cynthia was expecting.
At Fairfield Memorial hospital, 5:45am, Ember Flora Caplin was born.
Phibus was there, being the proud godfather....or godmother for the little bundle of joy. Strangely, Nola wasn't there for the event, claiming that her film schedule was in the way. Out of a blink of an eye, Cynthia never heard from her again, only having Phiby as one of her good friends. But again, she was happy where she was now. And found a new friend to hold on to: Her Darling Ember.
Which begins Ember's Journey.....

Another Long Break

Sorry for the long delay. I just been working constantly on my second novel series. And then you know a little rewrite on my early stuff which is a bummer. Although I must say I am my own worst critic. But to prove that I've been busting  my butt writing a give a preview of South California Central, One of my many projects to come. I'll start by giving the story of the woman who gave birth to my finest of main characters, Ember Caplin.

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Birthday Girl Part 2

(Please find and Read Part 1)

Cassie walks to the pool hall, wearing her gray hoodie over her head, dazed with emotion. She comes inside and sits close to the window.
From afar, WADE(17), Katrina's adoptive brother, a tall, lanky boy with curly black hair with strange but defined features, is sitting at a round table smoking with his stoner friends. He notices Cassie sitting alone by the window. He gives off a mean look, feeling confused of why she's there. He walks up to her. Then Wade agressively slams his hand on the table and looks at Cassie, dead in the face.

What are you doing here?
CASSIE(takes off her hoodie)
Just sitting here. Why?
Nobody asked you to come here.
Cassie looks at the table where Wade's stoner friends are snickering.
I can sit anywhere I damn please
Well, this is my territory. And I rather you leave
This is bogus. Is this about your sister, Wade? Because you're acting really idiotic right now.
You take my word for it. I have my own reasons of not liking you.
You didn't even really know me.
Would I need to know your life story?
Cassie grabs Wade's hand.
Wade....get out of my face
Cassie pushes him away and goes towards the door.
Don't come back here!
Screw you!
Cassie flips her hoodie on and walks deep into the smoky street.
Danielle is sitting in the dining room, reading a dictionary while her boyfriend, JEFF(18), a handsome, athletic boy with an edge to him, is watching t.v.
Jeff, would you pay attention
I know you feel nervous about the exams but we really gotta get on point with things
JEFF(coming on to her)
Why are getting all serious?
It's just that I've been studying a lot this week
Maybe you should take a break
Jeff kisses Danielle hard, going into a deep, passionate make-out session.
Jeff, stop
The phone rings suddenly. Danielle hastily jumps up and grabs it on the table.
Cassie is laying on the bed, staring at the ceiling, her mind racing with thoughts.
Hey Dani
Hey Cass, what's up?


Cassie turns over to the bed, letting her emotions sink out.
Everything's okay. I hope I'm not interrupting something.
DANIELLE(sorting out papers)
Oh no, I'm just really busy with studying...Jeff saw what happened at the pool hall.
Hey, it's not a big deal. Katrina goes out all her way just to prove she hates me.
She's just upset that's all. All of this will pass through.
CASSIE(other end)
Well.....I just wanted to hear your voice
I know you did. I'm always here for you, Cassie. I'll keep in touch.
Yeah okay. Talk to you later.
Cassie hangs up the phone and buries her head under the pillow.
Danielle hangs up the phone, heavily thinking in thought.
Is she okay?
She's just going through a lot, lately. It'll be best if I'll tell you, later.

Jeff softly strokes Danielle's back.
She's going to be fine
(sighs) I just don't want this thing to blow out of proportion.

