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Top ten most damaged blonds on film

It show that being blond and beautiful comes with damaged goods and these ladies sure knows the depth to that. Some of these blondes don't only come from film but in real life too. Examples are Marylin Monroe, Edie Sedgwick, Courtney Love, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan(who dyes her hair blond during her more harsher times) However there's nothing compared to what these ladies go through. To some exsitence, these blonds certainly don't have any fun.

1. Cherie Curie- The Runaways
Dakota Fanning. Oh dear god, Dakota Fanning. She really gives a harrowing performance as the vunerable, sullen Cherie. It's towards the end, however, where she really spirals out of control. Having to deal with a asshole producer and deep-seeded family problems, you couldn't really blame this girl when she falls off the deep end. Dakota really shows how fucked up Cherie was back then. It's safe to say, that's she's well-adjusted now(she's a really good chainsaw artist) And hopefully she has a solo album coiming out. Good luck to ya, Cherie. On the plus side, Dakota should've been nominated for a golden globe. Maybe in the future though.

2. Frances Farmer-Frances

Woah, boy! Hollywood can really screw a person up, especially in the golden age. This poor woman had to endure the stress of being in the spotlight all the while dealing with her fucked up realtionship, including her mother. Before Marylin and Jane M, This was the orignal damaged blond. So damaged in fact they had to give her labotomy! She turned out well in the end or so I would assume.
3. Sarah- Leaving Las Vegas

Although you can tell she's already damaged from the beginning because of her seedy profession and dealing with her (now deceased) abusive pimp boyfriend, things turned out to be okay for Sarah once she sees a kindered soul in Ben even though he's an alcoholic. But just as the movie comes to a close, Sarah feels broken yet again after her brutal rape and Ben's death. To cope with the tragic circumstances in her life, She talks to a therapist. Which seems to make a bittersweet ending on her count.

4. The Bride-Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2

Some of you may think she's not that damaged but seeing the way she dispatches her enemies, she's one pissed off woman! When her former lover Bill suddenly snaps and envades her wedding with his deadly viper squad, not only does he put a bullet in her head, he takes away her baby, thinking it was dead all along. Having this much damaged can only make a woman stronger and surely she has. Revenge is the only way she could settle this and she won't stop at nothing to get her way. She maybe damaged but she'll find a way to settle the score. by the end, She finally killed bill and having her precious daughter back, setting off elsewhere as they happily drive to a sunny existence. It may not be the best advice but on the bride's case,  revenge is best served sweet.

5. Sally-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Poor, poor Sally. All she ever wanted was to spend a gorgeous summer afternoon with her friends(and brother, Franklin. Ugh!) And take pictures of historical landscapes until somebody had to ruin it all. Having to endure leatherface and his crazy family after her friends have been killed, Sally tries her best to scream her way out of there. Not only is chased by a chainsaw-wielding maniac, she has to deal with his crazy brothers and almost corpse of a grandpa. Bloody and still screaming, she finally escapes this treachous family. But the damaged has already been done to her fragile phycshe, screaming and laughing all the way to the loony bin.

6. Tracy-Thriteen

When you're vulnerable, insecure, and coming of age, it's never really easy being thirteen. Just ask Tracy. She so desprate to fit in with Evie and her pals, with their don't-give-a-shit attitude and risque clothing. So she breaks out of her caged childhood and tries to become a woman. By shoplifting, wearing risque clothing, making out with older guys, having sex with boys, doing drugs, and giving her long-suffering mom a hard time. But this all comes with a price and she cannot handle this sort of lifestyle. Once her mom finds the self-inflicted scars in her arm, she suddenly sees how damaged her daughter has become. She soon kisses her scars and they pick up the pieces in their relationship. This was surely a breakthrough role for Evan Rachel Wood and it shows how she can give a real, natrual performance as a broken teenage girl.