Wade and one of his stoner friend, JACOB, a stocky boy with long, messy hair, are walking around in a deserted neighborhood, apart from the rest of the town. It is known as a hangout spot for the kids where there are at least six broken-down houses down the road and through the woods, there is a closed-down warehouse. The two boy go towards the 2nd house of the three on the other side. Jacob stuffs a bong in his jacket and looks around as he enter the house.
You sure there's no one on the lookout?
Come on man, this place is rigged. People barely go by this road.
The two boys enter inside, feeling the dusty atmosphere. Wade comfortably plops on the couch and lights up his bong.
The right kind of place to light my bong
JACOB(holds his nose)
Ugh, this place smells like shit.
That's the smell of comfort, my friend. (hands Jacob the bong) Wanna hit this?
The camera pans slowly to the left and outside of the house. Down the street, a black hooded figure is walking slowly in the rain. The figure stops and has it's eye on the second on the left row.
Wade and Jacob is sitting on the couch, dazed with satisfaction from the armoa they smoked.
Dude, where did you get this herb? I'm like blazin'.
WADE(zoned out, eyeing the bong)
The magic ingredients to this is kept secret, my man. (gets up from the couch, stumbles a bit)
I'm gonna go take a piss.
Wade goes off to the bathroom while Jacob sits back, blowing the smoke of his lungs.
Then a dark, looming shadow illuminates in front of Jacob, coming into full attention. Before he can react, the figure brutally slits his throat and rips it out with it's bare hands.
Wade checks himself out in the mirror, trying to see the red in his eyes. He turns on the sink and splashes water on his face, wiping the strong effect from the drug. The light blub suddenly flickers. Wade taps on it two times to keep the light steady. He focuses on the mirror and out comes behind....
The hooded figure with a baseball bat
HOODED FIGURE(soft female voice)
Hello, Joe.
Wade turns around and in a flash, the hooded figure whacks his jaw with the metal baseball bat. Wade goes down hard, spitting out blood pieces of his teeth. He looks up, helplessly, his eyes watering with pain. The hooded figure towers over him and pulls off it's hoodie. It is revealed to be....CASSIE! She makes an evil grin.
You're so....weak. You can't even hold your own without your patheic buddies around. Now that was one strike. (kneels down) Let's see if you can take more.
Cassie stands up, aiming her baseball above Wade. His eyes widen with fear.
Cassie repeatedly strikes him, blood splattered from wall to wall. She drops the baseball bat on the floor and walks off.
Well, that job's done
Cassie slowly comes out of the house and into the pouring rain, washing the blood off her. She closes her eyes in extacsy. She takes off her jacket and bathes off what's left of the blood.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Movie Review: Freddy Vs. Jason

When I first watched this movie, I....I hated it. I hated it with a passion. I felt like it could've been much better than it was. So a couple of years went by and it suddenly became entertaining. For those of you out there, you have to look at this movie with an open mind. Being a Jason and Freddy fan, I could've expect something more but this is the best they can come up with: A typical teen slasher movie. Unfortunately, I read the earlier scripts and man, were they crappy. I wouldn't blame them for making their final decision, I mean it took years for the producers to make a good Freddy vs. Jason film, however, they still should've gotten better writers, more better developed characters, and more emotional depths on both of the antagonists.
So here's the story: Freddy sets out this plan to put back the fears of the elm street kids since the townspeople have long gone forgotten about him. So he resurrects Jason to be his dragon. Meanwhile, Lori and her friends are having a get together when suddenly one of her friends is murdered. Now, she's beginning to gain fear of freddy coming back which provides him to rise again, only to have Jason in the way, who is a non-stop killing machine. While freddy fights Jason to win the crown of best slasher villian, Lori, her long, lost boyfriend, Will and the rest of the remaining teens try to stop them before Springfield becomes a ghost town.
Monica Kenna did a great perfomance. At first, I thought she was a bit melodramatic, since she worked in a few teen dramas. But overall, she's a good actress. Jason Ritter also did a good job(not to mention pretty handsome), But I can tell he hasn't done a horror movie before just by looking at him. Kelly Rowland was actually good in her first acting debut, but her character was kind of annoying at times. Katherine Isabelle did a great job developing a rather bland, cliche character. chris marquette was adorable as the lovable, picked on nerd. Brandon Flecther gave a rather breif yet intense performance and not too bad on the looks deparment etheir.
The directing is very stylish, having the lighting tone of the two villains branch out their personalities. Jason is blue and melancholy, freddy is red and full of rage. Also blue meaning water and red meaning fire, which are their greatest weaknesses.
The story was good but could've had more plot to go along with the movie to make it much better than it was. Like what if the two main characters were releated to Freddy and Jason or what if the said town was actually a ghost town? The story could've been much more interesting and insightful. Nothing against this movie though, couple of years down the road they'll probably make a  live-action version of the comic book sequel but I doubt it since those pesky remakes are in the way. But just in case, hopefullly they'll make it just so the story could mesh well better. However, pretty entertaing slasher flick.
My last Word: Oh just watch it for the hell of it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Movie Review: Texas Chainsaw Massacre(2003)