7. Carrie White- Carrie

Speaking of broken teenage girls, Carrie was the mother of them all. Having to go through hardships of being the highschool outcast, dealing with a crazed, religious mother and having telekintic powers she can't control, Carrie White is deeply damaged and inept. Things seem to get better for her when she goes to the prom with her crush Tommy Ross with the help of his girlfriend Sue Snell. Until that Cold-hearted Bitch Chris and her ditzy boyfriend had to ruin it all by throwing a nasty(emphasis on the nasty) prank. Now doused in pig's blood, Carrie finally snaps and gets revenge on her tormenters, including that hateful bitch and her ditzy boyfriend by blowing them to bits. When her crazed mother tries to kill her, Carrie impales her(accidently) trying to save herself. Sadly though, Carrie dies trying to save her already dead mother in the decompsoing house, crashing down on her. But she gets her last and final revenge by haunting Sue Snell's dreams.....Forever!

Laurie Strode-Halloween 2

This is not the same happy, perky Laurie from it's preceedor. Most definitely not. You could clearly sense of at the start of the start of this movie that this girl is deeply damaged. Suffice to say that is not easy being a teenage girl when you have hallucinations and you find out that your brother is a knife-wielding pschopath. When these problems build up , all she can do is go crazy. From the sad look on her face, Laurie Strode is indeed a broken shell of a girl where she literally gets send off to the loony bin.

9. Needy- Jennifer's Body

So much has happened to this girl. Seeing her friend get turned into a man-eating monster and learning HOW her friend got turned into a man-eating monster, can pretty much damage a girl. But it isn't until her one true love gets killed by Jennifer, she suddenly snaps. Just when she suceeds in killing the blood-thirsty Jennifer, poor Needy is put into an insane asylum becoming one of the crazies. but, now that she has new found powers coming from Jennifer, Needy is hellbent on revenge for the ones who started all this mess. and that's the band low shoulder with their douchey lead singer. She teaches them a vaulable lesson by brutally murdering each and every one of them.

10. Lisa-Girl, interuptted

Last but not least, Lisa. That spitfire rebelious Lisa. Unlike the blondes on this list who are sent to the loony bin, Lisa is already in the loony bin at the start of the movie. Her introduction is priceless. Behind her rebelious facade, she is a broken shell of a woman, having lost her best friend to a suicide. She tries her best to outsmart the nurses and bullies the other paients just to get her way, even causing one of them to commit suicide. She tries to do this with Susanna when she suddenly blurts out, "You're already dead, Lisa" She realizes that she is, breaking down in the process. An antagonizing personality softens. Even though she is strapped on a bed, she still hopes to see outside of the world.

So there you have it. I had to give them some sort of ending to their crisises. Some are tragic while some are bittersweet and endearing. But when you're this damaged, you're life is an open book.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

There are no words to explain how distastefully cheesy this movie is. but is, believe or not, one redememing factor abou it. and that is the smoking hot male cast. Uh, we'll get to that later I assume.
Here's the story: So the main protagonists are a blanant male version of a four girl ensemble. Caleb is the wise one, Pouge is the bad boy biker, Reid is the hot shot wannabe, and Tyler(coming from Chace Crawfrod adorable blue eye) is the shy, sweet one, although he's not given much to do in the movie. They is known as the sons of ipswitch, male witches with supernatural powers. But with great power comes with great responsibility. If they use with irresponsibilty, they waste away their good looks and turn prematurely old. But these powers can be pretty addictive on their part. So they go to this party where Caleb instantly takesa liking to a girl name Sarah, who is new at their school and happens to rommies with Pouge's girlfriend Kate. Just to point this out.  Sarah is just a sterotypical beautiful blond girl who comes off as perfect with no development to her character at all. She is what you call a Mary Sue, the type of character who can do no wrong without any sort of flaws to keep the character from being sympatheic. So instead of just calling her Sarah, I'll call Mary Sue. Oh and that friend of hers, Kate, Mary Sue #2.
So when the party goes arwy and the guys play a cat and mouse game with the cops, Caleb comes home to his bitter, alcholic mom who warns him about how addictive are, explaining how that got his father the way he is now, looking like a hundred year old corpse(when he's really 44!) So that would be a lesson learned from Caleb and his friends.
So a mysterious student named Chase Collins tranfers to the school who is somewhat popular and well-adjusted in his surroundings. Even Pouge's Girlfriend, Mary Sue #2 is allured by him. All the while spooky, unexplain stuff starts happening that almost endanger Mary Sue and Mary Sue #2. So when the four friends find out it's Chase doing the carnage they must try anything to stop him.
Well, the movie isn't bad. I mean it's not  good or great. It's still considered bad But what I'm say is that I've seen so much worser crap than this. The acting is so-so although the actors seem to slip a bit during the movie. The story is "slightly" interesting but it dosen't add any richness in it's concept. The only thing that makes it watchable is the hot male cast! Let's start with Steven Strait. He's so gorgeous it makes me speechless. Whatever happened to him though? First thing he was in 3000 b.c. or whatever then he vanishes. I guess he's still around because I would love to see more of him. In this movie he really seem to try and give his strongest performance here and it turned out....only okay. At least he tried. That goes for the rest of the male cast: Tyler Kitsch went on to star in the series friday night lights and is also known for gambit in the wovelrine prequel. And just like I predicted he went on to become a sex symbol. He truly had the best body in the movie. Chace Crawford went on to play the Hunky Nate Archibald in the gossip girl series. Toby Hemmiway is best known as playing Taylor Swift's hot boyfriend in the ever so charming music video "mine". And last but not least our main villian in the movie Sebastian Stan went on to guest star in gossip girl, all the while dating co-star Leighton Meester, and is now starring in the new Captain America movie playing the sidekick Bucky. Okay for the female cast, I felt like there was nothing for them to do. They just sit there and look pretty with lousy dialouge due to how useless their characters are. So overall, Did I like this movie, Not really. It's not going to be on my favorite list soon. I regret to say that I do have this on DVD when it was packaged with The Craft.
I'm not saying this movie is downright horrible, it's just forgettable. I would say that locker room scene is my fav!
My last word, It's not a classic by any rate.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Movie Review: The Craft

Oh my god I love this movie. I know I shouldn't give it away right off the bat but  I considered this movie a cult classic. I mean this is what started the teen supernatural craze of the 90's. Before Sabrina the teenage witch, before Buffy the vampire slayer, before Charmed, this was the one that kick-started it all. So this is of course set in L.A. where all the vampires and witches play. Or make believe Vampires and Witches. Back in the 90's, we kids seem to have an active imagination which is so like me by the way.  So it's a good idea that they set this in L.A. All witches don't have to be from Salem, MA or some strange new england town. Los Angles is the place to be.
So let's get on with the story shall we: Sarah, a somewhat troubled, quiet girl is moving and getting adjusted to L.A. with her Dad and her Stepmom. So her first day of school is well.....Awkward of course until she meets these three outcasts: Bonnie, Rochelle, and Nancy. Nancy, oh yes, that spitfire Nancy. Sarah, however, better think twice before joining this trio because the secret is....they practice witchcraft. They only do it for personal gain or to escape from their angst as us teenagers go through: Rochelle has to deal with the racist popular bitch, Bonnie has burn scars all over her body which are not only physical but emotional as well, Nancy comes from a broken home and thinks of herself as trailer trash, Sarah is deeply troubled, having to suffer from depression which caused her to try and kill herself once. So they group up in a circle and think of their personal desires and solving their problems. Bonnie wants to be beautiful and wants to show the world that she's beautiful, Rochelle wants to teach the blond, popular bitch a lesson, Sarah is fixated on putting a love spell on handsome jock Chris even though he was a total asshole to her, and Nancy just wants all that good witch power.
In just a matter of time, their spells work but suddenly things start to become out of control once people get hurt. And Sarah desperately wants to escape from this, only to Nancy's knowledge: If a witch betrays her coven they'll kill her.
What I loved about this movie is the story and don't forget the characters. To be sure I like how underrated it is and how it explores the angsty 90's teen. There are some stuff that bothers me though. Like how Sarah would be so head over heels for a guy that spread horrible rumors about her and insulted her yet she still puts a love spell on him hoping to have a chance with him. The reason this gets out of hand is that he wasn't the right guy for her to begin with, because there's a thin line between love and obsession. And he is still viewed as the jerk who doesn't learn his lesson(but killing him wasn't the way, Nancy. It just wasn't). Even after he dies, she still thinks he's a good guy underneath all although he tried to rape her on the same night and going about his business at some dumb party. But besides all that, I can really relate to Sarah and what she goes through over the course of fitting in and trying to belong. Nancy is truly badass even though you could describe as crazy....Crazy awesome that is. It has a neat way of developing the villain and seeing why the way that person is. So much power can take a hold on you and it can also turn you into a complete bitch. The Craft can also be viewed as a metaphor. Since it's set in the undergrounds of L.A., it was true stories of how teen girls join the wrong crowd such as street gangs. Joining a coven is all but the same. Once you think about leaving the group, the pgang will try anything to threaten, harass, or even kill you. So it's pretty much like that instead the girls in the movie use witchcraft.
Very thoughtful take on the world of Wicca. I mean without this movie we wouldn't have awesome shows like Buffy the vampire slayer and Charmed. That's just my opinion.
Last word, Highly recommended.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Movie Review: Jennifer's Body