Now I for one can't stand horror movie remakes. Some are ok while some are just awfully bad and contrived. So what started this whole movie remake trend? Whose stupid idea multiply this to a pulp? Well, it all started in 1998. Gus Van Sant decided to remake the 1960 classic Pshyco. It was marketed as this big slasher bloodfest because you know stuff like that was getting popular. When it theaters to an unexpected audience, moviegoers were not pleased and the movie did terribly because it was a shot-for-shot remake which was unnecessary. So there was no more re-doings for a while until in 2003 when New Line Cinema released the much anticipated The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot. It's a very grim psychological take on the  1974 shockfest. In my opinion, was a smart choice. To be honest, the original just seem like any other slasher film to me. It could be the scariest movie in the world but can it be for today's audiences? I don't think so. Because we've been there, done that. And the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is looked as a typical slasher movie whereas the remake dwells more deeper into the cannibalistic family, marketing as pschyloical horror.
So here's the story: It's 1973, a group of young adults are on their way to a lynard skynard concert. They soon pick up a traumatized, shaken young woman from the off the roadway. She begs and warns them to turn around, when they refuse, the girl in immediate distress, shoots herself, leaving the group in shock and panic. Soon right after, they receive help from the sheriff, who's aggressive, demeaning behavior disturbs them. To make matters worse, while going to a family house, two of the group members are chased by a crazed maniac with a chainsaw. Erin is the only who breaks free from the attack while one of her friends is wounded and captured. It is only up to her to save her friends from the bloodied clutches of the crazed maniac known as leatherface and his cannibalistic Klan.
Jessica Biel blew me away, putting so much depth into her character, making her one of the most memorable final girls in horror films. Just like Eliza Dushku, her middle name shall be badass. She is truly the star of this movie. Jonathan Tucker was so adorable as the funny, dorky guy. It's a shame seeing him killed in such a brutal way. Erica Leershen is good in one of her breakout roles. Mike Vogel sure does have a body on him. All wet and sweaty. And that hair! those golden blond locks swishing. Oh yeah, his acting. Well, this was one of Mike Vogel's first feature films after his male modeling gig and I was pretty distracted by his good looks. But otherwise, he was good in this. Eric Balfour was actually good in his brief scenes too, before getting whacked, not to mention a total hottie.
The directing is very creative, making the lightings dark and moody which matched the tone of the film. The scenes were suspenseful, believe me or not. Intense and hair-raising to default. What was really smart, they kept the plot in the 70's, putting realism into the mix.
Just to let you know, this is Inspired by a true not based. It was just a marketing ploy to hype up the audience. Overall, this was one of the best horror remakes of the decade. But to add insult to injury, this movie was the reason why we have so many shitty remakes, so there is always an agree to disagree.
My Last Word: A total must see!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Hunk Of The Day: Micheal Fassbender

Our hunk of the day is the rising star of Inglourious Bastards, Fish Tank, Jane Eyre and Shame. He also plays one hot superhero. He is the ever so handsome....

Micheal Fassbender. Would you look at those eyes.....Mesmerizing! Wait, I would love to show you more....

Look at those pearly whites!

Dark and mysteriousss....

Boy Howdy! look at those biceps!

Let's see him shirtless shall we?

Money Shot!

So there you have it. A sexy, gorgeous hunk we would love to see more of. And just to let you know, those german eyes always get the mark.