Here's a little movie that I couldn't wait to review. While it's not a masterpiece to some of you, I would say I quite enjoyed this little feature.
Okay, just to jog any of you readers' memories, here's the story: the story is about two completely different girls, you have beautiful, popular cheerleader Jennifer and awkward, geeky girl Needy played by Amanda Seyfried of all people, but I have to say she pulls off this character really well. One night after the begging of her boyfriend, Chip(the adorable johnny simmons) to not go, Needy tags along with Jennifer to this local bar where this emo-type pop/rock band is performing. The band is called low shoulder who is is fronted by the arrogant lead singer(Adam Brody, who is quite the charmer. In an asshole way though.) Jennifer is of course, entranced by them because well they're fancy city boys with their fancy clothes and their fancy eyeliner. Jennifer had been fooling around with local boys (including the ultra-hot Chris Pratt) too long to realize how alluring city rocker boys are.
So this big fire comes out of nowhere for some reason(although this seems to be one of the important parts of the movie) and Needy and Jennifer escape to safety only to run into the emo rocker boys whisking away Jennifer despite Needy's warnings. So to jumpstart the story, Needy finds Jennifer all covered in blood and eventually freaking Needy out and suddenly disappearing in the night, only by the next day at school to find Jennifer completely normal. Only much more eviler....and deadlier.  So to keep her sultry looks, Jennifer eyes every boy she sees to be her lunch meat, especially Needy's boyfriend.
So to give my earnest interest...I totally liked this movie. By the way, I said liked not love. Although some would say it could've had more kills and more of Mrs. Fox-Austin-Green's(ha ha, she's married, you silly straight boys) assets. I would say that's really not the point. I really find it annoying in most horror films to show nakedness all the time. It's ridiculous. I'm more concern with the story and the characters which is why this is on my like list. What saves the movie from being medicore is the performances. I heart Amanda Seyfried. She is just truly amazing and you can tell she gave it her all. Because she's that damn good of an actress. She clearly stole Megan Fox's shine in which case this is supposed to be "her" movie because she is always on the cover. But this is Amanda Seyfried's movie all the way. She truly kicked ass at the end.
For the majority of the male cast, Johnny Simmons gave such realism to his character. He wasn't just some hunky, boyfriend stock type and he's not your personfication of hunky but he was so cute and charming in the role that it kind of sucked that he died. Speaking of which, Kyle Gallner was just as adorable as the cute goth loner. It was a shame that he had to be a dinner plate for Jennifer(damn you, Jennifer. Damn you). He should really keep up with the emo/goth look. Defintely suits him.
As for the rest of the movie it turned out....Ok. But an entertaining Ok. So my last word is, it's totally watchable.

movie reviews introductions

okay I decided to make some movie reviews, just for the fun of it. Now to warn most of you I will have some spoilers in these reviews, so I suggest you watch the movie before you read this. Ok, back to my writing.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mystical tides part 1

The Magic Relam......The dark ages......
( Queen raine, with sarosia in her arms, and her husband, King Townswend are sitting at their throne, quietly, at the council meeting)
King Townswend: The Magic Relam is crumbling apart. The dark side is finally clouded over our existense. War is upon us.
Queen Raine(whispering to King townswend, worried): It's not safe. It's not safe at all.
King Townswend: My dearest queen, we must wipe out the demons and fight for our freedom.
Queen Raine: But what will that teach Sarosia. We must gain love and peace in the world for the sake of our child.
King Townswend(Regretfully): I'm sorry my dear Raine. We must save our kingdom from Kram. What's done is done.
Mysterious Voice: Maybe I can help
Cut to:
(A hooded figure emerges. It stands still for a moment. Then the person drops the hooded cloak, revealing......A female being with green skin and ocean-blue hair with glowing red eyes that looks menacing)
Queen Raine(Scared Whisper): You
King Townswend: Your presence cannot set foot here
Mysterious Creature: Your power is to useless to keep me from your kingdom
(King Townswend arises from his throne)
King Townswend(Angry): What makes you so certain!
Mysterious Creature(Evil Stare): I'll show you
(The being transforms into an enourmous, frecious dragon that fire-breaths through the council almost striking the king and queen, still holding baby Sarosia in her arms.
The king and queen, along with a few others, race out of the castle and into the woods. They finally reach into an undisclosed location: A tall tower.
They go up the stairs where they see a light and quickly go up to it.......
A fourtune teller sits at her table, gazing over the crystal ball.
Her name is Marazza.)
Queen Raine: Marazza, There is danger ahead of us. We must seek our fate.
Marazza(looks into the crystal ball): I.....I see.......Hope for us.
King Townswend: What will become of this kingdom?
Marazza: The Mystical Tides will protect you from all that is evil.
Queen Raine: What are the Mystical Tides?
Marazza: Powerful Soceresses who gain nobility, intelligence, and strength. They will certainly stop the dark from taking over the kingdom.
King Townswend: Where will we seek them?
Marazza: Oh no.......They're not even born yet
(The Dark warriors invades outside of the kingdom)
(The king and queen look from the window and watch in horror)
King Townswend: Marazza, you must take Sarosia to the mortal world where it is safe. We have to sheild her away from this madness.
Marazza(holding baby Sarosia): I'll do as am told, my king.
Queen Raine: What are we going to do?
King Townswend: We must face this
(Marazza runs into the woods with baby Sarosia in her arms and disapears into the darkness)
(The king and queen face before lord kram, a chisled handsome man with dark eyes and wears black medival wear. he is downright evil.)
Lord Sultan: We have what we came for.
(Close up on Lord Kram holding a Clear Crystal necklace)
Queen Raine: You Monster! That will destroy the whole kingdom!
Lord Sultan: That's what I had in mind.
Green-Skinned Being: Soon the magic relam will be ours.
King Townswend: Not if we can stop it.
(The king and the queen hold hands, producing a bright glow. Lord Sultan raises his hand when a burst of green energy source flames his hand. The green-skinned woman's eyes glows bright red. The king and queen's energy source clashes with Lord Sultan's energy source)
(all of the magic relam is dark black)
Present day......
(A nice, young couple are preparing for christmas eve. The wife is a lovely blond woman with light blue eyes. The husband is a rather handsome man with brown hair and blue eyes. They are both decked out in formalwear. They have a little girl, happily playing with her doll in the corner. She has long, curly, blond hair and has the eyes of her mother.)
(The family all gather up together happily. The scenery is set up in a dreamy state)
(all of a sudden, a shadowy figure burst into the door. The little girl runs into corner and watches in horror as her parents are attacked by the shadowy figure. She is clutching her doll real tightly. The dark figure pulls out a sword and lunges at them while the little is shaking with terror. Blood is splattered on her face. The dark figure walks toward the scared child but another dark figure stops him)
Dark Figure#2: No, let her go.
(The two dark figures leave out door. The little girl hovers in the corner, weeping.
The Summer's house.
(A girl suddenly wakes up from a nightmare)
(KRISTEN, a beautiful, blond girl with light blue eyes but is very hauntingly pale, coming from the scare of her dream. She highly resembles the girl from her dream and is very shaken by the nightmare.)
Woman's Voice: Kristen! Breakfast is ready!
Cut To:
(AUNT MARTHA, an attractive 40ish woman with light auburn hair and AUNT CLAUDIA, an attractive woman in her late 30's with brownish-blondish hair are sitting in the kitchen with KRISTEN, wearing a black hoddie and torn-denim pants, who is slowly eating food with thoughts running through her head)
Aunt Martha: I heard you screaming
Kristen: I was just having those dreams again, Aunt Martha.
Aunt Xena: You've been having the same dreams since last week.
Kristen: How did you know that?
(AUNT CLAUDIA dosen't say anything and seems a little embarassed)
Aunt Martha: We can hear talking in your sleep.
Kristen(Confused): I didn't know that
Aunt Martha: Maybe it's something you like to tell us. Is everything fine, sweetheart?
Kristen: Yes, of course.....it's just that.....I feel like something is preventing me from being happy....having a satisfied life.
Aunt Martha: Honey, you might not be the only one that feels that way.
Kristen: I just feel so abnormal.
Aunt Claudia: Well, that could be a good thing. Which means you're special. I was never that popular in high school but I soon found out that I had a special talent in there somewhere and that's how i got into music.
Aunt Martha: Just let time takes it's course. And probably then, from now, you might find your own path.
Kristen: I guess I got to get ready for school
(Kristen flips on her hoodie and heads out for the door)
Aunt Martha: Sweetheart.....
(Kristen catches her attention)
Aunt Martha: Be careful.
(Kristen smiles and goes out the door)
Cut To:
(Roverington high school, a large brick building, surrounded by pinewood trees and well-grown garden flowers)
(Outside the building, All of the kids are hovering around to get inside, going this and that way to the building, while cars are around and parked outside. Kristen walks to the front entrance)
(A biker and his girlfriend is driving to the school on his motorcycle. They stop at the parking lot and take off their helmets.
ALEX DOBSON, a girl who is sixteen, with dark-brown hair, wearing a white t-shirt with a skull imprinted on it and torn denim jeans just above her knees. Her biker boyfriend has jet black hair, wearing a leather jacket, has that mean stare. Total bad boy. He checks out a inapropriately-dressed platium blonde without Alex's acknowledge.)
(Kristen walks to the front lot of the school, wearing her hood on her black sweat jacket, looking a bit sad. She walk pass Alex, who looks as if she knows her.)
(Kristen bumps into the platium blonde)
Platium blonde: Watch it freak!
(The Platium blonde is known as Brianna, The popular School Bitch)
At School.......
(A girl is reading her science book while sitting on the bench. She has red hair and is wearing glasses. Her style is somewhat smart but a little unfashionable. She is wearing a green turtle-neck sweater and a green plaid skirt. Her name is MADISON. Kristen walks by and recognizes instantly.)
Kristen: Hi Maddie. Do you mind if I call you that?
(The girl looks up and takes off her glasses. She is a bit shy)
Madison: No. I don't mind.
(Kristen sits besides her)
Kristen: You're in my physics class, right?
Madison: Yeah. I usually sit at the back of the room.
Kristen: How come?
Madison: So I can spend more time reading my science and chemistry books. I'm really into expermenting new things and exploring different chemical toxins.
Kristen: Wow. that's great. Good luck with the physics test.
Madison: Thanks.
(Kristen runs off to class)
Mr. McCool pool hall......
(It's raining at a small building that is supposely a pool hall)
(Kristen walks towards that way. Still wearing the same black hoodie she always wear. She passes by group of teenage kids who looks as if they're in biker gang. One of these kids is Alex Dobson, alongside her bad boy boyfriend, Jared and her flirty friend Kelly, who is hitting on the boys. As she walks by, they give Kristen mean, intimidating looks but she ignores them. Alex just looks at her oddly.)
Kelly(Sandy blond hair, dresses risque): Hey Alex, Kent is throwing this party down 12th ave. are you coming?
Alex(moody): I don't think Jared would like that.
Kelly: Who gives a shit what he thinks. We're out here, We're having fun, what's is the deal?
(A guy comes up behind kelly, kissing her on the neck)
Kelly(giggles): Stop it, brett.
Brett(kind of bulky, kind of cute but definally not all that sincere or bright, very obnoixious): How come you keep staring at that emo chick? Are you turning lesbein on me, alex? *guffaws*
Alex: Go screw yourself!
(Alex begins to walk off)
Brett: Hey! I'm getting all the action right here!
(Brett fondles Kelly from behind. She giggles uncontrolably)
Alex(turns around and stops): I doubt if will be that worthwhile! You'll probably be lying in your own shit!
Oh and Kent! Screw your party!
Jared: Hey!
(Alex stops and Jared pulls her by the arm hard, leading her to alleyway)
Jared(still pulling her arm): What's the hell is the matter with you! You go back over there and you apologize!
Alex: But Jared, he was being a jerk....
Jared: Did I tell you to back talk! if you embarass me like that again, you'll regret it!
Alex: Let go of me! you're hurting me!
(Alex makes a run for it)
Jared: Ay! You get back here!
(Kristen leans against the window, a bit sullen. She's is the other side of the pool hall that is called the arcade room. She is all alone, doing a skecth on her drawing tablet.)
(A man walks in, about 30'ish or 40'ish and sits beside Kristen)
Mr. Gram: Sorry kristy. I'm afraid this is my last night here.
Kristen: You're closing down the pool hall?
Mr. Gram(sad): I'm afraid so, Kristy.
(Kristen Hugs Mr. Gram)
Kristen(A tear run down her cheek, softly): I'm gonna miss you.
Next Scene: Grandessa's Cafe.
(Madison is sitting on one of the waiting for tutor session. She looks out the window and blows out a sigh. The window freezes up. Maddie backs up a bit looking puzzled.
Platium Blonde Girl: Um, Excuse me?
(Brianna sits down in front of Madison)
Brianna(don't carish tone): You're Madison right?
Madison: Yes, Mrs.Williams. You had me as your tutor remember?
Brianna: Yeah, well, it's hard to recognize you. It's hard for anybody to recognize you(chuckles)
Madison: Can we just get this started and focus on our studies. I rather not get into subjects that's not even important.
Brianna: Hmm. Trying to have a backbone, huh. It's not my fault that I stole you from Matt. Because you know what he told me, He wouldn't even be that close to kissing you. I guess he's not into the smart ones.
Madison: Brianna, if you want to get an A Or a B Or a least a C on physics, I suggest you start hitting the books.
Brianna: Woah, what got into you all of a sudden. I thought I was the one with the mind control.
Madison: Well, I'm the tutor. Now I want you to stop all this nonsense or I'll leave from the table.
(Alex burst into the cafe, dripping wet and scared)
Alex(Panting): Can I have a cappchino, please?
Brianna: What's up with mental case over there?
(Alex heads outside to one of the patios)
Brianna(to Alex, bitchy): Did your boyfriend catch a fit?
Alex: Go to hell!
(As Alex stops outside, she rubs her hands. It's aching)
Madison: was that even nessecary?
Brianna: Did I tell you to talk, nerd.
Madison(holding in her anger): Let's just get this over with.
Next Scene:
(Kristen is walking alongside a bridge. She looks sad and a bit depraste. It has stopped raining at this time.)
Kristen(to herself): I need a sign.
(Kristen hopelessly sits on the railing. She then stands up on the railing and begin to balance on it. but all of sudden she slips and falls.
(Kristen Screams)
(A shadowy figure catches her with a firm grip, cradling her)
(He slowly let go of her and reveals himself from the shadows)
(A handsome stranger with dark hair, peircing green eyes. The tall,dark and handsome type. Kristen is mesmerized)
Handsome Stranger: Keep Safe.
(Kristen watches him disapear)
Scene: Grandessa's Cafe
(Alex is sitting at one of the patios. She sees Kristen walking through the sidewalk when all of a sudden, a car is driving rapidly into the streets. It's one of Jared's friends, Brett, about to hit Kristen with his car. Alex stands up, scared. Kristen turns around. Her eyes get big.)
Alex: STOP!
(Everything freeze in a sudden stop, except for Kristen and Alex. The car flips over above Kristen and crashes into the street.)
Kristen(shocked): Oh my god!
(Alex and Kristen look at each other. Alex freaks out and make a run for it.)
Cut to scene: Inside the cafe
(Maddie is reading her physics book)
Maddie(reading, wearing her glasses): The chemicals found in the outzone layer is harbored in the earth's atmosphere....The energy that comes from the....
(Maddie looks up at Brianna who appears frozen)
Maddie: Brianna? (takes off her glasses)
(Maddie waves her hand around Brianna's face)
Maddie: Hello?
(Maddie looks around the cafe)
Maddie: What the heck is going on?
(Everything unfreezes and comes into motion)
Brianna: Um, what are you doing?
Maddie: Brianna, maybe it would be best...if we could do today's studies on monday.....I have to collect myself.
(Maddie grabs her books and leaves)
Brianna(Arms crossed, Don't carish): Whatever....weirdo
(Everybody huddles up around the crashed vehicle in the street. Kristen walks fast and looks worried)
Kristen(to herself): Oh my god, what just happened?
Scene: Alleyway
(Alex runs down the sidewalk when Jared suddenly grabs her arm, yanking her into the alleyway)
(Jared pins her to the wall and looks at Alex menacely)
Jared: Don't you ever freakin' run off like that! (Points the finger at her face) You hear me?
Alex(Trying to let go of his grip): Get off me!
(Alex pushes him off)
(Jared grabs her by the shoulders and shakes her rindelessly)
Jared: Can't believe you just pushed me! You stupid bitch!
(Jared slaps her hard on the face. Alex falls down to the ground)
Jared(Threatning): You're gonna pay for that!
(Suddenly, Alex's hands is flaming fire. She looks up at Jared, Furious.)
Alex(angry): This stops now!
Jared: What the hell is happening to your hands?
(Jared slowly steps back and a truck hits him istantly)
(Alex gets up from the ground and looks shocked)
Alex(shocked): Did I just do that?
(all of the people gather around the scene. Alex walks away with her head down, ashamed)
(There is the last of Jared's blood in front of the truck)
Cut to: Summer's House
(The door slowly opens and Kristen enters the house, wet and scared)
Kristen: Aunt Martha?
(Kristen looks into the study room)
Kristen: Aunt Claudia?
(Kristen runs up the stairs)
Kristen: hello?
(Kristen runs back down the stairs and into the kitchen. A dark figure is standing there.)
(Kristen Screams and falls down on the floor)
Kristen: Who are you?
(The figure comes out of the shadows. It's the handsome stranger)
Handsome Stranger: I'm Maverick
Kristen: What are doing in my house?!
Maverick: You have to come with me.
(Maverick steps closer and beckons his hand)
Kristen(crawling backwards, scared): No! Don't come any closer!
Maverick: There's not much time
(Kristen gets up from the floor)
Kristen(shaking): What are you talking about?
(The glass on the counter begin to rattle, The painting on the wall begin to rumble)
Maverick: There's far too much to explain
(Kristen looks around the room and sees all the comotion)
Kristen: W-what's going on?
Maverick: You must come with me
(Kristen steps back slowly)
Kristen: No! Get away!
(Kristen runs up the stairs, but suddenly Maverick stands before her out of the blue)
Kristen(suprised): How did you do that?
Maverick: Look, Your aunts sent me to you.
Kristen: How do you know about my aunts?
Maverick: I'll tell you if you come with me.
(He lends out his hand. Kristen, unsure, takes his hand. He holds close to her. A ball of light is surrounded by them)

Mystical Tides introduction

Now I present you.....Mystical Tides